Need for Oppsition National Congress

Interview with Abbas Milani, Amir Hossein Ganjbakhsh and Shahriar Ahi

اپوزیسیون جمهوری اسلامی و ضرورت تشکیل شورای ملی: مصاحبه سیامک دهقانپور با عباس میلانی, امیرحسین گنج بخش, شهریار آهی. افق دوشنبه ۱٣ فوریه ٢۰۱۲ ۲۴ بهمن ۱۳۹۰

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Ganj Bakhsh

by religionoutofgovernment on

People are commenting on how GanjBankhsh mentions his group virtues. Is this surprising from a communist, Peykar activist? He has spent all his life believing that his way, his ideology and his group are the only ways to "freedom" and "equality".

It is also unfortunate that the communists have monopolized the "Republican" movement. Of course republican to them does not mean true Republican ideas. It is only a way to express their Anti-Monarchist stance. Shame!



by choghok on

Interesting comments and worth thinking about, but I must disagree that all three talked about their groups virtue, it was only the guy present in the studio that wanted somehow make a point by saying we wre first. Th other 2 did not once talk about what their group have done earlier.

G. Rahmanian

Mr. Ahi knows what he's talking about!

by G. Rahmanian on

He is very reasonable and eloquent. Enjoyed his talk. Mr. Ganjbakhsh, however, seemed confused.

Nader Vanaki

چلو خورشت پالمه

Nader Vanaki

حالا هرکه به کنفرانس دعوت نشده و پلو خورشت اولاف پالمه رو نخورده ناراحته و باید به این نشست انتقاد کنه.


Useful Discussion

by iamfine on

I think what Ganjbakhsh was trying to say, regarding other opposition groups outside the country, they must be in harmony with the green movement ideology within the country. Otherwise, it weakens the strength of the green movement.  


Neocons such as Milani and the like are nothing but self serving

by Ferdowsi on

bunch who are representing themselves, not us. They wanna bring democracy to iran through undemocratic means? Who paid for the seminar? Who chose them? How were they invited, and why only selected few?

This damn regime is not going to go easily, and none of these guys are willing to go and fight there. This regime must go, but we don't to be replace it with the one that we had before pre 1979 serving their masters. Imperialists are at it again, and these guys are their tools. 


ناز نفسشان


      از کرامات شیخ شما این است که عسل میل کرد گفت شیرین است.

with this kind of opposition, I m going get laid off very sonn. help me no losse my job!!!!

I wear an Omega watch


Thank You :)

by R2-D2 on

Really Enjoyed The Whole Program - Looking Forward To Their Next Get-Together In Washington D.C. - I Believe That's What They Said ..... !



Mash Ghasem

یکی میمرد ز درد بی نوایی، یکی میگفت خانوم زردک میخوایی؟

Mash Ghasem

So after all these years and all these experiences, all we needed was yet another conference (by folks whose only job in the world seems to be attending conferences!) to tell us that our path to salvation is through free election and toleration of each other. Wow. Khasteh nabashid!

Sarcasm aside, Milani had the best take on the whole thing when he, correctly, says Iranian people are way ahead of "the leadereship."

What our "leadership" bodies needs to figure out are two main points:

1) Transition to the stage of actually conducting free election in Iran, which means first and foremost OVERTHROWING OF IR, which would happen only through a combination of street protest and civil-disobedience, and strikes at industrial sites and plants. A nation-wide paralysis of economy and transportation.

2) How to creatively combine public and above ground work & organizing , with underground, clandestine work & organizing. The publicity work around this gathering indicates they have a long way to go on the second point.

Their discussions and workshops seems to indicate they don't have a clue as to the first point.

Meanwhile, people in Tehran and other cities go to streets and get arrested, demostratign once more, they are way ahead of any leadership body we have at the moment, inside or outside the country.


Jeesh Daram

خوب گوش کردید؟

Jeesh Daram

خوب گوش کردید؟  این سه تا رو آوردند اینجا که باهم صحبت و گفتگو کنند برای کمک به ایران، ولی آن ذات نایافته از هستی بخش که در بسیاری از ایرانیان مشهود است درون ایشان چنان فشار آورد که هرکدام از فرصت استفاده کردند و مطرح شدن این موضوع و آن موضوع را مطلق به سازمان خود دانسته و در واقع چون تف سربالا برای خود تبلیغ کردند که این ما بودیم که اول این کارو کردیم و آن حرف را زدیم.  خوب این نشان میدهد که این ملت هنوز رشد چند حزبی شدن و دگرگونی فکری را ندارد و اگر خود شاه هم الان زنده بود و به ایران بازمیگشت دوباره مملکت را تک حزبی میکرد و با پس گردنی همه را زیر حزب  رستاخیز(رفت تا بیخ)  میاورد. این همان کاری است که خامنه ای هم انجام داده است.  سیستم تک حزبی.  در واقع برای همین است که بسیاری از ایرانیان خارج از کشور در جستجوی یک رضا خان دیگر هستند، که برود و گرده از پشت آن ملت بکند وبا  دستی و مشتی آهنین دوباره سیستم تک حزبی برای ملتی که نمیتواند پانزده دقیقه با هم صحبت نماید تشکیل دهد.  بعد از انقلاب بعدی حد اکثر اینها سی روز با هم دوام خواهند آورد و بلافاصله بعد از آن تهمت و برچسب زدن و ترور شروع خواهد شد و باری دیگر ایرانی غبطه گذشته را خواهد خورد و ننه من غریبم که چه اشتباهی کردیم.  در ویدیو(محمد امینی)  یارو داره مصاحبه انجام میده ولی رادیوش را درون استودیو خاموش نمیکنه که آهنگ ابی حروم نشه 


Mohammad Amini's View

by religionoutofgovernment on

Here is what Mohammad Amini thinks of these "opposition conferences". His view is similar to Milani's view. These conferences only hurt the movement within Iran.




Amir Hossein Ganjbakhsh

by JustAnIranian on

Somebody tell Amir Hossein Gajbakhsh that his attitude is not constructive. 

Zendeh baad Abbas Milani and Shahriyar Ahi.  


It is not going to work if..

by darius on

First of all we live outside Iran and no one  can or should  talk on my behalf or anyone  elses behalf. I am not

going to let a bunch of old farts of  Iranian politics that proved they were  wrong to be chosen again by  by CIA, Neocons or Islamist reformer   just because they have acadmic or past or present  reputation.


I do not approve any one to be elected or consulted because they were once in jail or wrote an article to oppose an idea.I do not trust or beleive to any one who is  chosen because they have academic  position . Non of those crtieria is reason for election or membership.

I need free election and process.Ineed to see the vision, credential and qualification of each candidate and then vote. 

Any such committee will be doomed unless it is done  with transparency and public  participation in each step.

Closed door negotiation , secret talks and those  kindof behavior is just another reason for me to beleive these are just another false

start and questionable changes.




Darius Kadivar

Good Points by Milani and Ahi

by Darius Kadivar on

Truly don't see what was the fuss about holding such a gathering. I hope it won't be the first nor the last. Such efforts are commendable even if they may require more such meetings and exchanges. Nothing can be achieved overnight.

And Truly Who cares what IRI's daily Kayhan in Iran can say ?

As for Ganjbakhsh ...

Well what is there to expect from the stubborness of intellectually bankrupt Jomhurykhahs ...

COMPLAINING JOMHURYKHAH: What Have the Pahlavis EVER Done For Us ? ;0)