First Group leaves Camp Ashraf

Nearly 400 Mojahedin moved to new camp near Baghdad airport

CNN: About 400 members of an exiled Iranian opposition group who are the first to leave a long-term camp in Iraq under a U.N. plan criticized their treatment and the conditions at the new temporary site Saturday. The group left Camp Ashraf at midnight following 12 hours of inspections and checks, Shahin Gobadi of the National Council of Resistance of Iran said in a statement. When they arrived seven hours later at the new site, a former U.S. military base near Baghdad International Airport long known as Camp Liberty, the group discovered a heavy presence of police >>>


Iranian state TV:


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It is always MEK's Fault

by Monafegh on

If a war started somewhere, or someone became poor. It was MEK Fault.  If there was a shortage of water, Emmigration was just a mirage, If winters were cold and summers were warm, If the roads are narrow and the streets are dark. It was MEK Fault. If there was an unemployment crisis, Poverty and homelessness, The Arab – Israeli war, And the Tamil Tigers conflict. It was MEK Fault. Identity crisis, The death of spirituality. It was MEK Fault. The Deconstruction of civilization, Politics plagued by populism, Defeated diplomacy, National soccer team elimination Due to playing with emotion. It was MEK Fault. If Bin Laden managed to get away, and Oil prices shot up to the sky. It was MEK Fault. If the plaintiffs are in jail, but the criminals are out on bail, If you got bored with all these promises, If these are all secrets that everyone knows about. It was MEK Fault. If one day MEK is not among us, What will happen then? Oohh, it will always be MEK Fault, even if they are not here or there. There is no other way. It was MEK Fault(Traffic) (Environmental pollutions) (passenger airlines crash) (inflation rate) It was MEK Fault


next stop... Israel

by alx1711 on

next stop... Israel


One only feels sorry for

by Khebedin on

One only feels sorry for these idiots. Israel via CIA is training them for various dirty tasks, but very few of them will qualify for such tasks, I am told, the rest will be left to rott.


It is very sad to see this people

by Sialashgar on

They are our brothes and sisters who took the wrong road  and ended up in The no man land.Good luck to them finding a place to maybe change their direction and do something deferent with their life.


Broken, humiliated & disillusioned looking for a job!

by Disenchanted on

Spies for hire! Next time Mossad blows up something in Iran don't credit their savvyness. it is deadenders like these who do the job for them. ..............You put one of these brains in MRI, you see lots of colorox! Never seen a brain washed so clean! :-)......whenever I see MEK's rank and file (not the leadership) it reminds me of that quote:"The road to hell is paved with good intentions"!


سوسولا دست نزنید النگوتان میشکند


 به من گفته شده که عکس من را در میدان تیر اشرف نصب کرده اند و به طرف آن تیر شلیک -از موقعی که اسلح گرم را از شان گرفتند به سردی دارت پرتاب میکنند. آخه در آن سالهای اول انقلاب ما فالانژ بودیم و آنها ملیشا و بعد هم در اورپا ما با بچه های حزب اله لبنان و آنها با بعثی های عراقی حسابی تو سر و کول هم میزدیم.
حالا اون روزا گذشت    
بعثیِ اعدام شده
فالانژِ مامور شده
ملیشا مترجم شده
میگم خوب شد من یک چند کلمه ای انگلیسی یاد گرفتم-همین الأن مادر داشت قر میزد چرا ایران نمایم!!!- اگر آمریکایها آمدند در خانه ما بلدم بگم:
الهلأ و سحلأ یا اخوی
ملیشا لا ضروری انت تکلم انگایزیِ
منافقین از ترجمه افکار خود عاحز هستند چه برسد از انگلیسی یا عربی به فارسی!!!!

I wear an Omega watch

Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

نه اشتباه نکنید، این کاملا آشکار است که آمریکا در حال تدارک پرسنل لازم برای یک مداخله نظامی با همکاری اسرائیل و انگلستان میباشد.  از این چهار صد نفر بعنوان مترجم استفاده خواهد شد برای استنطاق،اقرارنامه، واتربوردینگ و غیره در تهاجمات خانه بخانه درون ایران.  داشتین مترجم در هر جنگی الزامی است و میدانید با چاپ آگهی دعوت در روزنامه واشنگتن پست که اینها نمیتوانند مترجم استخدام نمایند و مجاهدین بهترین منبع استخدام کارگر روز مزد میباشند و سی و سه سال آنها را در آب نمک خواباندند برای چنین روزهایی.  طرز تفکر و مسیری که مجاهدین را از سایر گروهها متمایز مینماید انستکه، سایر ایرانیان خارج از کشور، هرچند با یکدیگر کم وبیش در حال نزاع میباشند، ولی بطور کلی و در جمع در براندازی رژیم متفق القول میباشدند. ولی مجاهدین مسیر فکری شان، تنفر هم از رژیم است و هم از تمام گروههای ایرانیان خارج از کشور.  مجاهدین در تجاوزات قریب الاوقوع به ایران نقش بزرگی را در خیانت به ایران و ایرانی بازی خواهند نمود و ریشه تروریزم و قتلهای سیاسی آینده در ایران خواهند گردید. 

Mash Ghasem

According to some reports, some have already returned to Iran,

by Mash Ghasem on

Hopefully the rest will find safe residence in a location of their choice, and the Camp Ashraf will just be a very bad memory in our history. Rajavi is still eligible for legal action against him, for his crimes.

به گفته آقای کوبلر، اکثر ساکنان اردوگاه اشرف پيشتر درخواست پناهندگی کرده اند، گروه کوچکی از اين افراد به ايران بازگشته اند اما اکثر آنها مايل اند به جای ديگری بروند.


I am glad they are moving on with their lives....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

After giving the islamist regime's leadership, over 30 years of sleepless nights, stomach ulcer, and raised blood pressure... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Lets hope this is the begining of an end to the imprisonment ...

by Bavafa on

And brainwashing of these people.  Let's hope they are given a safe home in a healthy environment where they can be de-programmed and sent back to society for a normal remaining portion of their life

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Of training courses at Camp Liberty...

by پندارنیک on

This thing was quite predictable ever since the Saddam regime fell. Now, the stupid Americans have to go door to door around the world, especially in EU for securing a place for these fellow Iranians... I only wonder if there will be a handful  among this aged crowd which can be trained for carrying out some dirty work for the CIA, and Mossad...................In any case you might find some of them in their kiosk in the Noroozi bazaar near you!