Iran launches satellite

Navid domestically-made weather satellite in orbit

AP — Iran successfully launched a new small satellite into orbit early Friday, state media reported, the latest in the country's ambitious space program that has raised concerns in the West because of its possible military applications. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called in to the launch site, saying he was "hopeful this act will send a signal of more friendship among all human beings," the official IRNA news agency reported. IRNA said the domestically-made satellite, Navid, or Gospel, was designed to collect data on weather conditions and monitor for natural disasters >>>


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Launching satellites will

by vildemose on

Launching satellites will push US navy out of Persian Gulf and will end the sanctions???

Dear Demo: are you feeling well?

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Of the solutions.........

by Demo on



Is anybody denying the extremely 'chaotic' leadership facing our births-land nowadays? The focal point is not about thinking backward or hatred toward this & that but of the 'prorities' @ these critical times.

If launching satellites are going to push US navy out of Persian Gulf & will end the sanctions let's send 10 of them per day to the orbit as long as the objectives of such missions are for the betterment of the earthy Iranians of the future generations.

This commentator, however learned??, has nothing but a 'heart' to deicate it to all the Iranians with a genuine love.



by AMIR1973 on

Well said. I agree with what you say. Keep up the good work here at IC. Regards.


AMIR1973, there are Patriots and there are Basijis

by IranFirst on

Dear AMIR1973 Thanks for your comments :-)

its great to be Patriot but I think we can be patriot and realist. Iranian engineers have built this (and other machines) while under restrictions (brought on by IRI). They could have done much better job without IRI around. Iran (with the same engineers) would have been at the level of S. Korea technically, if it wasn't for bad policies of IRI (bringing war and sanctions on Iranians, pushing away many of the best minds to migrate abroad, assigning undeserving (but Islamic) managers to critical posts,....

Basijis/IRI have very low standards of  quality and acceptance for anything. To them a third hand copy of a 1950's Chineese plane is as good as a modern jet fighters and they will brag about it. Iranians could do so much more.

By the way some countries which have designed their own comercial stelites, do not launch them themselves. That is is by CHOICE and smart business. They can develope the capability and launch it themselves (not a big deal technically), but it is costly and they rather have other countries launch it for them, since unlike Terrorist IRI they are not in state of self-imposed war with the rest of the world.


 In the mean time, with

by vildemose on

 In the mean time, with the second largest oil reserves in the world, Iran' GDP is the size of Ohio...

Shameful mismangement.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


I'd really like to read.......

by پندارنیک on

.......a serious reply from our learned friend, Demo on the comment from darious.....................


Demo, I got a solution..

by darius on

We all should declare  a national Iranian day of suicide and kill oursleves inside  and outside Iran. This permenantly remove us from being terrorist nation, fanatics and we no longer be threat to Israel and we give the world a lasting peace of mind.  Does a nation really need a person like you, me or simorgh ?
  • We can't  drive good car( show off)
  • We can't  have piano  in our house( because we have no books in our house).
  • We cannot have a nice and a big house. ( it  is against the code)
  • we can't do religious sacrifice because it is barbaric but othe rpeople can do it like this one
  • //
  • We can't build car.
  • we can't build satellite.
  • Our actress and actors get naked, we do not approve.
  • Our  good looking guys smile and pose as a model, we do not like
  • our musicians makes good or Ki... music we do do not like
  • Our food is not good , kabab khordan is equal to  barbarism and
  • backwardness. 
  • For god sakes we cannot even grow hair on our body(wtf. )
  • Is there anything in this planet that we can do to make other people
  • including ourselves happy? 
  • This is the same f.....g attitude before revolution in 1979, whatever happened in country was bad, worthless.
  • Do you really think we deserve to get anywhere or be able to make anything with this negative and backward attitude.'
  • Why do we mix the hatred and opposition to regime and Akhond ha with what people can do or accomplish no matter how small .

Oon Yaroo

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm....

by Oon Yaroo on

Launching Satellite + Nuclear Stuff + Threatening Wiping off Israel from the face of the Earth+ Khamenei admitting supporting Hezbollah Attacking Israel = Recipe for being attacked by US/Israel....!





زنده باد و دمشون گرم


In the meantime, however: we still rank as #1 heroein user country in the world, the corruption is skyrocketting; the number of divorces have already reached the orbit; the giant US navy is orbitting the Persian Gulf; and the 'unstretchable' 3 billions dollars of the oil money evaporates in a flash!

And while we are being warmed up daily with so many other 'sticky' achievements like the above, the launhing of Navid ('Good News') perhaps is going to be considered as a launchon for so many of the hungry stomachs in our country! But sorry, as AN had said it before 'We do not have anybody hungry here!" So be it!

Long live rightousness & heat up with the truth a little bit! 


It is like a beggar with a shiny tie

by divaneh on

A country like Iran who needs the outside world for its basic needs such as food and petrol has no business launching satellites. It can't mine its own oil and gas without outside contractors and then boast about satellites. It is like a beggar with a shiny tie. 


Akhoonds on the Moon

by kazem0574 on



As a kid I always used to think of Monarets as space rocket.

Now we can say its "One Giant leap for AN, one minuscule step for mankind"

Lunar Sharia law:



Ari Siletz

7 Nations Launching the Next Space Race.

by Ari Siletz on

Title of 2009 article in Popular Mechanics.

Iran is included in this article

The question here is not whether a nation has bought a satellite launched by another country's rockets (Venezuela etc.)  The competitors in the space race are countries with launch capability developed domestically. The article actually mentions 8 countries, but North Korea's claim is unconfirmed.


Sling Shot Towards the Sky

by Faramarz on

The first two objects that IR sent towards the sky, Rasad and Omid lasted 3 weeks and 82 days respectively and they got pulled back by Earth's gravity because of the low orbits and perished. This one will have the same fate with the life expectancy of 3 months.

This is not a technological achievement by modern standards but rather is about attaching a box to a souped-up N. Korean missile and shoot it upwards and then watch it lose altitude over time and then eventually get zapped by the Earth's atmosphere.

If you look at its path over the Earth, you will see that there is no control over where it goes or what it does! So typical of IR and its supporters!



مرده باد و خواهر و مادرشون در جهنم


:)))))))))))) Emamzaadeh Galaxy..................

Technology stays with the regime can pack it in its suitcase, or take it into its grave.......whatever the case may be...........


مرده باد و خواهر و مادرشون در جهنم


تا کور شود آنکه نتوان دید


شما که هنوز آداب و قوانین انسانی را نمی دانید خیلی هم غلط بیجا می کنید میرید فضا!  

میرید فضا که چه کنید؟ که آنجا هم امامزاده بزنید و نامریدان امامت و ولایت را اعدام کنید؟  

Nader Vanaki

زنده باد و دمشون گرم

Nader Vanaki

که با این تحریم ها اینکار عظیم را به ثمر رسوندند.  تا کور شود هرآنکه نتواند دید.


IranFirst, you traitor. You should be like the "patriots" here

by AMIR1973 on

Why are you not doing back flips over this unbelievably awesome achievement! And what's with this business about "facts"? So what if a whole host of countries (including super duper technological giants like Mauritius and Vietnam) have already launched some satellites? Your list is a "traitor" list, a CIA-MI6-MEK-Mossad-Zionist-AIPAC-warmonger list.


BIG deal???!

by IranFirst on

Besides the advanced industrial countries, here is a list of some countries which have had Sattelite many years before Terrorist IRI

Poland (1973), India (1975), Indonisia (1976), Czechoslovakis (1976), Bulgaria (1981), Brazil (1985), Mexico (1985), Israel (1988), Luxemburg (1988), Argentina (1990), Pakistan (1990), S. Korea (1992), Potugal (1993), Thailand (1993), Turkey (1994), Ukraine (1995), Chile (1995), Malaysia (1996), Phillipines (1996), Egypt (1998),  Singapore (1998), Taiwan (1999), S. Africa (1999), Saudi Arabia (2000), UAE (2000), Morocco (2001), Algeria (2002), Greece (2003), Cyprus (2003), Nigeria (2003), Kzakhestan (2006), Belarus (2006), Columbia (2007), Mauritius (2007), Vietnam (2008), Venezuela (2008),..

and many more will have it shortly

Azerbaijan (2012), Bangladesh (2012),....

Terrorist IRI's propaganda machine pretends as if IRI is scientifically very advanced and it's all becauseof their system!. This is acceptacle to uneducated Basij, but other countries have achived much more during the past 33 years with out the barbarism of imposed Islam and dictatorship of IRI.


In a sort of related news...

by ghalam-doon on

Lego man in space!



Call me a vatan-forosh etc. but can we really believe anything that comes out of this regime and its mouthpiece? Do they EVER tell the truth?

Dr. Mohandes

Inspired By Divine forces???

by Dr. Mohandes on

Guys, i believe that the "appologists" and "reform -minded" fellows here are on the verge of experiencing an unfortunate heartattack:(( Would you please tone it down a bit?:))) 


I am curious (i know i should not be , it could fatal consequences for our feline friends) but would you name some of those "developed" countries who have not even dared goingnear this sorta stuff?? 

You would not think, by any chance, god forbid, USA or CANADAor France and Germany could rank as one, by a long shot? 




by darius on

May be technology not so great or primitive or whatever you like to call it ( if you feel better) but you can track it in here



Look for the satellite name , then click to track


Khaaheshan "moghava" be faza naferesteed! :-)

by Disenchanted on


       Lets hope some genius (Nokhbeh!) doesn't come up with the idea to send a "Cardboard" portrait to space! :-)

     This is great news for Iran. Folks who belittle these achievements are ignoring the facts that many developed countries don't have such capabilities. The folks behind these progress are Iranians. Remember, no matter who runs the show at the time, these technologies remain as assets for IRAN!



Go Iran

by Sialashgar on

In your face Zade Iran.




by Abarmard on

NEWS:"Iran successfully launched a new small satellite into orbit early Friday"

****Replies by patriots: ****

-"If they indeed launched a sattelite (which can be easily verified). I am sure the base technology of sattelite itself, with its transponders and associated electronics were aquired  from China or russia.'

-"Pakistan has already launched one"

-"After this, if I could vote in Iran, I would vote that Iran launch a test flight to send the first Iranian Chimp into space next."

-"The KAHKESHAN background music which belonged to an American movie is indeed very appropriate, since it was only a movie! "

hoo hoo hoo parazit


Never believe any news coming from IRI TV. Music tells it all!

by Ferdowsi on

The KAHKESHAN background music which belonged to an American movie is indeed very appropriate, since it was only a movie! Why is it that anytime pressure on the regime increases, over night they reach some kind of milestone in satelite, weapon, or nuclear technology?

If they can build this, then why couldn't they have build a robot instead of a card board of dayius khomeini?

Trying to divert attention from their misery! Dead regime tries hard to stay alive!


Good Job

by jirandoust on

Given the chance, Iran can easily turn into a little America, I always say.

Good job Iranian scientists!


Congratulations! Welcome to 1957!

by bahmani on

After this, if I could vote in Iran, I would vote that Iran launch a test flight to send the first Iranian Chimp into space next.

Any guesses on who the chimp would be?

To read more bahmani posts visit: //

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

Bravo Iranian scientists. Long live Iran.


Bangladesh to launch satellite, what's the big deal?

by IranFirst on



Pakistan has already launched one


good Job......

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 If they indeed launched a sattelite (which can be easily verified). I am sure the base technology of sattelite itself, with its transponders and associated electronics were aquired  from China or russia. But to launch it, Iran needs to have Clean room facilitis plus Assembly/Test and integration know how, equipment.

The oscillioscope/signal generator in the control room was for show only of course, and indeed raises some doubts about Iran's claims. and yes, the guy cutting the cake should cut back on chelo kabab and do a bit of running :)

In the end of the day,I am pretty certain that it was not the sattelite which was being tested, but the Rocket

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."