Bahara Golestani: Model

Russian-born with Persian parents


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Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on


There is a chance that you will not see this... since this blog is kinda old now 

But... Wow! Dr. Laura and Dr. Root all in one person. I mean WOW!! Thank you for this:)))

SUre. I will try and see if i can dismiss my bad and nasty feelings towards women. I will keep you posted on my how i am progressing. 

Nice to know what you dream of everynight and thank you for the graphically detailed description of the man of your dreams (nightmares?). Perhaps someone wishes they could be that particular inanimate object, next to that chunk of hunk and feeling the Lickzz?? Maybe?:)

And I don't mind one bit about giving it a go , just not sure how the project administrators and photographers plan on getting rid of all the hair that covers my Arnoldishly great abs. any ideas there sweet cheeks?:)




by ahosseini on

Thanks god, she is not claiming she is doing all these for the cause of liberation of women in Iran or Afghanistan.

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.



by expat on

Aww, you gotta be a little trusting of women! You shouldn't let previous bad experiences write them all off!! That's generalising and being narrow-minded surely?

I have another suggestion, maybe we could have a male iranian 'model' as Iranian of the Day? A male oiled and perma-tanned muscleman writhing near naked in speedos on a bed and talking about his career 'aspirations' whilst suggestively licking an inanimate object and looking coy... And any male on IC who says they'd prefer a more intellectual subject is either 'jealous', or 'close-minded'...

In fact, DM jan, why don't YOU give it a go? Live a little, you might like it? No offence dear, you understand...



by CallmeRed on

someone should tell her, : honey, there is a subtle difference between "acting" and "exhibitionism". you are beautiful and talented in your own field, so go for it,

May you find your path to Heff's castle and become a real bunny. or get a role in Shahs of sunset. 


Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

I learned a long time ago notto trust women:)) so forgive me for saying this but i don't and can't trust you:)

Second, (the above was item number one by the way) , If you were really as BM as you claimed you were, You would not have any problem whatsoever, seeing the nude, naked, gyrating or not images of iranian girls and ladies anywhere let alone the internet, and thinking of them, or at least respecting the fact that in a way this is considered as them being liberal or revolutionary in certain cases. Without having to go through excruciating efforts or necessarily showing off some kind of skill!

Oh yeah. Not to mention the wondering part about them bein on the front page of IC. 

hey i mean no offense and hope you don't take it as so, but why don't you give it a try and then perhaps you will know exactly what goes through hers and those with a similar mindset. No Photoes and No begging to be featured as "iranian of the day"|:))

Just an innocent and friendly suggestion.

I am sure she is swell. She'd gotta be. how could she not? you kiddin me? 


Dr Mohandes..

by expat on

..Trust me, am very broadminded! Just don't understand why a naked Iranian women is always lauded as being 'liberal' and 'revolutionary' when she's doing something that doesn't take much skill or talent! And also wondered why she was featured as 'Iranian of the Day'!!

I'm sure she's a swell gal though. 

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

I think you should just relax your mind and broaden your horizons ...

It is a good thing in fact that we could have access to all those beautiful images through google. I strongly favor them being featured on this site.

How aboucha?:)) 


جوون که بودیم


اون موقعها به این میگفتیم سوژه ولی الان دیگه بهوت افسرده کرده هی



by yolanda on


Hard work!

by Milan on

ببین بچه‌ام چطور با عرق جبین امرار معاش میکنه. اینقد وول زد روده پودش پیچ خورد



by پندارنیک on

Thanks, Golshifteh joon...........



by Raoul1955 on

Love your posts.  :-)


سوسن خانم و سوری، فکرت را باور نکن!


You guys should try to have fun once in a while.

Boys will be boys, no matter the toys! 


دروغ چرا


اول فیلم پنداری مار نیشش زده

Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

من حواسم پرت شد متوجه نشدم این عکس" زندانی روز" است یا مطلب دیگری است


My dear doctor..

by expat on

.. You are absolutely right.  Taking one's clothes off is nothing new..

Just surprised why it has to be featured on here. Is it merely cos she's Iranian?  Cos a quick google search will show a thousand more Iranian girls who love doing 'beauty pageants' AKA gyrating on a bed with a thong...


Must be the scintillating interview she gave. 

Dr. Mohandes

Soft or Hard!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Not a day goes by when we don't see a clip where someone taking something off...well. a week not a day. sorry.

Also when that happens, There is always someone who jumps all over this and start making all kinds of comparisons and accusations!! how hard is it to just look the other way and keep on looking in that direction!

Errectionally speaking, I second what souri says and I am happy to see that IC has finally come up with a treatment (not a cure).



by expat on

..I didn't think what you said was offensive in the slightest so you may be right..!


Soosan Khanoom

I can't believe it

by Soosan Khanoom on

 Some one actually flagged me and I was deleted  ...  Have I by any chnace offended the prisedent of the Horny Men's Club ?  Oh ... I am sorry ..



 Souri: Spot on. I hope

by vildemose on

 Souri: Spot on.

I hope she is not on drugs.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Soosan Khanoom

Souri you are right on points

by Soosan Khanoom on

Can't stop laughing .......

Soosan Khanoom

expat jan

by Soosan Khanoom on

it is exactly the same here in the U.S ..

Soft Porn with no sugar coating ! 


Bezarin haleshoon o bekonan baba, chikar darin?

by Souri on

It seems that most of the IC's male residents are suffering now from the "erection deficiency" because of the old age....hence, so much of anger and hysteria which are misplaced. Those photos, along with some Viagra/Cialis, can help. Let them have more fun, so they will become  calmer when doing political debates (?)


Can I just say..

by expat on

..In England, this is classified not as 'modelling' per se (think Kate Moss, Sophie Dahl) but glamour/soft porn.

Lovely.  I'm sure her parents are delighted.



She is from Afghani Parents

by Faramarz on

She was born on 4/19/1989 in the the Soviet Union to Afghani parents. But it's more fashionable nowadays to say that she was born in Russia to Iranian parents.

But, what the hell, she looks great in lingerie. You will not hear me complaining about her.

Thanks Ghormeh Sabz. You are an inspiration to all of us.

"Bahara Golestani was born in Russia, but rasied in Scottsdale Arizona.
Her parents are of Afghan descent. Also, Daughter of famous Afghan
singer Hamid Golestani."



So Kirei

by jmyt17 on

Very nice.

But your english sound like you grow up in US not in Russia!

It is okay but???