Activists Demand End to Executions

More than 400 sign statement also expressing concern about recent wave of arrests

بیانیه فعالان حقوق بشری ، مدنی و سیاسی: ما معتقدیم کسب جایگاه دوم جهانی در اجرای حکم اعدام لکه ننگی بر پیشانی کشور است و مسئولیت آن با حکومت است. حکومت بر اساس اهداف سیاسی و ناتوانی در توقف سیر صعودی بزهکاری به طور اساسی از حربه اعدام استفاده می کند. ما با توجه به ناکارآمدی نظام مجازات کنونی در کنترل جرائم سنگین، ضرورت کنار گذاشتن مجازات های مغایر با کرامت انسانی، و پایان بخشیدن به بهره برداری سیاسی حکومت از حکم اعدام، خواهان حذف حکم اعدام از نظام مجازات کشور هستیم>>>


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Darius Kadivar

NOTE TO ADMIN: BBC's Embedded video characteristics

by Darius Kadivar on

Please note Souri and My comments in regard to the Video.

For a change It seems for once I can see the video where as it is not visible on your continent or at least for some states over there. 

I have also noticed that some BBC videos cannot be viewed on their own website depending on whether one is or is not in the UK or depending on which continent one lives in. 

I suppose this is specific to BBC's copyright protection requirements ? Hence why the video cannot be viewed by everyone or at least on every continent ?  

As such I guess there must be a specific plugin which should allow embedding the video so that it can be viewed by everyone. 

Thanks in advance for your hard work in trying to overcome this technical problem.


Paris, FRANCE 




Darius Kadivar

Souri Jan this time I can see the BBC Video for a change

by Darius Kadivar on

This means that there is indeed a technical problem with BBC's embedded videos.

I guess based on the plugins used to embedd them they can be seen either in the US or Europe but not both at the same time.



I can't open this video

by Souri on

Is it only me? Or there's a technical problem with that?


We must embrace right efforts.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

The end of execution is the most positive step towards human rights in any country with any types of governments.



سرنگونی همۀ ایرانی کُشان


تنها و تنها راه رهایی از شر نظام پربرکت مسلمین "اصلاح طلب" و غیرۀ  ایرانی کُش و ایران ویرانکُن؛ تلاش بی امان برای سرنگونی همۀ وحوش است و لاغیر.