Asghar Farhadi Responds to Questions

Post-Oscar press conference


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by expat on

..Well I fully agree about the bumbling part.  He was a bit ham-fisted getting his speech out, but I guess when you have that kind of pressure with millions watching you (including our 'beloved' hawk-eyed government), then I'd be kind of nervous too!...



Dear expat...

by Disenchanted on

I don't think mentioning politics was a right thing to do either. Certainly I didn't expect him to mention anything about the warmongers in Israel. That being said I think he could have used the unique occasion with billions of eyes on him to say that Iranian people are peaceful and condemn all the talk of war and attack against Iran. He kind of did that as you mentioned but he was brief and mumbeled. When you get the 5 minutes of fame you got to take advantage of every second of it. Considering how likely is an agression against the homeland, no opportunity can be spared to make a case for peace. thanks... 



by expat on to be commended for being dignified and respectful to both his hosts, and his people.

Disenchanted, whilst I usually agree with everything you say, i disagree on this one.  I don't think the ceremony was the right time to discuss Israel's bully-boy antics.   For once it was just nice to be an Iranian in the foreign stage and for politics to not enter things.  He kind of hinted that Iranians are peace-loving people and I think what he said was powerful enough (though mild linguistically) to get the message across..


Peace and love.. 


He should have taken an Israeli flag on stage & burned it

by AMIR1973 on

Farhadi missed a perfectly good opportunity to chant "Death to Israel" in front of a very large audience and shown the world that the Iranian peoples' hearts will always remain in Beautiful Palestine....


Farhadi did not do enough to denounce Zionist aggression

by AMIR1973 on

I think he may be saving that speech for the MTV Movie Awards.

iraj khan


by iraj khan on

I don't think Iranian regime would let an Israeli movie to be shown in Iran, it obvious.

I am not from Ghoochan and my father was not the head of Police during the late Shah.


Farhadi is broad-minded and intelligent.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

As an Iranian director, who spends his days and nights in streets of movie scenes, Farhadi was more talented than all other Iranians to come up with ill-advised and unintelligent phrases to attack IRI..........Ending: staying in the US and using millions of extreme likely funding to make new movies and be the best ever Iranian in his field.

One thing is clear that people who work inside Iran can have a more positive and beneficial influence on the image of Iran, future of Iranians and lessening the pressure of IRI on Iranians. "Every day" they feel a life in a suppressed country.What have Iranians, who lived outside Iran, done so far? One of the answers: Going to Iraq and invading Iran and killings other Iranians.

Oon Yaroo

Ostaad Iraj Khan....!?

by Oon Yaroo on

Would IRR allow an Israeli movie to be shown in Iran? Of course not!

BTW, are you by any chance related to that Iraj from Ghoochan in the Province of Khorasan? I had a friend from Ghoochan by the name of Iraj whose father was the head of the Police during the late Shah! That's why I am asking.

Thank you!

iraj khan

A Separation has drawn tens of thousands of Israeli movie-goers

by iraj khan on

A surprising reaction towards the Iranian movie as was reported by Washington Post today:

"The Iranian film has drawn tens of thousands of Israeli movie-goers since it opened in mid-February. Some came to see the Oscar competition for Israeli director Joseph Cedar’s “Footnote,” the saga of a Talmudic scholar. But many were drawn by a chance to glimpse inside Iranian society.

“It’s very well acted, exceptionally well written and very moving,” said Israeli film critic Yair Raveh. “Ultimately you don’t think about nuclear bombs or dictators threatening world peace. You see them driving cars and going to movies and they look exactly like us.”



Since I am among the "impossible some" I may add...

by Disenchanted on

When the peril draws this close you don't need to be an activist nor an orator to say something to defend well being of your people! Just being an Iranian should do! He should have used his 5 minutes of fame and condemn the agression projected at his people. That all mash Ghasem jan! By the way he just did that when received the prze but so brief and mumbled !

Mash Ghasem

Some people here are just impossible! Farhadi is not an activist

by Mash Ghasem on

Nor an orator, nor the saviour of Iranian people, nor...

He's a  proven world class director and screen writer.

Why every freaking thing in Iran has to be politicized to the absurd?


I just added to my check list.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

--  Important reminder: Never say to Iranians that you are an Iranian.  There are some Iranians who hate success of other Iranians......................Checked.


Mr Farhadi speech leaves much to be desired!

by Disenchanted on

When a couple of billions eyes are watching it's not time to be shy, tongue tied or brief! Say something to suppport the democracy movement in Iran and also draw attaention to the imminent peril that Iran is facing due to Zionism aggression. I guess he is after all a filmmaker not an orator!...Congratulation to him and his team for this achievement! 

Mash Ghasem

پرت و پلاگويی شمقدری در مورد اسکار اصغرفرهادی

Mash Ghasem

"قضاوت آمريکايی در مقابل فرهنگ ايرانی سر تعظيم فرود آورد و رای دهندگان آکادمی اسکار در مقابل لابی صهيونيستی که بر طبل جنگ مي‌کوبد واکنش متفاوتی نشان دادند و اين ترک آغاز فروپاشی استيلای لابی صهيونيستی بر جامعه و همه نهادهای آمريکايی است."



Mr. Farhadi Did a Good Job

by masoudA on

In seperating the People on Iran from IR.    Congrats 


Mr, Farhadi

by Demo on

Just as a matter of curiosity, if you do not mind: As a 'humble human being' per the commentator below, where did you find such a perfect speaking English translator with no 'hijub' in front of the camera? Are we once again going by "Death is good but only for the neighbor?"

And a little more curiouser is that why does our 'humble president' also employ a female translator of 'the youg & the beautiful' on his 'humble' annual trips to US of A and with our people' money?!

Salute to your work minus its Oscar award.

iraj khan

Mr Farhadi

by iraj khan on

is a such a humble human being which is rare among filmmakers who receive such a prestigious award.

Congratulation to you sir, 

to actors and actresses who brought this story to life by their performance,

to your film crew and all involved in making this movie.

Your achievement has brought us national pride and a sense of believing in ourselves, thanks.


Well done indeed Mr Farhadi

by Reality-Bites on

Not only is he a talented film director/script writer, but he also seems like a very decent human being. Big respect.


congradulations to all of them,

by Bavafa on

made us proud, and with the best wishes for more success

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Con gra, Mr. Farhadi

by Azarbanoo on

We IRANIANS are proud of you & your crew and Happy.

Mohammad Ala

تبریک فراوان

Mohammad Ala

زنده باد ایران و ایرانی، در هر جای دنیا


J Lo Nipple Slip!

by Faramarz on

I wish that they had asked him about the rumors of J Lo wardrobe malfunction!