Iran not to surrender to pressure

Khamenei says

AP: Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Wednesday that sanctions and pressure cannot force Tehran to surrender since Iranians are strong and always overcome problems, Xinhua reported. "During the last 33 years, Iran has been faced with a wide range of political, security, military and economic pressure and sanctions," Fars news agency quoted Khamenei as saying. "But the Iranian nation has defused these pressure and grown more powerful through its resistance," he added >>>


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Ali Khamenei is "bi-orzetareen" leader of Iran in over 400 years

by Benyamin on

We are wittnessing the least capable leader of Iranian history in four hundred years!

He has no sense of direction and no aim nor policy! His policies and directions are all defensive and reaction to of that of west and Iran`s neighbors! He is the dumbest leader of Iran since Shah hosain a safavi.

I hope he dies or someone slip a bit of poison to him or something otherwise Iran is doomed with a guy like him. He is so dumb that even cannot asses how dangerously he has brought his own family to the brink of death of some sort!!!


We love you Ali Geda

by nozarmahallati on

Start thinking about how you wanna die; at the hands of your country men or the Americans or the Jews.

RIP. Ali K   July 17, 1939 - May 31, 2013

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

their money is a special kind of money , custome-made so he can take with him to the "oon donya" and start making huge investments.



Ali Geda only talks talks

by Azarbanoo on

without any credential as a rahbar e moslemin IRAN/ world.


 Shouldn't he be enjoying

by vildemose on

 Shouldn't he be enjoying his "golden years" in peace and harmony somewhere near the sea with his wife and his grandchildren?? Does he think he is going to live forever? I would be enjoying my money I stole if I were him.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Important Insight

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

These are not the words from a religious leader and team player, Khameneii's actions have been the use of absolute power, against the people, against the law, with total impunity.  However, how Disgusting is Khomeini's actions????? or Khameneii's actions in the scheme of crimes???? A serious crime no less malicious is committed by many people on this site who act and compare the IRI with the late shah.  Such malicious, nasty and disingenuous attacks on the character of the late king of Iran helped pave the way not just for these criminals to harm innocent Iranians of the previous generation, but also the entire generation to follow, who have suffered badly at the hands of the IRI criminals.  Aiding and abetting these akhoonds by Iranians who have lied about the past and wish to cover up their own crimes by insisting the late shah was a dictator, a tyrant and a despot is not far less malicious than the crimes of the mullahs and this is an important Insight of the basis for credibility gap that exists for anti-monarchists among the people of Iran. 

This is a commom character flaw example, a person steals from you and you go to address the harm done against you and instantaneously/impulsively you are accused of misplacing it and criticised for even implying you have been robbed by them.  The fault is conveniently all yours.  This is a serious gutless character flaw that needs to be addressed, by Iranians.  How likely is it, for the late shah or his relatives to have stolen billions of dollars while they were already very rich and in no need to steal?  Surely by creating 5 independent agencies to pursue corruption/theft, heavily funding them and providing them with all the resources they needed to uncover and track crimes would give solid proof they were not corrupt?  Did they even have the capability?  Did they have the motive?  Surely all these crimes they are alleged to have committed, there would at least be one piece of evidence, like we see of the USA or UK governments in their crimes?


Another "Mother of all Battles!"

by Faramarz on



And another dictator hiding in a rat hole!


Khamenei will never surrender.,,,,

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

He'll just run away. 

He , his malijak ahmadinezhad and their extended filthy, corrupt thieving family have enough money slashed away in foreign bank account, plus the planes on standby to take them to their safe heaven in Russia in case of trouble not to worry about anything. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


False & GODless Statement!

by Demo on



"The growing pressure is mainly aimed at making the Iranian nation surrender, "but Iran has not bowed and will never surrender to pressure, and this has made the enemy furious". The Iranian nation will overcome the harsh conditions through reliance on its natural wealth and talented people, said the Iranian leader."

1. Shouldn't he say "we as a nation" instead of saying "Iranian nation?"

2.  Khomeini in fact did bow down to pressure in ending the shameful 8 years of Iran-Iraq war after drinking the poisonous liquor. Didn't he?

3. Reliance on natural wealth & talented people with no mentioning of GOD first means nothing. Nothing but an absolute failure.

3. He is too old & is not qualified to be leader of anything. As simple as that. 



چپول و بسیجی خر کُن


تاریخ مصرف این حرفهای چپول و بسیجی خر کن خیلی وقته که گذشته.