Ahmadinejad trumpets atom advances

Deepening standoff with West

Reuters: Iran trumpeted advances in nuclear technology on Wednesday, citing new uranium enrichment centrifuges and domestically made reactor fuel, in a move abetting a drift towards confrontation with the West over its disputed atomic ambitions. The announcement underlined Iranian determination to pursue a nuclear program its Islamic clerical rulers see as a pillar of power, protection and prestige despite Western sanctions that are inflicting increasing damage on Iran's oil-based economy >>>



عمو جان


 انشاالئه شما همشیه سلامت واز بلا بدور باشید.

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The propaganda!

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The west supports these guys because they are so backwards and stifle
iran so badly economically & intellectually yet these mullahs pro-liars.
Achievement amat, bedoneh dozdi va roshfeh hitch kar jolo nemireh dar
iraneh jomhuriyeh eslami kesafat shenas-ha.  The level of
achievement is evident in IRI producing less than 3 phds alive. hmmmm,
russia maybe? We now have several hundred of phds in exile from late
shahs era and 3 in IRI's nuclear program.  An Achievement only in that
they accomplished producing even a single person with a phd, without
them leaving.


 LOL! More false

by vildemose on

 LOL! More false bravado, bluster, bluff, and pretension. 

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

G. Rahmanian

Ahmadinejad the clown!

by G. Rahmanian on

Desperate to provoke a war, Ahmadinejad tries to be as provocative as he possibly can! He has been consistent when it comes to such provocations.

Had this clown been taken seriously by the international community, IR would have had its second war already.


Good timing

by azadi5 on

With all fingers pointing towards Iran for terrorist activities and nuclear issues, they picked the right time to announce this news.

Anyways, I wonder if AN will send one of those rods down in the jamkaran hole for Mehdi. Did they sacrifice a sheep prior to lowering that rod? It may not be blessed by Allah.Also, as someone else pointed out why are some of those people wearing surgical masks and others are not? if it's for radioactive protection then they it would make sense if they all wore it. But again ...

I got a feeling that if this nuclear issue doesn't stop by some diplomatic measure or by force, Iran will have its own Chernobyl at some point.


Fiddlers on the Roof!

by Demo on



AN has been acting like a trumpet from day first himself! He is also empty inside as a trumpet! 

Remind ourselves that Sadam was 40 years ago as advanced as we are today with nuclear technology! Unlike AN he was witty enough to use a silencer instead of a noisy trumpet! But the fiddlers on the roof cared less! They took out his tech first. Then made him weak through 8 years war with us! And finally they took over his country!

The neighborhood's fiddlers know their real enemies quite well! And AN is not among such! He is only a trumpet player playing with the tunes that the 'Fiddlers on the Roof' enjoy much to hear!

Soosan Khanoom

I am actually impressed

by Soosan Khanoom on

The home-made fuel rod is quite impressive.  I am sorry that I cannot jump on the bandwagon here ....

Amir. et all,   Could you all please try to be gentle when throwing the keyboard at me?  

: ) 



Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

لازم بتذکر است که برای حفاظت از جان دانشمندان فیزیک در ایران، از ماه قبل در چنین گردهمایی هایی بهیچوجه اجازه نمیدهند دانشمندان جلوی ویدیو قرار بگیرند و بیشتر آن افراد که ملاحظه میفرمائید ساندویچ فروشها و کارگرهای همان کوچه های اطراف هستند


Whether this is a bogus and a “for show” news only or not…

by Bavafa on

We will know more as the IAEA inspectors are on site and they will eventually report back of the importance of this gain.

  But I think the more important news is for Iran to stop oil export to some of the EU countries in a pre-emptive move.  We will see what effect this may have on their economy and policy vise a vie Iran.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Hee Ha , No worries, keep it coming

by عموجان on

Till we all start glowing in green just like Imam Hossien(ass)



by Raoul1955 on

I am laughing at your observation.   We need females with your sense of humor!


Funny Stuff

by Faramarz on

Why is it that some of these guys are wearing medical face masks and gloves and Ahmadi and others are not?

It looked like as if they sent a piece of metal down a well with a rope!

Looks very advanced!


The bragging of a state whose infant mortality, life expectancy

by AMIR1973 on

are NOT even in the Top 100 among countries. Of course, the slow-witted West-residing IRI Groupies are very impressed by this crap    :-)


Horse manure

by Cost-of-Progress on

The one thing the anti Iranian entity of the unelected clergy is good at is pure bullshit.

The unfortunate part is that the world still believes in the crap that these mofo's spew and their people keep taking it up the arse from them.


Gas imports

by Fred on

If as they claim to have the indigenous capability and knowledge for nuke reprocessing, how come as an oil producer, they are importing gasoline and can’t built a not too sophisticated refinery?


no stop

by مآمور on

the more they sanction us, the higher we advance. No worries, keep it coming!!

I wear an Omega watch