Nude Revolutionaries: Calendar

"Nudity is an important form of resistance and defiance"

On 8 March 2012, International Women’s Day, the Nude Photo Revolutionary calendar is being published in homage to Egyptian atheist, student and blogger Aliaa Magda Elmahdy who posted a nude photo of herself, which she described as ‘screams against a society of violence, racism, sexism, sexual harassment and hypocrisy’. At a time when free expression and women’s rights and bodies are under attack by Islamism and the religious-right, nudity is an important form of resistance and defiance. The women in the calendar stand firm in solidarity with Aliaa Magda Elmahdy and the countless women across the world who are denied basic rights, freedoms and dignity. >>>


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salman farsi


salman farsi


اگر دارای هيکلی زشت و صورتی نازيبا می بودی، آيا کسی حاضر می شد که فقط به اين علت که زنی روشنفکر و دانا هستی، تصويرت را بر جلد مجله ای چاپ کند؟ آيا در اين صورت کسی را می يافتی که از تو درخواست کند تا به بهانه خدمت نمودن به زنان، مهماندار هواپيما شوی؟ آيا کسی را می يافتی که جهت تبليغ هر کالايی تصوير چهره ات را بر پوسترها چاپ کند؟ آيا کسی پيدا می شد که از تو بهانه کمبود وسائل تعليم و تربيت دفاع کند؟ پس بدان که آنان فقط می خواهند از چهره زيبا و صدای لطيف تو بهره مند شده و لذت ببرند. پس هرگاه اين خصال را در تو نيافتند، همانند کالائی کهنه و قديمی که مدت صلاحيت آن به پايان رسيده است تو را رها می کنند و فراموش خواهی شد.

و به کسی که کور کورانه مقلد ديگران بوده و بدون هيچ بصيرت و هدايتی گام بر می دارد اين سخن رسول خد (صلی الله علیه وسلم) را گوشزد مي کنيم که فرمودند:

«لا يكون أحدكم أمعة يقول: أنا مع الناس، إن أحسن الناس أحسنت وإنأساؤوا أسأت ولكن وطنوا أنفسكم إن أحسن الناس أحسنوا وإذا أساؤوا تجتنبوا إساءتهم».

(معنی): «مبادا که يکی از شما دنباله رو مردم بوده و بگويد: من با مردم هستم اگر خوب شدند خوب می شوم و اگر بد شدند من هم بد می شوم. ولکن نفس خود را استقرار و اطمينان داده و اگر مردم خوب شدند شما نيز به احسان رفتار کنيد و اگر اسائت ورزيدند از اسائت آنان دوری جوئيد».

For an Islamic democracy


JR is right

by Fatollah on

some with short memory:





I'm really sorry for some women

by Kooshan on

One way or the other, women gets exploited by men:

Some in the name of freedom and equality;

Some in the name of dignity and sacredness!


I love the strong women who do not think they need to be saved by men behind their chador or be approved by some other men going nude! 


سال نو مبارک


فرخنده نوروز به همه دوستان با ممه و بی‌ ممه مبارک باد


Why not full frontal nudity with open legs and shaved pubic

by JavoonDeerooz on

hairs?  If you are truely against all restrictions put forth by IRI, you need to go for the full monty Ta mosht mohkami bar dahan rahbar bezanid. Shotor savari ke dolah dolah nemisheh.


Mr. Jasonrobardas...

by Disenchanted on

Please save us the moral sermon, name calling and backward and forward stickers! will ya? What showing tits has to do with gender equality?! This act is as revolutionary as someone defecating in public! Both break the acceptable social norms, if that is the criterion for being revolutionary! As a matter of fact these out of form/norm ladies can call themselves nudist or horneys or anything they want but lets save "revolutionary" title for the real men and women who are fighting tyranny. A revolutionary usually takes her life in her hand not her tits!.......I hope everyone gives these hippies a VERBAL beating so they go get a life!..... SEE the comment on top of mine by JavoonDeerooz. He got it RIGHT! Why stop at tits? Lets take the revolution all the way! Then I guess based on your assesment, we make great strides in our society & go to MARS overnight! WHAT an UNMITIGATED NONSENSE!


Our men are so backward!!!

by jasonrobardas on

   The hateful comments on this site regarding these revolutionary women shows how bckward our men are. It also shows why we are where we are and why our women have been  treated with so much disrespect , why they are so tightly controlled and suppressed in their everyday lives ...

   These are the same brand of men who slandered women when they took off their sacarfs and demonstrated en mass . These are the same brand of men who shouted "Ya too sari Ya roo sari!

   This brand of men who comprises the majority of our male population, can not stand the concept of gender equality ! Even the most liberal ones who claim to be democratic are misoginistic due to their cultural upbringing .

  Let us face the facts guys !!  



بالاخره گلشیفته به حرف من گوش داد


 گلشیفته گلشیفته<<<<<<

 ای دخترفرهیخته

 دستم بدامان تو باد

کن دست ها آویخته

Call me an old fashion if you like, While women liberation is in the heart of our movement and I admire womens fight for equalty and justice, I don't think any of these has anything to do with women liberation. In Egypt it did. The young lady was brave to do what she did. I think Golshiftah's one was just a Hollywood commercial and a Hollywood women liberation type. I just don't trust Hollywood and anyone associated with it.

This is a caricature of Aliaa’s brave action in the heart of Altahrir square. She risked her life, Golshiftah is making a lot of money if not directly, indirectly through fame and glamour portrayed by Hollywood. Those who are 100% against women liberation and use women as object for sex and profit have no part in our movement. Hollywood is sponsored by most backward conservatives who do everything to suppress women’s right.

Just a nude in Hollywood

Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


اگر این مه مه است چرا این همست


زنای ایرانی قشگترین زنهای دنیا هستند

Sheila K

too radical and unacceptable by the society

by Sheila K on

this is a copy cat. nudity is not the issue. the issue is if this movement is too radical to accept by the Iranian society who still believes in Najest O Paak; Ghosl, Ghesaas; Bekaarat; Sigheh;...

Jeesh Daram

Is there a longer version?

by Jeesh Daram on

Can't wait till the DVD hits the market.


۸ مارس


باز نزدیک ۸ مارس شد و  جی‌ جی‌ شروع کرد به تصویر زنهای لخت رو گذاشتن رو صفحه اول!

بابا، این کار‌ها دیگه دمده شده.........

چقدر بگیم آخه

آخه بابا بسته دیگه

یه حرف نو تر شه دیگه...........

 باز دوباره سونامی میشه ها، یا زلزله میاد...

حالا دیگه خود دانی‌



I agree with Fanoos

by Souri on

Not only they don't represent Persian women, but they don't even represent the today's international feminism movement.

These is a copy of the feminism of 50 years ago in France (or Europe in general)

A copy, is never something original!

I have nothing against the nudity but, like everything else, I like it at its own place. We have the real revolutionary women in prison, and these nude pictures, can not help them, unfortunately!


"Real women revolutionaries are in jail:" Amen to that, sister!

by fanoos on

Dear Disenchanted, these women live in the comfort of the West, freely engage in promiscuous sex, and when they get bored with their multiple partners they decide to show off their contorted bodies. I am a 50 year-old woman with a body of Madonna but I am never ever presumptuous enough to show them off.


Real women revolutionaries are in jail:

by Disenchanted on

// Please save us from your tits! Get a life! 


گزارشی از برگزاری راهپيمائی روز جهانی زن در لندن!


ليلا پرنيان از فعالين تشکل زنان هشت مارس نيز به ايراد سخنرانی پرداخت. ليلا در بخشی از سخنرانی اش به اين موضوع پرداخت که :" ... سال گذشته ما شاهد مبارزات مردم در خاورميانه و شمال آفريقا بوديم. ما شاهد قدرت مردم درسرنگونی ديکتاتورهای منطقه بوديم. در عين حال می بينيم که نيروهای اسلامی با حمايت کشورهای امپرياليستی � همان کسانی که پشتيبان و اربابان اين ديکتارتورهای سابق بودند- می خواهند ميوه چينان مبارزات مردم اين منطقه شوند و قدرت خود و قوانين شريعت را بر زنان اعمال کنند.
ما زنان ايرانی از خود سوال می کنيم که آيا تجربه ما بار ديگر در حال تکرار شدن است؟
ما زنان ايرانی با پوست و گوشت خود با قدرت گيری يک رژيم ارتجاعی اسلامی و اعمال قوانين شريعت را لمس کرده ايم. قدرت گيری نيروهای بنيادگرای مذهبی يعنی ستم بيشتر بر زنان .....
دردوران انقلاب 1979 که ما بخشی از آن بوديم، به ما گفتند که مساله زنان از مسائل مهم انقلاب نيست و بگذاريد برای بعد از انقلاب و اين گونه شد که ما بزرگترين اشتباه تاريخی خود را کرديم و از طرح خواسته هايمان خودداری کرديم....
پس از انقلاب زنان اولين نيروئی بودند که رژيم جمهوری اسلامی به آنان با تحميل حجاب اجباری حمله کرد، ما نيز به مبارزات خود ادامه داديم و بزرگترين تظاهرات عليه حجاب اجباری را در 8 مارس 1357 سازماندهی کرديم. از آن زمان تا کنون برای مطالبات پايه ايمان مبارزه می کنيم. ما به اندازه کافی از مبارزاتمان آموخته ايم که اولين قدم در مسير رهائی امان با جدائی کامل دين از دولت که تنها از طريق سرنگونی رژيم زن ستيزجمهوری اسلامی بدست می آيد، ميسر خواهد شد....

سازمان زنان هشت مارس (ايران-افغانستان)- انگلستان
6 مارس 2012


Oon Yaroo

Faramarz, Why can't Iranians come up with something origional?

by Oon Yaroo on

Why do we always have to imitate the westerns?

The concept of ordinary women taking their cloths off in public actually started with a bunch of British women taking collective nude calendar pictures in support of the breast cancer stricken folks. 

Fast forward to the  Egyptian uprising last year and that young Egyptian woman who got naked on the street.

The next thing you know were a bunch commie Iranian women in Europe who in imitation of the Egyptian women  took their cloths off.

I say enough to this Iranian imitation. Let's be a pioneer in something!?

I say let's a bunch of us Iranian guys take our pants off and show the rest of the world's women what they have been missing. A true two-legged donkeys or rather three-legged! What do you say Faramarz?



This is in fact an act of blackmail!

by Disenchanted on

Basically these Mammalians (pestan daraan) are telling us either you give us what we want (some attention perhaps) or we torture you by exposing our deformed, ugly, naked bodies! If it was for me I'd give them everything I got for them to COVER IT UP! Urrgh... :-)  


Some are better wrapped in Chador!

by anglophile on

  Just joking - LOL 


This is a great revolutionary act

by jasonrobardas on

   This is a symbolic act of defiance . A very brave iconoclastic action stating that the woman herself is in charge of her own body . Only it is up to the woman herself to do what she wants to do with her own body . This is a sign of protest to the male chauvinistic system that rules over women and their bodies ...

   These women are truly revolutionaries .


Scientifically Speaking!

by Faramarz on

I have been studying the Iranian women breasts closely since the early 1980's and I have to say that these pictures are in line with what I have encountered out there.

Iranian women have beautiful breasts and they are generally referred to as the “swooping” breasts, but they do not have what’s called the "pancake breasts".


How pointless and maskhareh!

by Yana on

They call "this bull-shit" protesting! I call it an insult to real women who are fighting the regim wiht their lives, who are being raped and turtured in Iran prisons and please do not encourage these morons for further maskhare bazy. 

shad zee



What is the big deal about women bareing their chests?

by erooni on

Humen were first were walking around naked till they came out with clothes.



by Disenchanted on

They should go protest at AIPAC meeting! Rest assured the meeting falls apart as everyone runs as fast as they can from these "beauties"! :-)..........If you fail to see how dumb is this act, imagine bunch of men (erected) make a video like this, line up and say: I am a man! I got balls! I got it up! Time to be free and rest of the nonsense! :-). 


We are Men

by Aladin Katoor on

Do you want to prove it?


More power to them ....

by Fatollah on



I like it

by iamfine on

I like Iranian women to be a little on the choppy side. More power to them


The Time Machine!

by Demo on

Seems like a few of the Nasereddin Shah's 85 wives are back:


A real nightmare, indeed!

Ali P.

Masih Alinejad?

by Ali P. on

The first lady in the video sounds very much like Masih Alinejad, the Iranian journalist and writer.

Is that her? Where is her hat?

Soosan Khanoom

Ok Anahid you are right... we shouldn't ....

by Soosan Khanoom on

I am not sure if only Iranians or not?  Whatever it is  I wished they had at least combed their hairs ... it seems that most are having a bad hair day.