Voter turnout "64%"

Claims Interior Minister

Reuters - Iran, under intense Western pressure over its disputed nuclear program, on Saturday declared an initial turnout of 64 percent in a parliamentary election shunned by most reformists as a sham. Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar put the turnout at 64 percent after more than 26 million votes had been counted, telling state television the Iranian nation had disappointed its enemies by voting in such numbers. The figure was close to the 65 percent predicted for weeks by hardline conservative leaders and media >>>


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by Fesenjoon2 on

Oon Yaroo

Dr. Mohandes/Deivaneh Jaan.....

by Oon Yaroo on

My sources are telling me that in the district of Mammadabad of Karaj, the following folks have been announced the winners of IRR MoGaG* (Majles of Gavvs and Goosfands):

Hossein Azcoonzadeoff, KaramAli Tabjeejendoff, Zaynab Chomodargaideoff, Batool Ridmtokoseshoff (2nd cousin to the infamous Nikolai Andreyevich Rimsky-Korsakov the creator of scheherazade), and Shokrollah Abbas Abbasghateloff.

I think we should compile the list for future reference.


* Rhymes with Lady GaGa!

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on


More names have been released as follows:

Ali ahmade Koongholombeyanov...Manoochehr Bemalamo-Bokhoramov(jr)...

Ghanbar yejash-mishangehovsky (real famous...Names Santorum and Gorbachev as his role models!!)

The report said that we have a three way tie and the run offs will be held soon.

Care to cast a vote anyone?:) 


ترمز دولت قابل تعمیر نیست


 اگر از جیره خوار مقصود طرفدار است و دولت هم کابینه احمدی نژاد خیالتان راحت که ۵٪ هم رای ندارد. هرچند بارگاه ایات عظام از جمله خامنه ای رفسنجانی خاتمی............رانت خوار و پاچه خوار زیاد دارد!!!!

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قران جایش روی طاقچه است با احترام


 آن عزیزی که مردم (حالا هر ٪) گوسفند خطاب میکند و برای اثبات خود از قران مجید نقل قول میکند. هر چند مدت زیادی است که دست به قران نزده ام الأن هم فقط به خاطر جواب دادن به یک کامنت حاضر نیستم کتاب قران را باز کنم!!ولی اگر حافظه ام همراهی کند این دو خط هم از قران مجید میباشد.

ان الله لا يحب كل مختالا فخورا 

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Oon Yaroo

As Good As I Once Was, Toby Keith! Iranians/Americans won't

by Oon Yaroo on

fall for these cheap tricks anymore....!

The IRR strategists are smarter than what you think!

Made in China T-shits with "God Bless America" prints advertising Toby Keith's concerts in Iran worn by this innocent looking clueless village boy is not a coincident but rather perfectly choreographed by the IRR think-tankers such as Hooman Majd, Trita Parsi, and the likes...!

And how more coincidental than that can it get that a foreign journalist happens to be right there taking a picture...!?

All these siyahbazi is to further prolong the life of this cancerous body called IRR regime.

By creating an illusion in the mind of the Americans of a paradox of love-hate for America in IRR.

She said, "I'e seen you in here before."
I said, "I've been here a time or two."
She said, "Hello, my
Name is Bobby Jo
Meet my twin sister Betty Lou
And we're both feeling kinda wild tonight
And you're the only cowboy in this place
And if you're up for a rodeo
We'll put a big Texas smile on
Your face"
I said, "Girls,"


I ain't as good as I once was
I got a few years on me now
But there was a time back in my prime

When I could really lay it down
And if you need some love tonight
Then I might have just enough
I ain't as good as I once was
But I'm as good once as I ever was

I still hang out with my best friend dave
Ive known him since we were kids at school
Last night he
Had a few shots
Got in a tight spot hustlin' a game of pool
With a couple of redneck boys
One great
Big bad biker man
I heard David yell across the room
"Hey buddy, how 'bout a helping hand."
I said, "Dave,"


I ain't as good as I once was
My how the years have flown
But there was a time back in my prime

When I could really hold my own
But if you wanna fight tonight
Guess thouse boys dont look all that
I ain't as good as I once was
But I'm as good once as I ever was

I used to be hell on wheels
Back when I was younger man
Now my body says, "You can't do this boy"

But my pride says, "Oh, yes you can

I ain't as good as I once was
Thats just the cold hard truth
I still throw a few back, talk a little smack
When I'm feelin bullet proof
So don't double dog dare me now
'Cause I'd have to call your bluff

I ain't as good as I once was
But I'm as good once as I ever was
Maybe not be good as I once was
But I'm as good once as I ever was


Mardom Mazloom

با مهندسی انتخاباتی ۳ سال پیش؛ به مموتی ۶۳% رای تعلق دادند

Mardom Mazloom

حالا یکی رفت روش شد ۶۴%.

بنظرم اینا دارند تعداد تقلبآتشون تو انتخابات رو میشمرند. نتایج انتخابات بعد حتمن میشه ۶۵% رای به فرمایشات رهبر ، ۶۶%رای به فرمایشات رهبر؛ ...


Rock the vote! picture...

by Disenchanted on


   Turn out they did! :-)   


   This is a subliminal message to president Obama! Attacking Iran would squander the wealth of Iranian's goodwill towards the US! Bibi's hegemonic, psychotic policies doesn't worth it!


So the voters increased from 55% to 64% despite

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

greens staying home?????????

This souds like adadeh ekhtesad mamlekat, 59% are multibillionaires in US dollars too.


List of Tehran MPs

by divaneh on

The election body in Iran has now started to confirm the names of the winners of the selections. Below are the first 5 selected Tehran MPs. -Mohammad Yuri Jassosinov -Gholam Hassan Khayemalofski -Ayatullah Seyed Jaffar Boshkeyov -Hojat-ol-Islam Kardani Malayeri (grand son of Sheikh Topaleyofski) -Seyed Boris Obneyov This could mean warmer relations with Russia in the future. 

G. Rahmanian

The rich in Iran!

by G. Rahmanian on

Does the rich in Iran constitute 36% of the population?

Dr. Mohandes

Oon yaroo jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

You know...This is one of my gripes with this site:)) 

We need to put an end to Deceptive and misleading Journalism. Please.

Now, I happen toknow based on what my resources tell me that what was on the menu was Fesenjoon with a side of Tahdeek and some torobcheh hendi and Tangerine Pie for dessert!

And one more thing... People used Teflon, non-stick, water and oil resistant containers and topperwares to grab the goodies and dish 'em up not some Ghablemeh!!

I was there. I saw them:) Nokareem. 


The all-purpose 64% graph!

by Arj on

Seems like IRI's election machine is stuck in 64% mode -- at least as long as Ahmadi is in office! It could've been 99.8%, but apparently "Agha" doesn't want to rain on Mahmoud's parade!!!


How about 69

by عموجان on

it is sexier number and that's how Mullahs and Pasdara take care of each other. 

Jeesh Daram

پس با این حساب

Jeesh Daram

پس با این آماری که ارائه شد، ایشان اقرار میکند که حدود 35.8% مردمی که واجد شرایط رای دادن هستند، جیره خوار دولت نیستند و نتوانستند آنها را مجبور به رای دادن کنند. 


Regime's Credibility Turn Out: 0.00000%

by Demo on


Any of the regime's issued data has the same credibility as their reporting of Neda Agha Soltan's suicide by the British agents after the so called 2009 presidential election!

PS: And how beautifully the Quran descibes the "Sheepishy (Sheep Like)" turn out of a nation like ours:

"Do you think that most of them can hear or understand? they are like cattle, no, they are even further astray from the path of the truth" (25:44)



Oon Yaroo

Desperate/hungry folks would do anything to grab a bite to eat!

by Oon Yaroo on

I mean look at the turn out of hungry desperate people during the Ashoora Tasooa rituals (i.e., when Imam Hossein kaleh paa shood.)

The turn out is always 200%! Each person brings two ghablameh to take food for themselves and their neighbors or friends, etc.

This turn out is no different  than those. Hungry and desperate people line up to vote for some be pedar modar for two (2) ghablameh of gheymeh polo!?

Va Salam!


polling in tehran north, revenge was the name of game

by مآمور on

dont fool youself into believing what u like to believe not what really happened!!!

not that i m happy  just what was happening


I wear an Omega watch


احتياجی به رای ما نيست، نتيجه مشخص است


نهمين انتخابات مجلس با بی اعتنايی مردم مواجه شد. اين در حالی بود که رسانه های حکومت تصوير ديگری را در مقابل چشم مردم به تصوير می کشيدند.

خيابان های تهران امروز در نقاطی مثل هميشه مملو از جمعيتی بود که همچون ماه های اخير در حال خريد نوروزی بودند فارغ از اينکه حوزه های زيادی برای حضورشان در انتخاباتی نمايشی تدارک ديده شده است.جمعيتی که وقتی بحث همين صندوق ها و انتخابات هم می شود ابايی ندارد که از حکومت انتقاد کنند و صندوق های آن را نمايشی بخواند.دروغ آنها را فرياد کند و از قهر با صندوق ها برای هميشه سخن بگويد.

اما خبرگزاری نزديک به سپاه خبر از مشارکتی می دهد که از مرز سی ميليون گذشته و از کمبود تعرفه های انتخاباتی می گويد که هيچ رغبتی برای مشارکت در ميان مردم نمی يابی.

در حالی که تمام شواهد حاکی از خلوت بودن حوزه های اخذ رای و عدم استقبال تهرانی ها از اين انتخابات دارد، خبرگزاری پيشرو در دروغ سازی نوشته است که تهرانی ها بيش از ۵۰ درصد در اين انتخابات شرکت کردند.
بی شک بازی با اعداد و ارقام يکی از شعبده بازی هايی است که در انتخابات مهندسی شده رياست جمهوری ۸۸ برای مردم به نمايش گذاشته شد، نمايشی که ميرحسين موسوی به صراحت اعلام کرد که تسليم اين صحنه آرايی ها و شعبده بازی ها نمی شود.
هر چند تمام تبليغات حکومتی متمرکز بر تامين نظر رهبری مبنی بر مشارکت دشمن شکن دارد و پيش بينی ها نشان از اعلام مشارکت بالای شصت درصدی دارد، نتيجه نظرسنجی های حتی وابسته به بسيج نيز حاکی است که در خوش بينانه ترين حالت نرخ مشارکت کمتر از ۴۰ درصد خواهد بود.

در اولين ساعات پس از برگزاری انتخابات خبرگزاری های نزديک به حکومت با ارقام مشارکت۶۵، ۶۴ و ۷۰ درصدی به استقبال زودرس نتيجه آرا رفته اند.

اما مردم اعتنايی به اعداد وارقام ندارند. آنچه برای مردم ملموس است، مشاهدات خودشان است. حوزه هايی که خالی از جمعيت بود. خانواده هايی که برای اولين بار طی اين سه دهه به پای صندوق رای نرفتند.

اسامی مشخص است

وقتی تنی چند از همين شهروندان را در مورد انتخابات امروز مورد سوال قرار می دهم پاسخ های جالب به گوش می رسد. برخی از شهروندان نه تنها از مشخص بودن نتايج از قبل سخن می گويند و آراء مردم را نمايشی می دانند ، بلکه در مورد ترکيب آينده مجلس هم سخن می گويند.
خانم ميانسالی می گويد: اسامی که مشخص است.

شهروندی هم می گويد: به زور نمی توانند پای مردم را به صندوق ها بکشانند.مردم گرفتار خريد شب عيد هستند با اين گرانی و مشکلاتی که برای مان با تورم درست کردند.

جوانی در اين زمينه اشاره دارد که يک بار مار گزيده شديم بس است.

مسير را ادامه می دهم، مساجد و حوزه های مختلفی که برای رای گيری تدارک ديده شده را پشت سر می گذارم متحد الشکل سربازی با اسلحه درميانه در حوزه های مختلف ايستاده است. فارغ از رفت و آمدی و حضوری. فضای سردی که تا چشم کار می کند سکوت است و سکون. در برخی حوزه ها هم دست اندرکاران آن را پر جمعيت گذاشته اند. اما استقبال چشمگيری از مردم نيست.

با پيرمردی که در حال عبور است، هم صحبت می شوم، می گويد: ما شرمنده شما جوانان هستيم. اشتباه ما را تکرار نکنيد.
می پرسم: واقعيت اين است که می بينيم يا آنچه سيما می رود. سری تکان می دهد و می گويد: اين طنزهای تلويزيونی ديگر برای مان قديمی شده است.


G. Rahmanian

Muslims Never Lie! They Only Exaggerate!

by G. Rahmanian on

Instead of 0.64% this guy says, 64%.


Ali Motahari

by مآمور on

all those who had said that they would not vote in this election did go to vote and voted for Motahari. As u know, he is the son of the man whose ideas iranians are living every day. people who dont learn the history that they have lived!!!!!!!

I am with u

shame on u voters for electing such an ass

I wear an Omega watch


Voter turnout "64%"

by jmyt17 on


You dirt just stop laying??


That is Islamic rule??? laying laying laying

Shame on all of you RAT.


Watch hirre's link......

by پندارنیک on

.....and replay Behzad's comment over to understand that maybe he needed the stamp in his birth certificate or whatever.......they're all our fellow citizens........we are all united..........



by hirre on


Saddam 'wins 100% of vote', w 100% Turnout

by IranFirst on

Another fair "election", not too long ago. 100% participation and 100% vote. IRI is onlty claiming 64%



"The government insists the count was fair and accurate.

Saddam Hussein - who has ruled Iraq since 1979 - was the only candidate.

Voters had been urged to
show their support for the Iraqi leader in defiance of the demands for
military action against him from the US and Britain.

During polling, many
voters trampled American flags and some signed their ballot-papers in
their own blood in a display of loyalty to their leader"




by پندارنیک on

از "عزیزان" پشت در‌های بسته، انتظار میرفت که به رقمی‌ بالاتر از ۶۴ می‌رسیدند...