Let's go back to times when there was less corruption

Discussions on anniversary of 1979 revolution


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Bahram G

Dr. Mohandes

by Bahram G on

The parasites presently ruling Iran and their frontmen must be doing what works. Millions of Iranians still lap up with delight the stuff these vermins excrete. These millions like things the way they are. They are devote Shia who are born and bred with an overwhelming streak of sadomasochism. Suffering under the corrupt oppressive mullahs gives them a sense of affinity with their storied beloved imam Hussein. Inflicting suffering on others, be they Jews, Baha'is, Christians, Sunnis, Sufis, and others satisfies their sense of revenge and makes for a very functional way of venting their frustrations.

So, the scourge of our nation, the aakhoond keep on with their parasitic ways because the host organism willingly submits, and even relishes, their feeding on them.

You may be right that there are some who have awakened to the fraud of these charlatans. But they are still out-numbered and outgunned by the devotees of the regime.

Dr. Mohandes

Clown's Corner or what?

by Dr. Mohandes on

What a bunch of rubbish.

Whoever falls for this absolute piece of crappy show is a real lunetic and i amhappy to say that many in iran KNOW BETTER. Cracks me up everytime i turn the tv on and see one of these Buttcracks is sitting there with that serious look on the face thinking that they are making sense and DISCUSSING things. Get over it you aholes. Stick your heads into some hole or something.



Let's go back to times when there was less corruption

by fgtary on

chi arzesh shodeh , God help us


حج آقا؛ واقعا که ننگ بر "ارزش" و "اخلاقی" که تو بهش معتقدی...


این مصاحب کننده بدبخت به  نوعی رمزی که صدا و سیمای ولیت وقیح اجازه بده، داره شکایت میکنه که این بچه مظلوم ایرانی‌ به خاطر فقر پدرش، با بی‌ رحمانه‌ترین روشی‌، از بیمارستان بیرون انداخته شده و محکوم به مرگ میشه، در سرزمینی که بیلیون‌ها دلار پول نفت مردم سر از حساب‌های بانکی علی‌ و مجتبی‌ خامنه‌ای، احمدی‌نژاد  و فک و فامیلش ، رهبران سپاه و بسیج در لندن در میاید. اونوقت حج آقا به جای جواب به سوال اصلی‌، شروع میکنه کرسی شعر گفتن در باره "اخلاق و ارزش اسلامی"....

رو که نیست...


I take responsiblity

by darius on

 You can block me but I need to say this

F....magham rahbari and f...all  anghlabion and antellectuals.





The Downward Corruption!

by Demo on

What is the use of such debates when The Majestic Rahbar himeslf asks people not to 'stretch' the 'disapperance qestionings' of 3 billions dollars of their money swallowed by his own men???

The corruption in our country has always been from the top to the bottom & still is!!! The young must not waste their times debating with the corrupt oldies otherwise they soon will become like them. Just page them & cage them!!! No debates!!!