Grandfather & Grandson: Playing Music


The grandfather, Ali Alavi, is one of the most famous musicians of Hormozgan Province.


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Masoud Kazemzadeh

sweet and beautiful

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

really nice.



by yolanda on

Big guitar, small boy, big talent! It is amazing that his little fingers can dance on the guitar like that. He must have inherited his grandpa's music genes!

What a great duet, harmony, and Chemistry!



Beautiful indeed!

by Fatollah on



From Bandar Abbas w/ acoustic love

by maghshoosh on

Not much info is posted at the YouTube page about this cross-generational duo, but another post featuring the same kid @


identifies him as being from Bandar Abbas.


Barakallah Pisar e naaz

by zamyad on

Honar nazd e Iranian hast va bas


Simply beautiful

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

and beautifully simple.


I LOVE you Sweetie

by Azarbanoo on

with your great voice & gitar playing.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

As a lover of acoustic guitar that song sweet voice and great touch on The instrument made myday THANKS .



Amazing how much Iranians

by Khebedin on

Amazing how much Iranians enjoy a sweet and loving relationship. No wonder why they are tagged to be the most romantic nation on earth. And what he needs is a Ucalaly not a small gitar. And I am not on the opinon that he needs to play from musical notes, though vital to learn notes and understand musics. It would have been different if he was going to play Piano or get involved in classical music. He will develop his way of improvising. I enjoyed watching them, and reading your comments.


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

چه دِلنواز ... باید یک گیتارِ کوچکتَر که مخصوص کودکان است برایَش تهیه کنند،اُمید است که اَلفبای موسیقی‌..نُت خوانی بِدینشان یاد دهند ،چشم و حافظه کافی‌ نیست ! خدا کند به پَسْ راه نیفتد و پیش راه پیشکِشَشْ ! کار را آن کرد که تمام کرد.

با سپاس.

Mohammad Ala


by Mohammad Ala on

Very proud of both of them.

Jahanshah Javid

Beautiful & Beautiful

by Jahanshah Javid on

Absolutely wonderful. I can't wait until he grows up and rocks the world :)