Apollo 11 Crew in Tehran

Including first man on the Moon, October 15, 1969

Minute 1:08 Neil Armstrong shows Apollo toy rocket to Reza Pahlavi.


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Look at difference

by MRX on

Once we had man of this caliber visiting Iran now you have all sort of backward ertejayee islamo communist wacky hezbollahi lefty visting Iran.  


Thanks Bahram jon

by Souri on

If the trip was not paid by the Iranian government, that's okay but it still doesn't change anything about the exageration of the ceremony.

Of course I would be proud to see my kids visiting those astronautes but I would certainly  organize a better opportunity for the kids to meet them, not in such velango vaz ceremony.


Souri jan

by bahram9821 on

Souri jan this trip was finance and sponsored by US government, Iran did not paid for the trip. //www.wingnet.org/rtw/RTW005JJ.HTM. I don’t know about you but if my kids had an opportunity to see and talk to the first man who walked on the moon I would have done it in a heartbeat.


get over it you losers!

by Fesenjoon2 on

تمام ریخت و پاشهای حکومت پهلوی را با هم جمع هم بزنیم بند انگشت ولخرجیهای حکومت اسلامی کنونی هم نمیشه!

سگ حکومت پهلوی به این رژیم آخوندی شرف داره بخدا! متاسفم از اونهایی که این موضوع را هنوز نمی بینند. لیاقتتون لابد همین رژیم خامنه ایه دیگه! خوش باشید!  



منکه هیچ افتخاری نمیکنم


وقتیکه فکرشو می‌کنم که در اون زمان چقدر در ایران ملت گرسنه و فقیر، چه
از نظر مالی، چه اجتماعی و فرهنگی‌ وجود داشت، چقدر وضع مدارس خراب بود،
هیچگونه بیمه‌های اجتماعی وجود نداشت، و در همون زمان، یک چنین مهمانی‌های
پر خرج در دربار داده میشد، خرج سفر فضانوردان امریکایی رو میدادن که بیان
ایران ؟ که چی‌ بشه؟

در ضمن،  در یک مهمانی رسمی‌ که انواع مشروبات
الکلی هم ارو می‌شده، دو تا بچه زیر ده سال، در اون موقع شب، تو مهمونی چه
غلطی میکردن؟

این همه افراط و تفریط، اسمشو هم میذارن "افتخار ملی‌" !



by Shemirani on

 Thanks for the video ....Happy Days When Iranians were living like Normal people on this earth !!!!


Anglophile well said !!! Hanooz nemidoonim be in Harfaye Ahmamaghanashoon bayad bekhandim ya be in Karaye vahshianashoon zarzar gereye konim ! In enghelabioon dar maghzeshoon Pehen dashtand !

I also remember" Moe Zan ashae dare" it was so shocking and silly, I wonder how "adults" of that time believed it !! Bodo Bodo Chador sar kon Ashat kassiro tahrik nakone LOOOOL

Vali  mighan ma enghelab kabir faranse mikhastim LOOOOOL What a bullshiters !!!!!!


Fascinating Video, I Just Wonder How Many Iranians are AWARE

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

that there was a time when the USA supported those who sought peace, progress and human rights for all in Iran like the late Shah and it was the height of Western Hypocrissy to bring terrorism, despotism, torture and regression to iran and to deceive Iranians who now live in despair with the terror of a gun pointed to their heads.  Such filth, the IRI represents & in harmony with THE WESTS TRUE yet concealed VALUES, OF Tyranny, Corruption, Dictatorship, Repression, Torture, Suppression and Subjugation/Slavery.  Thankfully, at least the leadership of The USA is under no illusions and completely aware of how shameful and despicable their actions are today and for the last 40 years with respect to the middle east and north Africa.  Maybe actions will change on the US side of the equation, where as citizens of the UK are mesmerised by their NHS, good values & character not unlike the Israelis which LIKE OTHERS ARE actually are proof of a lack compassion or kindness not a desire for it when their foreign policies are so filthy. Education For Iranians. The USA, France and UK are the Greatest Nations in the World, in the sense that they made Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini bow their heads down in Shame, that they could be surpassed in their inhumanity and cruelty and for so much longer.  Great for the wrong reasons.



A proud period in Iranian history where being Iranian was an ass


asset instead of a liability that it is today! 

Javid Shah

Shlomo loves rockets specially the big Israeli ones aimed at the mullahs!


And 10 years later ...

by anglophile on



ملت امام خود را در ماه ديده بوده 

گويا فضا نوردى در ماه ريده بوده

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Minute 1:09 Daddy buys the rocket...........and the Concord.......and sends some money to Venice to save the city from submersion.........