رضا مازندرانی:‌ مامور سابق اطلاعات سپاه

افشاگری ۲۹ آبان ۱۳۹۱


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This is ultimatum not repentance.

by nozarmahallati on

This guy is not sorry about what he has done.  He is angry why the regime is calling him what he rightfully is and why they are screwng with his family.

Basically he is telling the regime if you F with me, I'll F you up.

There is not an atom's worth of repent in this MoFo's words.



S Khanoom

by nozarmahallati on

If you are comparing people killed by Khalkhalee or his alikes with this piece of scum or other scum I am proposing to be eliminated or placed in  zoo, you are seriously mistaken.

Elements are Islamic Republic are as close to evil as one can get.


Shazde Asdola Mirza

تمام باور هایی که برای ما ساختید، ریشه در لجنزار دارد

Shazde Asdola Mirza

لعنت خدا به شما

B- Vafa

F u

by B- Vafa on

Before and after


He is a Tortured and Abused Soul, who knows crimes do not just

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

get committed on the people of Iran, but towards the employees of the regime as well.  He personally snapped and he is deluded if he thinks he can resolve his grievances and or get even with the regime.  Through his rebelling, some information will come out, on laws broken and crimes committed by the IRI.  Like Julian Assange the masses of crimes he exposes will not be addressed but only repeated in the future.  Though unlike Assange I doubt he is able to escape into safety for himself. 

Mahin Bahrami

Childish Behavior by a Destructive Fool

by Mahin Bahrami on



By exposing other fools like himself he’s just going to destroy his own life and the opportunity of going back and mending the lives of those that he destroyed which would at least help him come to terms with his conscience…  Another example of...

In any case, I think his brain is too corrupt for constructive thinking.  This is just a ploy, blackmailing his mafia buddies...I doubt we'll see the sequal.


توبه گرگ چیه؟




Interesting clip

by azadi5 on

I'm actually interested to see his next clip, though I wonder why he just didn't do the whole thing in one shot. In this clip he just he says he will show proof of lots of wrong doing against him and others as well as corruption in the system. wrong doings in elections. use of prostitutes to set up people, creating conflicts among ethnic groups. fraud in parliament elections, murders, etc.

He knows he is a dead man walking and has got nothing to lose, that's why what he has to say is interesting. He is a man who has come to the realization that everything that he had believed under the banner of this regime was BS. Hope he remains alive to do his next clips.

Soosan Khanoom

Nozar ,

by Soosan Khanoom on

just read through " Khalkhalee " manual for instruction. 

Why we even bother with regime change?   Seriously! 


Scum like this needs to be eliminated or put in a zoo

by nozarmahallati on

I don't believe filth like this.

Anyone directly or indirectly associated with the Islamic regime must be eliminated or put in a zoo 


این چرا داد میزنه؟


Judging by how load he shouts, he must have lost a damn big diamond, poor bastard!


Hot air

by choghok on

A lot of empty talks with no real revealing of any sort. He is in a fight with himself still, if he really was what he was saying he would not be shouting for 20 minutes and still say nothing.

He is very scared and at the same time angry. He either ends up dead or gets back into the flock, he is too damaged to become normal human being.


Another fake tobeh

by shushtari on

This shepeshee reminds of the most famous fake repented- yazdi

These murderers do their dirty deeds and betray their country and people then 30 years later when they realize they're going to burn in hell next to Khomeini, wake up and become a 'reformist' over night

All the soap in the world can't wash off these fools' sins

Good luck shepeshee 

tehran e Azad

Joonet dar biyad!

by tehran e Azad on

Chapi=  mojahed= ex sepahi= exbasiji=Eslah talab= anyone that brought IRI to power= nafahm 

Mall worst than IRI itself !  



by Arj on

SO, where are these classified infos that he's threatening to divulge?! Just like Ahmadinejad, he seems to hold back the secrets for bargaining with his superiors! He says that till now he thought the 2009 public uprising was seditious, but all of a sudden has had an epiphany and has found proofs to the contrary!

He doesn't even utter a word (albeit as a teaser) about the tortures and murders that took place following the uprising, yet boasts about how well he's carried out all his assignments (which are left up to the viewer's imagination) in a professional manner while being stiffed out of compensation for them! Seems like he still has some hope of meeting them half way!

payam s

Iranian Jason Bourne!

by payam s on

Can't wait for the second film.


تشکر از نادر


با تشکر از نادر و نظرش. انشالله که دیگران هم بجای هارت و پورت و تهمت زدن بیجا قدری فکر کرده و نظر دهند.

Nader Vanaki

نظر من

Nader Vanaki

مثل اینکه این بابا قرار بود پاداش تشویقی یا ترفیع بگیره، حالا نگرفته و ناراحته و به این نتیجه رسیده که "به ظاهر فتنه" ای در کار بوده و نه "فتنه".  هرچی هست گرفتاری با مقامات ارشدش داره که شاید بیست پلّه پایین تر از گروهبان گارسیا باشن.  الهی به امید تو، انشالله کارش را آبدارچی حفاظت اطلاعات سپاه بتونه درست کنه.


Demodeh questions the credibiliy

by Demo on



"Traitor to his country is the one who agrees with the current regime of
IRI, if this fellow in the video is legit then why such a harsh
criticism for what he has to say or reveal, I guess his picture among
other pasdarans should be a warning sign to some die hard
vatan-foroushha and makes some people very agitated and nervous..."

It is not a matter of harsh criticism but is all about 'if.' There was no hard core proof on the video who this guy was. A low ranking pasdar could come up with all sorts of stories with no proofs to back'em up. Or IRI could simply set up a phony agent to make a fool of Iranians diaspora. And did not we learn enough out of real traitors like Ganji & Sazgara in the past?   


  DeModeh writes there

by Parsy on


DeModeh writes there are many vatan-foroush on this site, yes there are many traitors here but they are the ones that follow your ideology not the ones oppose you...funny how West Residing Baseej left their Utopia IRI regime and chose to live among some infidels in evil West, now why is that?


Traitor to his country is the one who agrees with the current regime of IRI, if this fellow in the video is legit then why such a harsh criticism for what he has to say or reveal, I guess his picture among other pasdarans should be a warning sign to some die hard vatan-foroushha and makes some people very agitated and nervous...


We Shall Never Forget....

Soosan Khanoom

He seems genuine !

by Soosan Khanoom on

and very pissed off !   Let us hope he won't end up in Evin and die from natural causes !!!!!!!

I wish he knew that we are listening.

Thank you  


The title of this blog

by MRX on

should be 'Confession of the low life kingpin'. The problem is he didn't confess to any thing. how about some names, positions, plans, who did what to whom, all we heard were whining....


صادق هدایت: بوف کورشناس سرشناس


و من صادق هدایت هستم. این رضای مازندران در زیر آن پشم سیاه و عینک خود بوف کوری بیش نیست. به هیچوجه قابل اعتماد نیست و افشاگری جعلیش فقط به درد عمه کور و کچلش در سپاه تخلیش میخورد. بهتر که در دکان خود را تخته کند.

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No way to be trusted