Upcoming Netanyahu, Obama Meeting

Al Jazeera interviews NIAC Policy Director Jamal Abdi


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Timing of Amano's comment & Obama-Netanyahu meeting

by Sepidar on

Hours before the two leaders were to hold bilateral meetings the head of the UN nuclear agency, Yukiya Amano, reiterated that the organisation had "serious concerns" that Iran could be hiding secret work on developing atomic weapons.

Reiterating concerns detailed in an agency report, he said the organisation was unable "to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities".


NIAC's full page "no war" ad in Washington Post

by MM on


روضه خونی نیاک و سینه زنی رژیم دوستان


"Talks coming up in a matter of weeks!"

NIAC is delusional. They are so trapped in their own mind that they refuse to see what is taking place around them.

Obama, having realized that Khamenei and the gang will never come to a negotiation table unless it is about the terms of their surrender, is meticulously following a game plan of weakening the Regime. And he is being successful at it.

Netanyahu is trying to get Obama to lay out a specific action plan and put his signature on it which Obama will never do.

Meanwhile, the NIACies are crying wolf and creating another Ashura scene!


A great interview with some sound analysis...

by Bavafa on

What Israel is embarking on, has much at stake for us and millions of others as they are aming to bring our mother land to war with our adopted land. 

This nation needs to stand up to AIPAC and say NO TO WAR.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Upcoming N & O - Meeting

by jmyt17 on

First : I am not IRI fan at all.Second : I think we should have the right to study what will be our asset in the future.Third : Not couple countries have the access to nuclear technology, In Europe how many countries/North America/Asia??I do not think IRI have a ball in their pants to use bomb against Israel, which history showed to the rest of world we never start the war during these past 100 years.I hate these mullah around my home-land, but I do not either like people sitting around and decide what should I eat/wear and have. Iran is my home land.


Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

There is nothing conspiratorial about the fact that a few countries have nuclear weapons and the majority do not.  Those countries that have nuclear weapons are not going to use their weapons to kill weeds.