Film shows Bidganeh explosion aftermath

Gruesome scene at arsenal

Wikipedia: Bidganeh arsenal explosion was a large explosion that occurred about 13:30 local time, 12 November 2011 in Iran's Moddares garrison missile base (also referred to as Shahid Modarres missile base). 17 members of the Revolutionary Guards were killed in this incident, including Major General Hassan Moqaddam, described as "a key figure in Iran's missile programme". The Iranian Revolutionary Guard garrison is located in a village near Shahriar city (Tehran Province) about 30 miles to the east of Iran's capital of Tehran. Residents of Karaj heard the sound of the explosion and breaking glass buildings that were near the scene. Initial reports indicated that the explosion happened at a CNG station, but this was later denied >>>


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Also read the Youtube

by alx1711 on

Also read the Youtube comments > this an explosion in Iran- Yazd steel factory (foolad - e - Aliaji )


Definitely not an accident!

by alx1711 on

Definitely not an accident! and why do they let some one to capture this video?

Multiple Personality Disorder

To: BBNaftee

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Please read my comment regarding your concern.  My comment is posted 15 comments bellow yours, posted on .

Multiple Personality Disorder


by Multiple Personality Disorder on

double post,,,


Okay fine, looks like an error. Since it looks like a 2008 post

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

OMG no one here has ever made an error, hmmmm?  Why the unnecessary insults though, is that really necessary? Nice language would make the point more effectively, whats disturbing is the Unnecessary Insults.  Personally I am not against insults entirely if they are necessary to wake a person up to a dangerous blind spot.  However, by saying poor taste You mislead ME into thinking you are objecting to scenes which are clearly labelled, not the inaccuracy of video title.  If news regarding the real place that blew up is ever found, I'd like to see it. Lets agree to Never sensor us on that, sure clearly warn us if its highly sick, but please keep freedom of information and let us choose.


This is REALY Poor Taste!

by BBNaftee on

What kind of a Moron would post something like this? Ghormeh Sabzi or whatever you name is, you need to see a head Doctor. You got some deep rooted psychological issues.


J J this is from Arak city, they are workers

by Siavash300 on

it happened 3 years ago. They are NOT revolutionary guard. you may google this link

فاجعه وحشتناک انفجار بازنه اراک


Dear Amir Parviz

by divaneh on

I do not dispute that it is very difficult to verify the videos and that has not been my point. I however think that once the truth is known, the correction of the videos title and text seems necessary.


Divaneh you may have a point

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

But If you look at the comments below one of the objections was it being gruesome.  That one doesn't hold up well since the title is there.  Again to be fair to the source, he makes it clear he thinks it is the bomb factory, can you prove otherwise?  I think with all these videos we ALL need to know that they can not be verified and need to use discretion.  I know that the actual main stream media outlets like bbc, 60 mins etc used fabricated data to make cases against the shah despite amnesty international going into prisons and disproving many of the claims and making video's to prove the opposite was true.


Devoid of logic

by divaneh on

I think some comments here are completely devoid of logic. The objection is not because we think everything is ok in Iran. The objection is to

1. The false claims of this video.

2. The need to keep posting industrial accidents.

The fact that this video is not corrected even after Pedramx information about its source represent nothing but a self righteous attitude.

Unlike what has been claimed by some, these industrial accidents have no relation to savageries of the regime or the war. These happen even in the West. If you wish to raise awareness about the lack of workplace safety in Iran or inadequate protection of the families of the victims of the accidents, then that is a different case. Otherwise picking this video or another of a building worker who has suffered a tragic death serves no purpose. Believe it or not, watching the news is enough to get a good dosage of these stuff.

And, the most stupid thing in this video is the speech by Khomeini that could have been meaningful if superimposed on a video about homelessness or poverty, but not an industrial accident.



In the editors defense.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

He clearly states it as "Gruesome scene at arsenal" so we are warned it is gruesome and are adults.  The freer the expression, sadly the better.  No one, is really forcing anyone to watch the video, so we can sensor ourselves based on what we can take. 

I don't know how one can verify the film, most of which I did not watch, but it shows an important scene if it is ordinary workers at a steel factory.  In that case it just needs to be titled correctly, but reminds us of the tragedy Iranians face.  Look, It is up to all of us to do anything we can to never forget or allow this ^$##$ to ever take place again in the future and to find a way to put an end to the tyranny our loved ones face.  No one is going to do it for us.  Many so-called friends who gave us this by successfully manipulating, deceiving and coercing our nation will likely oppose us, the way they opposed our good, beautiful and true culture in 1979.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

یعنی‌ می فرمایید که خود سانسوری کنیم ؟ آیا نباید جنازه کارگر را نشان داد تا از ما بهتران که در ممالکِ دگر نشسته اند و از هیچ خبر ندارند،از جریانات آگاه گردیده و فکری به حالِ سرنوشتِ مملکتْ کنند ؟

این حرفِ شما بسیار نگران کننده است،سانسور در هیچ قِسم از اخبارِ روزانه (به خصوص دنیا یِ امروزه که در هر یک دقیقه بینِ ۳ء۷ خبرِ دستِ اول ایجاد میشود ) معنی ندارد،زحمتِ خبرنگار،روزنامه نگار باطل شده و مردمِ خَر گرفته شده و کلاهِ دیگر تا به کمر به پائین رفته که چه ؟ که طرف کارگر است،که طرف زن است، چاقو نشان ندهید،قَمه خوبیت ندارد،این را قایم کنید،آن را قیچی کنید،از این حرف نزنید،از آن هیچ نگویید و ...بس است دیگر آخر،تا کی این لا پوشانی‌ها ؟ به یزدان قسم که این منطق زیرِ لحاف و کرسی است...

اینها همه بهانه است،یا با آزادیِ مطبوعات موافقیم و یا خیر ! اینجا نمی‌شود قیمت بر چیزی گذاشت و حّد و اندازه مشخص کرد،سالیانِ سال است که دروغ به خوردمان میدهند و دروغ نشانِمان ! ماشا الله این همه مفسّرِ سیاسی در این تارنَما هست و دریغ از یک دیدِ سیاسی واضح نسبت به مسائلِ روزِ دنیا ! ادعا ؛ادعا و در آخر دلم خوش است که کبوترِ حَرَمَمْ !

عزّت زیاد.


Remember the1980 failed hostage rescue mission when Khalkhali

by fanoos on

was holding his nose with his robe from the smell of the dead US Marines in Tabbas....?

The charcoal bodies of these poor people remind me of that scene...!



عکس جنگ نیست

Hooshang Tarreh-Gol

اینها عکس جنگ نیستند
کشته شدگان در این ویدئو  کارگران فلز کار در سانحه صنعتی میباشند.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

این مجموعه تصاویر حتی یک درصد از قربانیانِ واقعی‌ یک جنگ را نشان نمیدهد.بد نیست حضراتِ شاکی‌، اندکی‌ در صفحاتِ گوگل جستجو کنند و قربانیان  جنگ را ببینند،تازه که از نزدیک جنازه بی‌ سر دیدن و بدنِ آش و لاش شده..چیزِ دیگریست...وگرنه ما هم دوست داریم ۱۰ ساعت ۱۰ ساعت شبها بخوابیم،از خود بیخود شده و دم از شناختِ زندگی‌ زنیم  ...به خود آئید و نهیب به وجدان.

از عالیجنابان،مسولینِ محترمِ این تار نما،کمالِ تشکر را داریم .



Indeed, reality bites JJ

by omeedvar on

I am sorry that this gruesome video disturbs some Iranian diaspora who probably have not lived in Iran after the revolution, to witness worse, and get used to it. Those of us who lived there are used to daily dose of gruesome TV pictures of those who were executed, pieces of bodies or burned bodies of thousands of small iranian children who were sent to war for eight years, to go over and dismantle Saddam's mines, before the troups attack, to see burned bodies of those attacked by bombs or missles at their home, or to witness live scenarios where people were being hanged by cranes in various streets, while our small children were sitting next to the driver, on their way to school in the morning, etc.etc.


JJ, Please either remove or correct this blog

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

These are the pictures of dead Iranian steel workers and not the revolutionary guards. These workers   became the victims of an out of control "free enterprise" system, which  puts profit well ahead of the life and welfare of those generating the wealth in the society. This is Capitalism "naab" and pure  for you sir....

Shame on us for putting up with this campaign of lies and deception against our motherland and it's people...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by pedramx on

posting a gruesome video of an accident in steel factory in Yazd and calling it an explosion in missile arsenal in Tehran is not a reality my friend. so since you are the editor I suggest you to "Open Your eyes" and  and pay more attention on the content of the material that you approve to be post on the first page of this site. there are better ways to promote your site than posting fake gruesome videos of dead people.


The reality that really bites is this

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

That the West Loves Islam in Government for Iran and has no Agenda/Zero Agenda for replacing Mullahs for a secular group by helping any secuar democratic or secular cultural elements. When they attack Iran It will not be to help Iran establish a democracy or have human rights.  Iran is being treated by the EU and USA and Russia just like they treated Africa and the rest of the 3rd world.  Are Iranian people aware of who manipulated Iranians, to get here, how they did it and why they did it?  And that now iran is in a weak state all of the powers russia/china/us/eu are playing football with iranians.

Khomeini's voice is just the tip of the Ice berg, the majority of the problem Iran faces is like the metaphor of the ice berg invisible and beneathe the surface,it is Not just the IRI which is visible to all, but the forces that Love Islam in power for Iran and are following this path for all North Africa and the Middle East. Neo-Colonialist manipulation will never work, it will blow up in the face of the west, exactly because the Radical/extremists they use in Qom will never be containable. 


Powerful Message by putting voice of the Liar Khomeini on top

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Yet I could not watch it for long, too sicko.

By the way how sure are you this is the missile base N/E of Tehran, roofs and buildings seemed in tact in this video and I saw an aerial picture shown in the media that showed several buildings had no roof and were completely knocked down.

This is the a tiny part of the horror that has become Iran since the people were manipulated by the west to betray the late shah and march for khomeini.  If I have hatred for the west it is because I can not honestly forgive how they manipulated Iranians to move from peace, progress and human rights to war, regression, suppression and brutal dictatorship.

Khoda Biamorzesh. Ke hanooze bazia az nafahmi fargeh yek padeshaheh vafadar va yet dictatoro nemidoonan.   Bazi az Intellectualamoon hastan ke az hameh rahatar misheh beheshoon doorog goft az bast bichareha zayif va gooch/mish hastan .

Jahanshah Javid

Reality bites. Open your eyes

by Jahanshah Javid on

Iran is facing a very real possibility of a devastating war. Iran is ruled by a militarized theocracy. The revolutionary guards are building and testing ever-more powerful weapons. This tragedy is just another eye-opener that we are living in dangerous times. Wake up and forget that Iran is all gol o bolbol.

Multiple Personality Disorder

The power of the "Editor" needs to be understood,,,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

This website has an "Editor".  In case some people out there don't know who he is; his name is Jahnshah Javid.  The Editor is the responsible person for what ultimately gets posted on this website, what not, and how and when they get posted.

There are several people who send videos to the Editor on a regular bases; Tapesh, mehrdadm, and Gormeh Sabzi, to name three.  I am sure these people have different tastes, and different degree of tolerance for what they can watch in a video, and what they can not.  Some of these videos, I would venture to bet, they have not been watched by the ones recommending them, but merely forwarded to the Editor because the videos relate to an important event, such as the murder of Nedā Āghā-Soltān.  A person who sends these videos to the Editor has no power of his/her own to post these videos up there on the front page.

To blame the messenger for providing a volunteer service to the community is just the wrong way of looking at things.  The issue of what gets posted on this website; such as videos containing gruesome scenes, or blogs advocating targeted assassination of regime's key figures, should be directly addressed to the Editor. 

maziar 58

how sad

by maziar 58 on

ootu boos az mini boos bozorg tar ast.  az kalamate ghessar!!

aab o bargh ra majjani mikonim.



Thanks Pedramx

by divaneh on

It now makes sense. I was surprised that how someone had managed to video the aftermath of the Bidganeh explosion. Even if we assume such lax security to allow the filming of the site, publication of it on the internet could put the person in a very difficult situation. I agree with you that there should be less gruesome videos on display here. Anyone interested in such videos can find them online. Poor workers. Lets hope the safety improves in Iran.



by pedramx on

wow chetor deletoon omad in video ro post konid...  how in the world someone can post such a gruesome video... this is a new low... this video is not what it claims to be... this is the video of the steel factory in Yazd... vaghan motasefam jenabeh Ghormeh sabzi, har chi be dastet mireseh post mikoni ke chi besheh... get a life man!

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

It should read "30 miles to the WEST of Iran's capital......



by yolanda on

Very gruesome! Is this sabotage or accident?