Israel envoys 'target of attacks'

In India and Georgia

BBC: Israeli officials say their diplomats in India and Georgia have been targeted in apparent bomb attacks. An explosion hit an embassy car in Delhi, injuring one diplomat. Police said there had been an "incident" but could not confirm an attack. Israeli officials said there had also been an attempted attack on a diplomat's car in Tbilisi, Georgia, but an explosive device had not gone off. Indian TV showed pictures of a burning car outside Israel's Delhi embassy >>>



This is internal factions in Israeli politics

by Disenchanted on

settling score! ;-) .........Where are the uber intelligent commentators on IC?! Come on conspiracy theorists. Run wild! come on now :-) time to be shy or timid...

long live Iran

It reminds me of the begining of the world war II(Becareful)

by long live Iran on

World war II started by a plot against German planned by Himmler to give excuse to German to attack polish...Read the rest of the story by yourself from Wikipedia:


It seems they are planning against IRAN to attack it.

God Bless IRAN with insider enemy(stupid polititions) and outsiders (Israel, Rajavi`s slaves and ...)

Long Live IRAN for EVER.

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

One incident per day to be blamed on Iran to eventually attack that country. Do not support these false reports. These are dark days of blaming everything on Iran.  Iranian should take care of their despotic government on their own terms and not by joint attacks of enemies of Iranians.  The final loss will be by the Iranian people and everyone should try to avoid that.

Iranian regime has about seven more months of vital economic life left in it. If Iran gets attacked the regime will last another ten to twenty years. 

Here is something to cheer about -the Iranian brain, the most wanted and sought after commodity in the world next to our natural resources:





singing along

by مآمور on

کی بود؟ کی بود؟
ایران نبود دستش بود   تقصیر آسثینش بود

I wear an Omega watch

Joe L.

My trip to Israel

by Joe L. on

I was in Israel and couples of young Jewish kids were talking loudly on street. One of the kids threw his Pepsi can at a parked car and says some Hebrew words. I asked them why they are so excited. They replied "We killed their stupid scientist. Don't mess with us or we kill you one by one"!

He was exuberant. Some drunk and smelly middle aged man was smiling at their behavior showing his dark yellow teeth.

I don't think Iran did this. Most probably Israel did this to blame Iran. Israelis are hateful and plain nuts.

According to Israelis who support "target killings", target killings are not terror acts, this in their book is also target killing and therefore no terror act.


Arash Kamangir: Does your statement here..

by Bavafa on

Mean that you believe Israel was behind those assasinations of nuclear scientists?

If so, do you condomn those assisinations which by all standards are terrorist activity?

 In regards to this incident however, whoever has been behind this act of terrorism, must be condemned with the strongest term.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



A Plot by Tata-Nano Used-Car Salesman!

by Faramarz on

They copy and borrow from others and they still fail.

The injured are an Indian and somebody's wife.

Arash Kamangir

IR is behind the attacks

by Arash Kamangir on

These could be revenge attacks agianst Israel with regards to assasinations of nuclear scientists of IR.