Sattar Beheshti "beaten before death"

Prosecutor General confirms


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Soosan Khanoom

Thank you Dear Z ... that song is extremely heartfelt !

by Soosan Khanoom on

I heard the order so loud and shrill,

Of Thatchers voice, said shoot to kill " 

I wonder if Hollywood has accommodated any scene such as this while portraying Thoucher in the " Iron Lady "

I doubt it but I have not seen the movie ! 

Thanks again. 

: ) 


This is a show!

by Faramarz on



This is no different from Kahrizak arrests or the financial corruption trials.

You will see justice when they bring the guilty parties in front of Sattar's mother in a court of law so that she can spit in their faces and then hang them in public like they do to the others.


Don’t understand why this one is a crime?

by عموجان on

Beating some one to death because of deference of opinion is been a Islamic law from the start. 



by firstdayofmylife on


Mohseni Ejehi: 7 people arrested in Sattar Beheshti case


I thought Beheshti was a

by firstdayofmylife on

I thought Beheshti was a basiji??NO??



by firstdayofmylife on


پایان اعتصاب غذای نسرین ستوده: پس از ۴۹ روز، نسرین ستوده بالاخره حق فرزندش را گرفت


Satar Beheshti as a "Khody" is slightly amusing, if his death

by Zendanian on

Wasn't so tragic.

Sk is correct in pointing out the changes in internal and external circumstances. 

Once again, like back in the 80's IR is ruling by bayonets, and it fully knows that it might be able to "rule" by bayonets, but it can't live and go on, on bayonets.

Hence the responsibility of everysingle Iranian living outside of Iran, with access to internet and other resources to defend and support, ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS IN IRAN, regardless of their background.

SK: Your suggestion to Admin for having a dedicated space on front page of IC only for Nasrin Sotodeh is a great idea.

All of us should be reminded of her Hunger Strike (today is the 48th day if I'm not mistaken) on a daily basis. Perhaps a blog for that suggestion might draw enough attention to implement it.

P.S. After all these years I still find Irish Republican Prisoners songs the most beatiful in English. Here's one for Nasrin and all her supporters.


The Balald of Mairead Farrell




Soosan Khanoom

Whatever the reason is Zendanian, The exposure is what

by Soosan Khanoom on

that ignites the more urge for establishing a democracy.

Your question can be directed to two groups:

1- Ordinary People :

It may take time, it may sadly take many more to die and to be silenced for more people to get involved but as we are witnessing with today's technology it cannot remain under cover anymore and or forever   

If you look back when those killings were happening in the 80s you also  see that they were not the only ones who were being killed. People were dealing with a new born revolution, the bombs and assassination in the streets and of course a devastating war.  There were dead everywhere not just in the prison. 

Do you think if another war starts then any of us would be worried about the faith of the political prisoners as much as we are now, .....  while the entire nation is under attack and subjected to death with no discrimination?

Also, never is too late....many of these political prisoners today were the supporter of regime and were fighting in the war zone back then ..different prisoners to their own minds with their own lives in danger. 

Also, add to your question this:

All of a sudden, We are seeing tons of people now who are concerning the WMD and Israel's safety but where were all these people when the Kurds in Iraq and many young iranian soldiers were being killed by WMD provided to Saddam by the west?

let leave the past behind and see what is it that can we do now to save the ship of our conscience to not sink further? 


2- IRI 

These mullas in iran , perhaps are under pressure, otherwise they would care less about the political prisoners lives. but then we should even  celebrate this ... we have come a long way !  and we still have a long road ahead of us.   IRi should know that life is precious and anyone who takes it should be held responsible.  IRI can not sell it as much as before, perhaps because IRI is losing its buyers .

is it not what we should all be eager to see?   The more buyers , IRI loses, the more steps we , as people, will get towards democracy.  And that is the best way possible unless we want war !  and go back to the square one ! 

I hope i have answered your question



Beheshti and Soutoudeh are

by firstdayofmylife on

Beheshti and Soutoudeh are Khodis or at least they were at some point. The blood of khodis are much "worthier" than non-khodies.


IR killed 5000 political prisoners in 80's, and not a word. Why

by Zendanian on

All of a sudden all these pretensions and fake concerns about Satar Beheshti, and Nasrin Sotudeh,...?

Could it be that IR's leaderhsip body is too divided to even have a coherent policy as far as political prisoners?

Could it be the pressure from below inside Iran, and also the international attention about these cases?

Could it be...

What is the big difference between 80's and now that makes these offcial clowns act so differently in public? What do you think?

Anonymous Observer

Dog and pony show continues

by Anonymous Observer on

As if we should believe anything that comes out of their mouths. 



by yolanda on

Oh, so it is not natural causes? Wow! They stopped lying for a change!

I don't understand why they are so nice to Hamas, but so mean to their own people?