Sudan Accuses Israel Of Attack On Weapons Factory

Report claims plant produced Iranian missiles

Debka: Complex of military plants near Khartoum, whicht was bombed five minutes after midnight Wednesday, Oct. 24, by four fighter-bombers, recently went into manufacturing Iranian ballistic surface-to-surface Shehab missiles under license from Tehran, debkafile’s military and intelligence sources disclose >>>


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Payam jaan, you forgot to finish your comment!

by Reality-Bites on

Baba what happened to the obligatory shoaars? Come on:

 "allah'o'akbar, Khomeini rahbar",

"marg bar Israel, marg bar Amrika, marg bar this, marg bar that...." etc.

payam s

For all zionist loving idiots who think they are smart:

by payam s on

"Israel will be no more in 10 years!" -Henry Kissinger. They can terrorize the region all they want, they can threaten war on others all they want, they can bomb and massacre defenseless palestinians all they want, they can manipulate and instigate regional conflicts all they want, they can destabilize and attempt to balkanize different countries (iran, syria, lebanon, sudan, libya, etc.) all they want, they can break countless international laws and treatise all they want, but the world knows too well what scums zionists and their low-life supporters (such as those on this very site) truly are. With the decline of US hegemony, Israel is simply finished. This is the premise of Kissinger's statement. They have no where to go and nothing else to do but turn into a fascist apartheid state. They are crumbling from within and isolated from without. Israel is nothing but a white european colonial settlement with a sick and disturbed society and it will end as all other parasitic colonial outposts did. F***k Israel and their diseased and poisoned zombies everywhere. Your disease will die with the zionist state. 

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Why some only get upset when Islamist Terrorists are attacked?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Anonymous Observer

Iranian -Israeli spokesman for the Israeli military

by Anonymous Observer on

Speaks Persian.  Watch this video, about 2/3 through:




Frog's fear

by divaneh on

One frog to another: Oh, look, she is coming this way. Come on, run if you don't wnat to become a mula.

Anonymous Observer

DM jaan -

by Anonymous Observer on

Will see you tonight at the Tel Aviv apartment.  Don't forget to pick up some bread on your way home.  Thanks roomie.   


Is this the same Sudan that....

by Reality-Bites on

is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of its own citizens and displacement of millions more in the Darfur conflict?


Soosan Khanoom

by Faramarz on



What you are receiving from Doctor Mohandes and I is not attention, it is education!

You seem to be good at Physic-Shimi, but not at the real world stuff! So please pay attention. After all, as we say in Iran, "we have torn a few more shirts than you have!"

And please stop kissing those slimy things in the lab! What you are getting back from them is just muscle reflex, not true love!


 Last weekend in a city in

by rrrezz on

Last weekend in a city in Sweden I saw a group of native (I mean nordic) Swedish people who were campaining for "Ship to Gaza". I'm sure they could speak English.

One more thing: Critisism is not a bad thing. It can be even helpful. Although I just mean critisism and nothing else. 


Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

The only audience that is given to any voice against Israel is to those who can not speak a fucking word of English including Ahmaghi-Najaad.


Of course I'm not a fan of

by rrrezz on

Of course I'm not a fan of Sudan, partly because it (along with Jordan and some others) sent troops to aid Saddam against Iran. But what Dr Modandes says "now , hell, if the "invaded" countries and their "legitimate" governments got something they want to say or get off their chest, then they should bring it on and see what more is in store for them." is what in Persian called "qanune jangal".  An argument that can be used "the other way around" is far from smart.    Maybe somebody can show me the light of corporate truth. 

Soosan Khanoom

Dr. Mohandes azizam , I don't kill frogs. I only kiss them

by Soosan Khanoom on

To see if any would turn to a prince. So far no luck..

Now could you and Faramarz please give half of the attention you are giving me to Vildemose, Mehrban, and TS 9 so they stop going postal on me in any chance they get?  

Thankx... :) 

Dr. Mohandes

AO and faramarz

by Dr. Mohandes on


This is president al bashir and i wanted to thank you for your best wishes for me for Al ghorban. same to u too brothers. Ahlan va sahlan ya akhis.e

Al brother AO. How is al everything in al tel al viv? bretty bretty babes eh??:))

al shokran al brother.

Hey akbar...Is our blane ready yet? will you contact the bilot?

ok i have to go. 

Dr. Mohandes

Let's not make this personal!

by Dr. Mohandes on

 Why is our famous lady scientist who slices the heck out of frogs and all other amphibians, is so damn concerned about who has the cleanest record of all and who does not???!!! 

This is about setting rogue countries and their leaders on the right path, and to let them know that being weasles that they are will not pay off anymore, regardless of what kind of f...up assbackward ideology they promote and preach.

now , hell, if the "invaded" countries and their "legitimate" governments got something they want to say or get off their chest, then they should bring it on and see what more is in store for them.

Of course we all know this is all nothing but a puppet show and who the hell are these "leaders" to even think of being challengers to their master puppeteers (check the spelling for me there my precious SK, will ya?) but still it is nice to see their behinds kicked and handed to them and maybe even if we are lucky, things will get so sexy and hot that we will see them go "deady" bye bye.




عید قربان مبارک!



Best wishes to Sepah and al-Bashir!

May your blood be spilled on this holy day of animal cruelty.

Anonymous Observer

Excellent! A country that is led by an indicted war criminal

by Anonymous Observer on

should not get its hands on any advanced weapons...or any weapons at all for that matter. 


Excellent.   All

by vildemose on



All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

Soosan Khanoom

Invading another country? Indeed more S*** on BiBi's resume!!

by Soosan Khanoom on

Celebrate while you can.   Cause this, too, shall pass ...


You would think

by MRX on

a piss poor country like Sudan will spend its resources improving people's lifes, instead they are tyring to build bombs and missiles. who ever blow it away they did a good job!


Great news for Iran

by Thought on

Now they can send more people to outsource Iranian developments in foreign soil. 

Sudan can now buy with the missle manufacturing, a complete Iranian  advance radar system. This way they can get to see and hit the enemy way before enemy entering their land. That would be a win for Iran as GDP grows and win for Sudan to secure its borders.

Good job Israel, one more deadly enemy to deal with in the near future when they get stronger. hehe


Sending Iranian Manufacturing Jobs to Sudan!

by Faramarz on



They should've dropped a bomb on al-Bashir's head too.


No, that's not enough. You

by rrrezz on

No, that's not enough. You should kill them all; like native Americans. I say this only for your own good. Because even after the Islamists are gone, if the country is not completely destroyed, the secular goverment (like Shah) will have to develope some weapons and militaly and that will certainly be a threat to "our very existence". Aditionally the Bible doesn't say anything about Arabs or Muslims so that's another reason to kill them all.

Kill them all and then you can sleep comfortably.

Dr. Mohandes

Thank you Israel

by Dr. Mohandes on

For doing the right thing, for proving to these bastards that you mean buisness and making them crap their pants.

There is more on this side of the pond. so we will see you soon and please don't be late.





by Fred on

Before IDF is forced to take preemptive  preventive measures against the weaponized nuke acquiring Messianic Islamist Rapists who are sharing their deadly weaponry with other terrorists, Iranian people have to do what it takes to overthrow the savages, “reformist” and all.

Backbreaking airtight sanctions plus air/naval quarantine in addition to logistical help from the sane world is a must.