Khamenei: Iran will not yield to sanctions

"Sanctions will not change our nation's determination"

Reuters - Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Monday that Iran would not yield to the pressure of sanctions imposed by the West to get the Islamic Republic to change its nuclear course. "The Iranian nation believes in their rulers ... Sanctions imposed on Iran by our enemies will not have any impact on our nation," he said in a speech broadcast by state television. "Sanctions will not change our nation's determination >>>



The Gradual Sanctions Policy is a Bluff, A War Is also a Bluff.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Right now the Goal is the Weakening the people of Iran and the strenghtening of the Islamic Regime.  To say this openly would be very unpopular and even unpatriotic so the dance of deceit and manipulation is essential.  Not only are Sanctions a Bluff Policy, a war started by either side is a bluff too.  There are no real sanctions on Oil, because they all come with a Waiver, this means oil prices will rise due to gradual approach of application of sanctions and also giving regime the space to make empty threats on an, impossible to back up plan to shut down Hormuz.  The markets have to factor in the new threats and restrictions to EU, so oil goes up to $120-$140.  So Regime will be even more secure and Iran will be able to sell it all sadly to coutries with waivers like Japan/China/India and on a gradual and slow basis to new customers in 3rd world countries.  Meanwhile the other sanctions are increasing the costs for ordinary people while giving the IRI a Cash Shot in the Arm, therefore enriching all levels of the regime.  I got to hand it to his Majesty Reza Pahlavi, Sending Khameneii to the ICC and encouraging Iranians to form a Congress, shows real guts and versatility to be able to get Iranians to make important organizational moves and have the TOTAL COVER of the Wests Policies intended to Manipulate their own people and Iranians also.  It does not take a trained eye to see the lack of desire to implement democracy in their own countries or the lack of respect human rights for their own people with eternal detentions, Killing Americans in Secret on a whim LOL 

Taking advantage of the wests hypocrissy is really quite pro-active by His Majesties team and by the west not supporting these moves today and not taking the people of Iran seriously, later on it will become easier to gradually un-manipulate more of the people of Iran regarding the true aims of the USA/UK regarding Democracy and Human Rights for Iran. 

Darius Kadivar

I'm afraid West will Chicken Out thanks to Zakaria, Trita & Co

by Darius Kadivar on

I'm afraid the West will Chicken Out thanks to Zakaria, Trita and Co pushing for appeasement ...


They are already everywhere discouraging the current policy adopted by the US and Europe with their usual set of "experts" ...


VIDEO: Iran threatens to close the strait of Hormuz with Trita Parsi (France 24) 

VIDEO: Iran is weak and getting weaker by Fareed Zakaria

Will sanctions halt Iran's nuclear drive or hurt ordinary people? by Suzanne Maloney (bbc)

Dangerous mix: Iranian oil and U.S. sanctions by  Vali Nasr

Added to the stalemate on Syria ...


Bahram G

He is right

by Bahram G on

No way the sanctions are hurting him. This criminal ZAALOO is out of touch with reality. The people, other than the theive who support him, are hurting badly. And even the MSTAZEFINS are beginning to squack with the rocketing cost of living. Sure hope he gets his well-deserved punishment before his demise.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The miscalculation is to think people will support him. They will not because there is no reason. Why should an Iranian solider fight America facing death to protect Ali Gheda? 

First of all it is a hopeless fight given the lopsided military power. Second if by some chance they won they get Ali Gheda. Who in his right mind wants to keep this ass*** in power. I said before and say now: drop your gun; surrender or run.

To those in the west who want to "fight to ..."; go right ahead. Don't blame me when you are in Guantanamo. This will be a true Darwin award contest; purging Iran of the idiots. Please see: //

Maryam Hojjat

Ali Geda is really an Olagh

by Maryam Hojjat on

Hiyf e Olagh! 


مردتيكه الاق


What is this moron talking about????

Meat is 20,000 toman/kilo!!!! That's at least 5 times what I pay here! And I'm not even comparing per a revenue basis, because it would then make it x100!!!



by Fred on

The Head Islamist Rapist has decided to impose another war on Iran and Iranians.

Those, including the compensated lobbies and lefty individuals, describing the Islamist Rapists as “pragmatists” need to speak up NOW.