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Title should be the Organized Removal & Betrayal of Shah

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

The shah and others being murdered by unnatural cancer is unreported as if this truth doesn't affect the conclusion!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on



in 2012 peoples of khuzestan( where 80% of Iran's wealth comes from)  lives in KAPAR

drinks water from the JOOGH.

few homeless were found in shiraz living in GHABAR

some selling their body for sex inside shrines for $

And Tehran has its own ..............

yes the fallof shah

At least he was wishing for all Iranian to stand hi &proud

And this dowlat don't give a s.... for all if they even have to help them kill themselves.

*kapar =mud house

joogh= water ways

ghabar=final resting house of all

the title should be: fall of a nation

and show those clips for all to see. 





by jmyt17 on

I wanna go to English school to learn what  my country man talking about.!!!!

What is a point. Showing to each other we are real good to write in english. Mammamiya

No body talk about a point,

Why we are here? and why we are talk to each other????





سردته؟ بیا تو گرمشی


قاسم تو که شعر هم از عشقی‌ کپی میکنی‌ پسر جون یه چیزی از خودت اوریژینال نداری بگی‌. تکلیف ما رو هم روشن کن. از یه طرف میگی‌ چرا حلبی آباد داشتیم - خوب قیمت حلبی ارزون‌تر بود رنگش هم قشنگتر - بعد میگی‌ چون شهرداری می‌خواست حلبی آباد رو خراب کنه و ساکنینشو یه جای اساسی‌ اسکان بده انقلاب شد!!! قاسم بیخود نیست تو قاسم شدی همه چیزو پس وارون میبینی‌. تو احتیاج داری بری تاریخ سال ۱۳۵۷ رو بخونی‌، ولی‌ من خودم تاریخ متحرک سال ۵۷ هستم. در ضمن اون کتاب گرمشی رو هم بر گردون به کتاب‌خونه. اون کتاب درباره اینه که چطوری آدم خودشو گرم کنه ربطی‌ به "آنتونیو گرامشی" نداره - تو اول یاد بگیر چطوری فارسی‌ بنویسی‌ بعد از املای بزرگترا عیب بگیر. در ضمن  پسر مگه مجبوری انگلیسی‌ بنویسی‌ (disfunctional!!!) همون فارسی‌ بنویس  انگلیسی‌ پیشکشت.


Enghelab Iran Tojih nadarad !

by Shemirani on

We (as a Nation) have to admit the mistake to rebuilt a better and stronger place.

Did Germans said we voted for Hitler because the former chancelier or because of the econimical crise....No matter what they Just admitted THEY WERE WRONG BY FOLLOWING HITLER ! and they learned their lessons  !

Why is it so hard for iranians to admit their historical error ? why trying to hide behind Shah's death body,blaming him for their own choice ? doesn't make sens !

Revolution happenned because many Agha doctor Agha mohandes very well educated (....) very "roshanfekr" were in fact anti- progressiste (they didn't want iran to become like Europe or America for them the modernisation was an insult to their identity habits and costumes -first error) it's nothing to do with lack of education ! tamame emkanat education 100 behtar anchizi ke nasl maha dashte  barashoon faraham boode )

(the other day i was reading about "mozahemin"'s members for example one of them from very poor family finished university, it wasn't said how come a poor boy from a poor family had the opportunity to pay his scholarship ???, but this same guy was an antisystem (no prb with it) but Radicalised and he went to lebanon involved with "abu yussef" the  terrorist felestini ,he was trained there and and came back  projecting terrorist attacks in iran  !!!!!) this was just one example of them  !! i can't buy the lack of education excuse !)

Revolution happenned because Educated "Antello" "Roshanfekr" Lied to the population ! They lied about the former learder !! they emphatized any little issue,they even kill to blame the king for the crime !!! (helped by bbc and all foreign medias )

They promised the population a Paradise (with oil's money), a land without corruption and censure and immorality....they make people believed that every people in the king's systeme was a thief a member of savak (or a killer), they were immoral (drinks & sex)....they promised some kind of Purity ! and this same people looking for purity the day after revolution az divar mardom miraftan bala baraye dozdi o gharat va badha mosadere o ghatl !!! )

 Ordinary people followed this BIG LIARS ! people trusted this PHD's owners and Ulamas and didn't trust the king  !


ps: many of this followers  are still activists  giving us lessons of democracy without any excuses for the damages they caused,no remorse, blaming the Shah is much more easier !! for them admitting the error means leaving there honorable seat of roshangara !!!!!




HDI, Regime Change, and some reflections

by Joubin on



What annoyed here was seeing the "Gulf" states actually being higher than "Islamic Republic" of Iran.  Somewhat pathetic, don't you agree?


Note the key missing ("n/a") measures.  Also note the trend lines start at 1980.  I also found it quite interesting that the index does not take variables such as torture, executions, and discrepancies between stated governmental structure and laws and the operative governmental regime, into consideration. 

That's UN, for you.  This world is rotten to the core, mostly.

Regime Change: 

The master speaks, listen, and plan your investments appropriately:

// -fly-and-gary-schmitt/the-case-for-regime-change-in-iranpageshow 

Reading the comments on another IC thread it became apparent that the hunger for money and wealth (regardless of the human cost and moral and ethical considerations) remains a characteristic of a subset of the Iranians.  

How many here travel to "Islamic Republic" of Iran with their IRI issued passports?  You do recognize that using that passport legitimizes the regime right?  (No need to raise your hands.  I'm sure it is a very high number.)

How many here own property in Iran with deeds issued by the "Islamic Republic" of Iran?

Sorry to interrupt the high drama here.  


Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.


G.Rahmanian aziz, What Khebi and co..

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 have recently been told to tell us is what most of us have  have been observing through the smoke screen of "threats of military attack" and "asssination of scientists". That is the process of  "pakistanization" of our country which started back in 2009 is now in full swing. Therefore any independent act of defiance by Iranian people, be it as militant as mass strike of petrochemical workers or trade unionists leaders attempting to form independent workers unions  or as benign an act as an actress baring her chest  could hamper the pakistanisation plan and as such should be attacked.... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

G. Rahmanian

Mash Ghasem!

by G. Rahmanian on

You see, what I told you?

G. Rahmanian

Dear Roozbeh,

by G. Rahmanian on

Kheb is not the first one. I read something yesterday by someone I'd rather not name who was talking about after the regime goes down. I couldn't believe my eyes? You may have seen it.

Mohammad Ala

Your passion for Iran.

by Mohammad Ala on

Mash Ghasem, welcome back.  Thanks for your passion for Iran.

G. Rahmanian

Infantile Tit For Tat!

by G. Rahmanian on

I tell you this and I'll end it here.

You read too much into what people are saying. You pay little attention to what they mean.

To me regime change means overthrowing the regime and establishing a democracy by Iranians.

If, for any reason  that bothers you, so be it. I can't change your mind or "debating" habits.

You champion the Kurdish armed struggle, but are against "chaos" which no one has proposed.

You seem to believe whoever says anything about overthrowing the regime must belong to a particular group. That is a totally wrong assumption!

You constantly get into this tug-of-war type arguments with only one simple message/mantra: Everyone is wrong, but you!

Your redundancy in using irrelevant ideas gets so boring it's hard to follow what you are trying to say.

So good luck with whatever it is you are doing.


People, People, stop fighting. Listen to the wise Khebbedin

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

and learn from him all about  "lateral thinking"

you tell'm khebi joon, the brightest of them all, how to " think laterally", Five times a day :) 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mash Ghasem

You have been a constant proponent of "Regime Change,"

by Mash Ghasem on

When I simply challenge your childish dream of  the
same "Regime Change," in Iran, and remind you that West has no intention
of a "Regime change," in Iran , you have not a single word to say
because you already know the answer.

Masjid and
Bazar were the twin wings of mullahs in 1979 that enabled the clergy to
dominate back then. None of these institutions will play any such role
close to what they played back then. Hence the significance and
importance of Iranian civil society and its protest social movements.

fact that you equate Iranian women, students and workers movement to
MEK shows exactly were you come from. In your vocabulary and culture of
"regime change" from above any independent, autonomous social movements
is simply beyond you ken. You just can not fathom such an entity. So
here is an advance minor lesson from me before they (not me) teach all
of you a big lesson.

These are independent,
autonomous (also refereed to as autochthonous, but that vocabulary is above
your level) social movements.

Meaning they don't take orders from any body and
are only accountable to their own constituency, not mullahs, not
monarchs or anyone else.

These independent,
autonomous social movements of Iran, women, students, labour and
national-minority movements will be teaching you and everyone else a lesson
on independence, autonomy and reliance on your own resources.

As opposed to relying on foreigners like your little shah!

understanding of Karl's writings and the capitalist mode of production
remains that of amateur 19 year old student that you mention. Karl above
all always pointed out to class struggle and it determining role.

Last but not least, why would my pointing out and emphasis on Iranian civil society be "self aggrandizement," as you put it?

Did I invent Iranian civil society? No.

Do I have a monopoly or a 'patent' on it? No.

Am I the only one with such an emphasis? No.

merely point out how such  independent, autonomous, autochthonous,
movements are going to teach a big lesson to all authoritarian political
currents in Iran, Hezbollah,monarchists or any other ideology based
authoritarian movement.

Exactly what part of this you don't understand?

G. Rahmanian

Oh! By The Way!

by G. Rahmanian on

By the time Karl Marx was writing his books, capitalism was about a hundred years old.

G. Rahmanian

Giving Up Quickly?

by G. Rahmanian on

You wrote:

"This time around, the workers', students, womens and national-minorities movements from below  are going to teach all of you a big lesson."

And although your self aggrandizement disallows you to write anything without a cliche of some sort, I hope:

A few generation later the same entities, will not say, "We were taken in by a bunch of different mullahs!"

The rest of what you have written is a mixture of sophistry, propaganda, cliche and unrelated to what I have written!

But one thing you wrote was also said to me by a 19-year-old college student in 1989/1980.

He tried to give me or sell an MEK newspaper to me, and when I refused to take the paper he said:

"We'll teach you a big lesson when we are in power'"

Reading your quote above, I can only tell you, the mentality is the same. But he was only 19!!!

And I only refused because I had no interest in politics.

Anonymous Bugger

اون يارو جان, سينس يو عسکد

Anonymous Bugger



اينم چکيده ای از لاو لتر من به  ابو امٌه

من بباشم بچه ملا ,نام من سيد کذا
جد من درس خوارج خوانده در کرب و بلا
من به صد جد تخمم از قادص بود
دشمن کورش و دارا و اهورا پرس بود
من برايم فرق نيست مابين ايران و عراق
من بخوانم هر دو را امت ز واحد زير طاق
من اگر راهی شود ,اين نام را کرده دمر
برگزينم از برش نامی ز جدم ول عمر

يا که شايد من بباشم امتی
نام من باشد يدالله يا غلام يا نعمتی
من ندانم اشکارا جد و آوادم کيه
آن زبان پيشينه و فرهنگ و دودمانم چيه
من فقط دانم که يادم داده اند از بچگی
گل بريزم بر سرم ,سينه زنم لبيک گويم جملگی
من امام غيب را کردم خودش پيغمبری
من بجايه ايزدان پرستش کنم حور و ضريح
چون نخواندم و ندانم بهر ايرانش ز جم
من چو بوزينه بخندم بهر پارسی گويش ال عجم
يا که شايد من بباشم يک چريک قربان علين
امتی  سيبيلوويچ ,کيسه کش حاجی و لنين
من ادايه اينتلکت آرم که نام دوستم باشد فيدل
خاءنم من که دهم ان ميهنم به روسيه با جون و دل
من برايم ياد فرهنگ کيانی همچو يک مشکل بود
چون گ ه ی نيستم خودم ,ايرانييت پشکل بود

برو بلاگ خودم و همه داستان امتيون  کيان ستيز دستت يياد اينجا




Mash Ghasem

"Educating" your bunch is beyond hope. You educate yourself.

by Mash Ghasem on

And based on the language and discourse not much education has been done.

The term and concept of "regime change" remains distortive and inadequet. Plus the fact that none of you advocates of "regime change" can admit what it has done in Iraq and Afghanistan. After all these years, you still can not understand that West has no intention of removing IR, and hence no "regime change" in Iran. It just needs to modify IR 'bahaviour.' What shall occure in Iran is a revolution, either a political revolution, or a social revolution, based on the balance of social forces and the strength of the working class. In either case IR very much like shah has blocked all other options.

Due to the dysfuctional (thanks to O.Y.) single party monarchy an impossible situation was imposed upon Iranian nation. To overthrow a monarchy and replace it with a democracy without any adequet social resources for establishment of a democracy and rule of law. As a matter of fact all was set for a failure. Of course monarchist are blind to this historical trap, because you created it.

Nothing has been decided, and nothing is ever finally 'decided," it all depends on the balance of  forces. The only reason IR is still in power is the power of bayonets, financed by Oil money, but we all know; you could rule by bayonet, but not live on bayonet. Take away security forces from the streets and IR is gone in less than half a day.

IR's implosion is at hand because it had been unable to eradicate or dislodge social protest movements of Iran. IR's policies are not decided in abstraction but in conceret ways it sees it continuation threatened by these very protest social movements.

When Karl was writing about globalization only a small portion of world (only in Western Europe) was properly capitalist. Today's world is a very different picture not only in terms of works force but modes of communication and production.

Just read some of the memoirs of Oil workers and you'll see the depth of workers discontent and organizing effort in that section.

In your world basically workers are just a bunch of passive subject, with zero influence on IR's policy, zero desire for improving their daily livelihood, and probably the Bus Drivers Strike in Tehran also never happened. After all they're all just a bunch of workers,what do they know about living a decent life. Right? Wrong.

You're still stuck in the world of "regime change," and "alliance" building from the the top.

This time around, the workers', students, womens and national-minorities movements from below  are going to teach all of you a big lesson.


The Best Is Yet To Come




G. Rahmanian

I'm Happy I Missed That Particular Train!

by G. Rahmanian on

I'm Happy I Missed That Particular Train! And are you telling me, no one, among all the entities you have mentioned, was there for regime change in the past 33 years? Or if you're not pleased with the phrase, "regime change," let's call it overthrowing the regime.

Although I see what you have written about the civil society as a worn-out cliche, I'd like to know why it is with all the civil forces that you have mentioned, the regime is still in power?

Unfortunately, when I read stuff like that, it only impresses me how successful IR's propaganda apparatus has been in brainwashing some in diaspora in believing nobody outside Irani's borders counts. As if those residing outside Iran all left the mullahs' hellhole voluntarily.

We have entities who spend their time and effort on telling everyone else what's right and what's wrong only to realize that what they imply means it is either their way or the highway! Isn't that what got us here?

If everything has been decided in Iran already, then what are you doing wasting your time "educating" Iranians in diaspora? Isn't it contradictory to tell others not to express their opinions when you think you have the right to express yours? Isn't that exactly what the regime and the reformists say? The same entities who have forced millions of Iranians into exile?

Is it only accidental that you repeat the same ideas that have been produced and propagated by the regime's propaganda machine for the past thirty-three years? I, sometimes, wonder!

Regime's implosion is at hand not because of what you are imagining sitting in one corner of the globe. It will happen because of the policies of the regime.

BTW, globalization did not start a few decades ago. Satellites and Internet only intensified it in a similar way railroad and aviation did.

Globalization has adopted different characteristics in different stages of man's historical development thanks to the technological progress.

In 1840s Karl Marx has also written about globalization the way it was then.

Again, although I have said this before, NIOC workers did NOT go on strike thanks to the organized labor unions, but because Islamist terrorists assassinated two people working for the company. One Iranian and one American only to prove the meant business. The rest is history!


An unwise nation, in capable

by Khebedin on

An unwise nation, in capable of lateral thinking and planning. We do deserve what we have. We are now 100 years behind what we could have been, had we been wise to do the correction correctly. Let us not make this mistake twice. Let us not be cheated by the West, let us not fall into the same trap as Libyans and the Iraqis. Let us do the correction our country needs with wisdom and lateral thinking and without rush. Creating a situation which results Chaos is harmful and very dangerous and will put us behind for another 100 years. Think before you take any action. The current system should only be changed gradually and with extreme care, it is as sensitive as a brain surgery. Do all you can to avoid chaos and loosing the control to your enemies.  I for myself will support the very educated groups who are well familiar with the Iranian culture and have Iran’s interest in  mind with clear economical plans. And I would even give a chance to Last king’s son to test his luck. Let everyone come to the table and see what they have to offer, then I will make my choice.


OY: There are many commies

by vildemose on

OY: There are many commies in my own family (cousins. some MG might even know very well)...All of them extremely well-read, some have been in shah's and IRI's prison but they are full of anger and hatred....They have been hardened and too jaded by life and easily can lose their marbles....

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Oon Yaroo

I 2nd vildemose! I'd rather be a Monarchist's dog than a

by Oon Yaroo on

communist politburo member!

Not that commies are bad folks. It's just that their system doesn't work. 

Look at Albania, North Korea, Cuba, Romania, and their Союз Советских Социалистических Республик (English translation = cream of crap for crippled people) in other words USSR!?


Not that I'm monarchist but

by vildemose on

Not that I'm monarchist but I take Monarchists over commies any day.

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Mash Ghasem

You know how you monarchist remind me of Hezbollah?

by Mash Ghasem on

Hezbollah put all their faith in an opium-smoking two bit mullah, who has elevated himself to level of Imam.

You monarchists put all your faith in a whore-mongering lacky of foreigners, who had elevated himself to the King of Kings.

Also both of you monarchists and hezbollah hate Iranian people, and the feeling is exact the same from the other side.

And you both have stolen millions and millions from Iran,...

Oon Yaroo

Mash Ghasem Jan, Selam, Chetori Agha!

by Oon Yaroo on

Don't mean to be a mola loghati but it's dysfunctional not disfunctional!

The only reason I know it is because I have started taking the dysfunctional erection pills my doc has prescribed for me. Otherwise, I am just an idiot with it comes to reading and writing!


God bless!

Mash Ghasem

Shah's disfunctional single-party Moanrchy imposed revolution on

by Mash Ghasem on


That is the central fact that closet and open monarchists can not comprehend yet, and probably never will.

Iranian social movements; women, students, workers, national-minorities,... the same forces that brought shah to his knees, will do the same, are doing the same to IR.

For all those still living in times of "coalition" biluding and "united front" making; your train left the station 32 years ago.

Iranian civil society, through its social movements is the future maker of Iran. Not some debased, paper organizations stuck in "deal-making" and "coalition building."

Oon Yaroo

Anon Bugger Jan, What's the relation between Sibilovich Ommatis&

by Oon Yaroo on

the Ghombollahs?

Any insight would be appreciated?


 We have people who

by vildemose on

 We have people who seem to celebrate their own exile as a good omen. Such perception reminds me of Khomeini's attitude to war, calling it a "blessing."

You have summed it up eloquently. It is also understanble and we shouldn't exect that those who've  spent any prison time in Evin during the Shah era will never be able to be objective and no amount of logic, evidence will change their mind.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Mash Ghasem


by Mash Ghasem on

بی سواد در زبان فارسی میگن و مینویسند " گرامشی". مگه مجبورت کردن اسمهایی که در عمرت نشنیدی و نمیدونی استفاده کنی.
تو در کل عمرت تا به حال اصلا چند بار   نام "گرامشی" را شنیدی؟ دو تا خط ازش مطلب خوندی؟ چه قدر تظاهرات ابلهانه؟     
به قول شاعر :" چقدر حمارت؟ ای مجسمه بلاهت".

G. Rahmanian

Dear Vildemos:

by G. Rahmanian on

We have people who seem to celebrate their own exile as a good omen. Such perception reminds me of Khomeini's attitude to war, calling it a "blessing."

They don't see the costs of the revolution. They have not analyzed the balance sheet where it deals with the cost-benefit portions with regards to Iran and tens of millions of Iranians. They only see the benefits in terms of some artificial gains which, in fact, have benefited the regime most in its publicity stunts.

The phrase "hijacked revolution," as I have mentioned in my comments earlier on this site is a self-defeating explanation for what really happened after '79. It has become a euphemism for the failure of the opposition to see what was about to happen to our country.

When used by entities in the the so-called "reformist" camp, it implies their hankering for a return to Khomeini's "Golden Era!"

Then, as it should be obvious for most Iranians by now, partisan interests, ideological preferences and personal political gains had become more consequential than what would happen to Iran.

Currently, the prevalence of similar consciousness among different groups is hindering the creation of a coalition of all opposition forces.

Constructive criticism has been replaced by castigation of anything and everything that partisan interests, ideological preferences and personal political gains do not dictate.

The so-called, "informed politics" has proven to be a pet phrase and a discourse tool for the concealment of such propensities.

Mash Ghasem

Anagli the only thing preventing you is your sheer ignorance of

by Mash Ghasem on

Iranian history.

So you claim before 1979 everyone had social welfare, then what the heck were all those slums around Tehran and every major city and sub-city. If you were not so ignorant of Iranian history you might have recalled that the whole process of Revolution started by the slum dewellers of Tehran confronting City Hall of Tehran when it sent bulldozers to destroy their slums.

This was all the way before Cinema Rex, Poetry Night, Carter's Human Rights, 17th Shahrivar,..

Did those Halabi Abad residents also recieve their social welfare cards. 

Tell me one book you've read on the history of 1979?

Do you know how to translate Halabi Abad to English?