Syria and Iran: Running out of time

Fareed Zakaria on CNN's GPS


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long live Iran

Thanks JJ, It worked But..

by long live Iran on

Thanks JJ. It worked but is there any way that we can contribute to the News shown in Homepage?

Long Live IRAN for EVER.


Click on NEWS

by admin on

Click on NEWS tab on top of the page: //

Long Life, on top of the News section it says: Contribute your own news to this page. Click on it, and you'll be in business.


long live Iran

JJ, I am still looking for your reply

by long live Iran on

Dear Mr. Javid,

I posted my question but have not heard from you after a while. My question is that I would like to post News to this site. Could you inform me how to do? Is it open to public or only for few people? Since I could not find it easily, I guess that you are selecting them. Is it correct?

Look forward to hearing from you. 

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

I think Zakaria (minute 1:05) is wrong to call Syria a "a landlocked country"! Syria has an eastern shore of at least 250-300 miles of coastline along Mediterranean. Aids to the rebels or any defection can take place along that coastline.


assad is finished

by asadabad on

I have to disagree with Zakaria.  There have been many defections from the syrian military to the opposition.  This is why the shiite terrorists from lebanon have moved in to help assad.  This is also why the iranian regime has sent in its own thugs to do the dirty work.  I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of syrian alawis pour into lebanon, iran, or iraq to escape the fighting.  I'm sure that the majority of Syrians will want to cleanse the country of iranian influence by exacting revenge on the alawi minority.  Most of the soldiers who have died were killed by their alawi superiors because they refused to fire on protestors.  I'd like to see the iranian army turn against khamenei/pasdaran the next time we see some mass demonstrations.  Suleimani needs to be hung.


Will take a few years, but Assad will get the Qaddafi treatment

by AMIR1973 on

Syria might be "once again a fun place" in a few years....unless you're a member of the Assad mafia family. In which case, not so much.


Dear Fidelio5

by masoudA on

Good Post


Amongst the Islamic countries; Iran-Iraq-Syria-Afghanistan, Bahrain and Lately Lebanon - are bunched together as one head of a triangle - countries in this triangle have two things in common.   They all have a strong Shiite population and all had been part on the Great Persian Empire, hence having beeen heavily impacted by the Persian Culture.  

The other 2 heads of the triangle are as follows:  1- Islamic/Sunni countries with full Saudi influence, ala Kwait, Pakistan, UAE, Yamen, Jordan.......even Turkey.   2- Islamic/Sunni countries with some Saudi Influence, ala Egypt, Lybia, Tunisia, Moraco, Algeria.....

What we have been witnessing in the Midle East in the last few years has been expansion of Saudi (hence England) influence in places it had some influence such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Lybia........and efforts to infilterate places within the Shiite group such as Bahrain, and now Syria.   As you know - in Bahrain, Saudi army ended up invading the place......and in Syria Assad is fighting hard........and as you said, if Assad falls, things are not going to get better of Iran or USA.   Expanion of Saudi Islam is not going to help any decent human in the globe - that is a fact....I hope the Brits wake-up to that fact and stop selling their "Best Judgement" for short term gains. 


33 years time running out

by مآمور on

no need to losse any sleep over this, Syria will get over ths plot and will be once again a fun place.

I wear an Omega watch


The Creature!!

by masoudA on

Had his creator (George Dayoos Soros) on his GPS show on Dayoos's network CNN, today.     I thought it was the worst display of a dying profession - Journalism.    The Creature asked the Creator if Soros would consider creating (yet again) another entity, a super PAC to support Obama in his re-election!!!  Loool so many different ways......But the funniest and most sickening part was Soros saying NO in his response to the question......over the last few years CNN has done NOTHING but to Develop, help Obama get elected, stay popular, and now trying every day and in every show in getting him re-elected!!!  

BTW - Soros did later say he would definitly vote for Obama!!!


If Assad Falls

by fidelio5 on

Iran will try even harder to cozy up to Iraq.
The Iraqi's actually didnt like the aggressive posture the IRI took early on in their affirs.

But with Maliki under siege he may be more open to a conciliatory IRI.

With Obama having cut and run the US has no presence to counter this.



by Benyamin on

All he said amounted to nothing!