"First Love"

Ramiz Guliyev, Republic of Azerbaijan's tar master

Ramiz Guliyev (1947-) is director of Azerbaijan's Folk Instrument department of the Academy of Music and an extraordinarily superb tar player perhaps, the greatest Azerbaijan has ever known. He tours abroad quite frequently these days. He has written several books on the technique of tar playing >>>



Though Iranian ( Plato of

by Khebedin on

Though Iranian ( Plato of Iran, not just the current Iran) music has not progressed much technically due to the Islamic views, after the Persian Empire was defeated by the Arabs, but this has caused improvisation more specific and unique to Iranian  music. There are cons and pros, matter of opinions. No doubt Iranian music is well behind technically and still in the renascence if not medieval stages, but if you come from the area and have the ability to feel the secretes hidden in the sounds and the virtuosity of the player, there is a lot to enjoy, it can take you to a different world. And this is sadly what is lost in the Western Music, the complexity and restrict musical laws significantly limits the performer’s input (improvisation) on the music. I enjoy both, as one could enjoy women of very different cultures.


Bah Bah!

by Souri on

Aali boud! One of the most beautiful play I have ever heard.

Don't worry "High Five", we the bisavad,  have our words to say, too!

High Five


High Five

Such a master and what do they do? They attach his playing coming from one of the strongest cultural traditions in this world throughout the ages to some Hollywood orchestral trash and then to add insult to injury, some bisavad Iranians say : bah bah.



maziar 58


by maziar 58 on


Thanks                  Maziar



by aziz on

Oh, the richness of Azerbaijani Music and then Topmajalar, Goshmajalar,Ashiqlar and nagilar all contributed for the human enlightenment, Thanx FB for posting and JJ Diverse site of the only  "Nothing is sacred"

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

تار زنیهای استادانِ آذری همیشه برجسته و زیبا هستند،هر چند که در کوک اختلاف کم و حوصله بیش..اما اینان پاسداران واقعی‌ موسیقی‌ اصیلی هستند که بیش از چند صد سال قلب را از زشتیها می‌‌شوید،مغز را از افکارِ ناپاک به دور و به روح جانِ بیشتری میدهد.

این تفاوتِ موسیقی‌ سنتی ما با موسیقی‌ کلاسیکِ غربی است... اشکال در نحوه شنیدن و سپس حس کردن است.متأسفانه گوشِ شنوا کم و دهانِ پر ادعا فراوان ! کاش این در ما عوض شود.

با سپاس.

Jahanshah Javid

so so...

by Jahanshah Javid on

... beautiful.