Iran's military slams nuclear cover-up claims

Denies UN allegations of hiding traces of nuclear program at Parchin site

Al Jazera: Iran's military has denied claims by the UN nuclear watchdog that it demolished buildings at a base in a suspected attempt to cover up nuclear testing, state media has reported. The report quoted Ahmad Vahidi, Iran's defence minister, as saying allegations that Iran tried to erase evidence at the Parchin military base were "irrelevant and unwise". Iranian officials have issued similar denials over the past few weeks but this is the first by the defence minister, under whose authority the base falls >>>


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Arash Kamangir

Not far from defeat

by Arash Kamangir on

with events in Syria and the pressure in the already failed nuclear negotiations, IRR is close to defeat and is about to drink the 2nd grail of poison! Cheers.!


these idiots

by shushtari on

have been lying since burning cinema rex in 1978!

nobody EVER believes what these fools claim is the truth.

their time in hell is coming, SOON , VERY SOON 


complete lack of credibility.

by mousa67 on

with their own citizens & iunternational community is the issue with the islamist regime. nobody believes them anymore, except for a few dumb f$##s on this site. 


وداع با اسلحه!



"Irrelevant and Unwise", but not untrue, the Regime's military guy said!

The Regime got caught with its hand in the cookie jar, cleaning, painting and eventually destroying the facilities.

The Regime has no intention of resolving the issues and compromise. It is just playing for time and is trying to divide the west.

Not going to happen. 


بزک نمیر بهار میاد، قمپز با خیار میاد



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Imran Khan of Al Jazera should report and not put a spin on what


1/2 a kilo IRR general meant to say.

Here are the facts:

When IAEA says jump, IRR should say how high?

When IAEA says open them up, IRR should say how wide?

When IAEA says move over and let some fresh air come in, IRR should say how far?

And, that is just the beginning. Israel and USA will apply the same tactic as they did on Sad'dam and do you know where he is? Sad'dam, I mean, he is 6 feet under!

IAEA is just part of the motion that we all have to go through.

The IRR timer had already started when it was put in power in 1979 and the expiration date is 2012!

May lord Moses protect Iranians in this tough times ahead of us!

Shlomo Israel


Thank You

by SofiaM on

For uploading this news...


Its important that we are always updated!