Khamenei warns of government divisions after rial plunge

Calls on people to reproduce

Reuters: Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told Iranian officials on Wednesday to stop bickering over mounting economic woes as Tehran grapples with Western-imposed sanctions, voicing concern heightened by the collapse of the rial currency. "The country's officials should know and accept their responsibilities and not blame each other," Khamenei said in a televised speech in the northeastern c i ty of Bojnourd. "They should be united and sympathise with each other." >>>


Dr. Mohandes

RB jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

I disagree.

there is enough pent - up anger and real and palpable frustration, that i personally feel everytime i walk down that street. it is just that perhaps they want to avoid the scenes we all see day in and day out in syria. i mean, you go out there and strike up a conversation with just about anyone, and the first line is always some "golab" about this current situation:))

trust me. it is here and it is alive and freaking kicking like a mule. unless of course we fall for the rumor (?)that all or most of those who talk bad about the system and its policies are spies...

So i guess our question then becomes can one country house that many spies within it??!!  


mehdi jaan

by Reality-Bites on

You say:

 "...people are truly fed up, and just about anybody from any socio-economic class you talk with says to Hell with the Nuclear Power rights."

And I'm sure you are right. The problem is, people are not fed up enough to do anything about the situation, other than moaning.

Some brave souls poured into the streets in 2009 after that joke of an election and many of them lost their lives as a result. But the majority of Iranians just kept out of the clashes and allowed this vile regime to carry on making mess of the country.

Until that overwhelming majority says enough is enough and actually does something about the regime's misrule, things will not change in Iran. That's just the sad reality.


welcome back mehdi

by shushtari on

that is great news.....all we need is a leader with cojones to lead a revolt against these thieves.....

god bless an akhoond-free iran 


It matters ?

by fullback on

Did RIAL ever mattered in Iran since the take over by the Islamist everyting for sell in Iran is pegged to the US $$$$$ anyway They will soon come to their senses and Burn the Rial and use the US dollar for daily use.


The last time-out pep talk!

by Arj on

Despite his lame peptalk, Khamenei shows signs of weariness as he tries to divert the blame for the sanctions from the nuclear issue to pretty much anything but!

His perpetual opium buzz notwithstanding, he's starting to feel the pinch and frustrated to see upon hitting the iceberg, his sinking ship's crew are in a race to jump overboard!


Just came back from Iran last week

by mehdi2009 on


I came back to the US last week after visiting my mother for the last 3 months, and let me tell your first hand that the situation is 10 times Worse
than even the Biggest Apologists of the Mullah's Murderous Regime want you to

The prices for the basic goods are going up
not by the week or day but by the hour. A great deal of people in my age group
always say "As mast, Ke Bar mast". We were idiots that began that
idiotic revolution and now we and our children have to pay for it.

The regime has been morally bankrupt for a
long time, and now they are literally bankrupt. I am telling you there is
greater amount of Anger, Hate and despair than even 3 years ago. People are
truly fed up, and just about anybody from any socio-economic class you talk
with says to Hell with the Nuclear Power rights.

Salutation to All the True Sons and
Daughters of Iran.  




According to this idiot people shot at Basijis

by divaneh on

Do you remember how the basijis were firing into the crowd from the rooftop and windows of a Basij base. Now listen to this shameless Akhond at 10:45 to hear the reverse. He says people were shooting a hail of bullets at a Basij base. Shamelessness of Akhonds has no bound.   It however means that he is aware of the importance of this matter and the bitterness of the nation over what happened after the last election. He is hopelessly trying to win people back. 


I think he lives in a bubble

by azadi5 on

He seems to be so clueless about what is happening around him.

Also, I found it funny that he called England "Khabis". I think he has been watching Dai Jan Napelon lately :)


قدرت مدارها تا


قدرت مدارها تا مرگ زندانی ذهن بيمار خود هستند.


Keshesh nade :)

by hirre on

Keshesh nade :)

tehran e Azad

Khamenei zer zer ziadi mikoneh

by tehran e Azad on

At this point it is completely irrelevant what khamenei says . 

Dollar will hit 5000 and soon after 10000 and after that a free fall like you have never seen. IRI  will start printing 1000000000 rial bills!!! 


LOL funny guy

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Please Don't accuse each other, focus on blaming foreigners!

During just the AN period, the Islamic Extremist Regime has received more money from oil revenue than both the Pahlavi's Kings, accouting for inflation.  The Anti-Monarchists in Power today, were brought to Power with the help of Anti-Monarchists of the Past, the Results of Anti-Monarchists aren't too impressive and have distracted Iranians from enjoying Peace & Prosperity.  These  qualities arise out of a space of freedom, justice, progress and human rights.  The democratic foundations being built during the late shah's reign by his team, it's fair to say have been mostly destroyed and so the path back towards this national mission is now much further away as a result of this current period of tyranny.



تحریم های وحشیانه ولی بی اثر!




روزی که جیک جیک مستونت بود، فکر زمستونت نبود!

اقتصاد مقاومتی که سه ماه بیشتر دوام نیاورد. سپاه و بسیج هم بیشتر از سه روز مقاومت نخواهد کرد.

During Ahmadi's reign, the Regime has taken in $600 billion in oil revenues and they can't even account for a third of it


sanctions are working

by seannewyork on

he would not get up there and say the stuff he said unless they were working. 

this guy has so much hate in him.  pretty sad we are ruled by fools like him and his clan.

regime change by the people the only solution.


"blame game", exactly!

by Mehrban on

The question never is how to fix it but it is who to blame.  I don't know maybe that is the same thing in Iranian politics.

hamsade ghadimi

blame game

by hamsade ghadimi on

khameini added: "instead of blaming each other, country's officials should blame their economic woes on outsiders and ordinary iranian citizens such as the money exchangers."



by MRX on

I can not believe it's 2012 and we have olagh's like these in charge of countries out there. it's like an episode of twilight zone.