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Stop denying reality

by asadabad on

These shiite terrorists ruling Iran came to power with the help of the iranian people.  Unfortunately the child molestor khomeini fooled the iranian people with his false promises of "freedom".  It seems iranians forgot that lying is part of shiism.

Stop blaming the west for the downfall of the shah.  Why would the West want to overthrow a critical anti-soviet ally during the height of the Cold War?  Has the West benefited from this?  

Iranians must accept responsibility for this disaster and work together to overthrow, arrest, and eventually execute khamenei, ahmadinejad, etc.  


I'd like to add that it is funny how both Israel and the USA

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Have been betrayed by their own creation to undermine iranians.

These stupid criminals France/UK/USA/Israel brought to power and secured based on unlawful and criminal practices will bring about changes, no doubt.  Though lets not pay attention to that and focus on getting the current despicable leaders who are themselves undergoing a mental decline in their civilization out of the 2008 depression first.



Nothing special about those that defend the stupid & filthy IRI

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

at the expense of the Iranian People.  Who can forgive them after so much of a decline for Iran and for the numerous crimes they are and have committed against Iranians????  The incompetetant IRI couldn't even handle Iraq with out Israeli Help. 

That's what happens when you unlawfully kill iranian patriots with out a trial like khosrowdad and other top Iranian pilots & officers.

IRI can have its fun Betraying the culture of Iran and iranians, by putting up a filthy manufactured ideology based on backwardness and ignorance, though muslims will not forgive them either as they have done more damage to islam and the koran tha any ordinary filthy liar could do.