Yazid, Snake Poison & Sex

How far they will go to make-up history


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His claim has been validated by scientific evidence

by varjavand on

I was as skeptical as you are about the validity of the claim made by this mullah.

Ichecked the online resources, surprisingly he is right. The Islamic scientists have proven that given that Moaavieh, Allah’s curse be upon him!, was not a Muslim, he was urinating standing up when the biting incident happened. Thus, the only insect that could bite his penis must have been a flying scorpion, which is one of the extinct species as Islamic
genetic scientists confirm.


Further inquiries suggest that our genetic make-up is formed by, and our personality traits depend on, what type of insect bites our father’s penis before the conception. I guess for those of us who are smart, hyper-active but vertically disadvantaged, it
must have been a mosquito!


Yazid's genitalia was so swollen because of the scorpion bite

by jasonrobardas on

that "Dokhool" ="sex" was impossible through the conventional way, thus oral sex was intoduced in the advent of Islam ......According to Ahadith ol ..sahih .


زهر چي؟


،علامگان فاضل

نات دَت آي گيو اِ فاك اُر اني تينگ (به قول خودتون)، ولي عقرب با مار فرق داره 




I wonder ,,

by delldaar on

what bit Khamenei,s father befor this guy was conceived..!!

Maryam Hojjat

Khak Bar ser Hametoon &

by Maryam Hojjat on

I wish all akhoonds a real hell in this world soon in IRAN for departure.


Yazid Mother Looked Surprised!

by Faramarz on

Yazid mother looked at Moavieh's thing and said, "Did a scorpion just bite you, or you are just happy to see me?"