Iran Mosque Attack

Suicide Bomber Kills 2

AP: A suicide attacker running from the police detonated his explosives near a mosque in southeastern Iran on Friday, killing two people, Iranian state media said. State television described the incident in a volatile region near the Pakistani border as a "terrorist attack."

It said a suspect tried to enter the Imam Hossein mosque in Chabahar port as people gathered for Friday prayers, but was stopped by security guards. As he started to run away, he set off his explosives, killing two passers-by and wounding several people, including policemen. It was unclear if the explosives were detonated by accident.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack but the Sunni militant Jundallah group, which claims to be fighting for Sunni rights in the mainly Shiite Iran, has been involved in sporadic bombings in the region in the past >>>
2010 File Photo: Bombing at mosque in Chabahar


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Just a Test

by fullback on

 It is clear the bombing is the work of Islamist occupiers of Iran, to portray themselves as victoms. Not a coincident,  Hezzbollah bombing in Beirut was to coinside with the bombing in Iran. Clearly a diversion tactic by Radan and his Thugs.


Iranian shia terror regime is responsible

by asadabad on

They commited this act in order to portray themselves as victims.  All civilized people must work together to help overthrow these animals..

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

What a peace loving Iran is steering herself to?

Irani killing Irani      shame on us.



Marg bar IRI

by Peril on

Down with the terrorist regime in Tehran.



Dear Admin

by Mehrban on

Thank you for deleting my comment, it (my comment) was not very nice but it was not far from the truth.


Islamist barbarism

by Fred on

34 years of all kinds of apartheid, especially religious, has opened the can of worms.

The sooner the Messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all are overthrown, the sooner these Islamist barbarisms will end.