The Hidden World of Shadi Ghadirian

Photographer captures private worlds of Iranian women today

Photographer Shadi Ghadirian was born in 1974 in Tehran, where she lives and works today. Ghadirian studied photography at Azad University, where she encountered some of the earliest works in the history of Iranian photography. These archival images sparked her own work, a series of photographs that capture the private worlds of Iranian women today, caught between eras, between tradition and modernity. Produced by The Kitchen Sisters with Lacy Roberts and Patty Fung.

The Hidden World of Shadi Ghadirian from The Kitchen Sisters on Vimeo.


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Very Interesting....

by Nahzi on

Not only I enjoyed watching the pictures but I enjoyed, ever more, listening to Shadi (the photographer).

Thanks Mehrdadm for posting this.  Happy Nowruz to you....

Azadeh Azad

Unique concept

by Azadeh Azad on

Very interesting, this juxtaposition of Qajar style photo scenes with modern objects.