Houshang "Lord" Jafari: UK Sharia Divorce Battle

Wife has a problem with live-in pregnant mistress

Daily Mail: A self-styled 'lord' is fighting a bitter court battle against his wife who wants to divorce him for making his young mistress pregnant for the second time. Houshang Jafari, 60, is fighting wife Aghdas Bidaki, 53, over an affair with a woman 20 years her junior. Mr Jafari insists he is allowed a second wife under Sharia Law, the moral code of Islam and has moved mistress Katrina - who has dubbed herself Lady Jafari - into his luxurious £1.2million flat. But Ms Bidaki, who still lives in the couple's family home, claims his fling with the woman is grounds for divorce after he got her pregnant again. The couple came head-to-head at Bristol County Court in the divorce battle - with the husband cross-examining his wife in the civil case. The court was told that millionaire property developer Mr Jafari had married Ms Bidaki in Iran in 1978, but he had now moved out of the couple's home in Downleaze, Bristol >>>



Sabet Imani (ruhash shaad)

by Frashogar on

He was also a member of the Baha'i Faith from what I understand and Zia Ataba'is former business partner in NITV at one point.

My heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.


Noor-e-din Sabet Imani

by Faramarz on



Doctor Mohandes,

Mr. Sabet Imani passed away in LA before 7 AM this morning. He has been ill for the past several months and did not appear in the shows including Sasan Kamali's Khorshid where he read the news and also poetry from Hafez and Molavi.

He has been a fixture on Iranian TV and Radio for over 60 years. He got his start at Iran Air Force Radio back then. 

May god bless the man who was so capable and humble and brought joy to 70 million of us.

Dr. Mohandes

N. sabet imani...Passed away.

by Dr. Mohandes on

Just got news that Nurredin sabet imani has passed on.

could not find much on the cause of death. was hoping you guys could help.

May he rest in peace. 


Applying a separate set of laws for a segment of the population

by Mehrban on

is racist and discriminatory.  


Sharia can be convenient, depends

by Rea on

If she doesn't lack anything and is well provided for, should wish him good luck and let him go.

If otherwise, should take ALL his money and see how the young one would do when money is no longer there. I doubt the honeymoon will last in that case.

Esfand Aashena

So sharia law is ok in Britain?! Dirt on British law's head!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


Sounds like a J-LO type divorce ... pretty common these days

by MaryamJoon on

... not worth getting worked up over a 60 year old man's divorce


نو که میاد به بازار، کهنه میشه دل آزار!




Scroll down the link to see Aghdas and Katrina's pictures side-by-side.

His Lordship, "A Modest man with much to be modest about!"