Roya Arab: Archaeology, Music

UK researcher, musician Besides music, in my adult years I have developed a keen interest in the past. I have become a student of the human narrative from days gone by in the wonderful field of archaeology. Music and poetry nourish my soul. I hope to and will continue sharing this passion. Studying human pasts for better comprehension of our lives today has enriched my mind, leading on a journey that has bought me closer to Iran, delighting my spirit >>>


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Dear Caspian Shark

by Ensan on

I had no intention to hurt your feelings or disrespect Ms. Roya. Anyone who has earned his/her degree in US had to have History of Civilization I and II. Everyone reads about the Persian empire, Greek and Roman and ... My point was to get over the past and live in the present. You are having people in the so called majlis blaming one of their own bastards for talking about IRAN instead of talking about Islam!!! That is the problem, the country is being raped and your talking how proud the history is. That is the problem!!!


 هل يعلم احد


 هل يعلم احد منكم ان كانت هذه السيدة تتكلم بلغتها الام ام لا ؟؟؟

I wear an Omega watch


According to reliable sources.......

by پندارنیک on

Her father used to run "Shokoofe Noe" cabaret in Tehran........

So what Pendari, so what?...............


Isn't she lovely & so sweet.

by Khebedin on

Isn't she lovely & so sweet. She is a real Roya ( Deram). I enjoyed this video very much. She is so wonderful. She is honest and has the love of Iran in her mind. I look forward to listen to her and see her.


To Ensan!

by CaspianShark on

Here we go again, saying something good about where we come from and you someone gets offended by it!!!

And, what are you talking about by saying "let's leave the rhetoric to the historains"??? She is a historian and she is doing her job (as a baustan-shenas/historian). Talking before thinking?

She is not saying how great we are now or how superior. just trying to tap into facts and science to find out about the past as any concern citizen of any nation would do so. The westerners are doing a lot to find out about life in millions of years ago, go pick a fight with them, why don't ya? 

Thank you Roya for doing such a fantastic job, on behalf of Eastern side of the planet :)


Oh boy!!!

by Ensan on

Here we go again! all that fancy shmancy about how great we are and we did that and we did this?? What if we talk about Khameni is running the country TODAY? He DID NOT COME FROM SKY, we brought him. Perhaps, you and I are not the exact culprit, but we all have played our roles allowing the bastards to take over the country. Yes, Iran was a great nation with great people, but every nation has their own story that makes them pround. Let's focus on today, and leave the rhetorics to the historians.


She is a Gem

by KB on

Roya is a gem.

Have known her for 25 years and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Thanks for sharing Mehrdad.