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Academy Award winner Marketa Irglova

Marketa Irglova, of The Swell Season, the film Once, and an Academy Award Winner, continues her musical journey with her solo debut, Anar. Here she is performing with her friend Aida Shahghasemi who's singing and playing a daf >>>


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Siamak Asadian


by Siamak Asadian on

Why this reminds me so much of Pari Zangeneh?

Nice perfromance. Iraji is right, sound quality could be improved a bit.

Happy March 8th to all.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

All it is missing is a Bottle of Red Wine !

Thanks for the clip.




by Abarmard on

Good voices, everything comes togehter nicely

iraj khan

دختر قوچانی

iraj khan


While watching and listening to the song:

The singer, Aida Shahghasemi  and the keyboard player, Marketa Irglova performed the song beautifully. 

Keyboard, Daf and singing worked out fine. 

I would have remixed the music because the sound of keyboard overwhelms the voice of the singer.

A Refreshing start on our way to celebrate the International Women's Day and the Iranian New Year right after.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

پُر اِحساس و بَرجسته،زیبا برای یک عصرِ شنبه.

با سپاس .