Maya Nasser: Press TV Reporter Killed in Damascus

Bureau chief also wounded

Press TV: Maya Nasser, a correspondent for Iran's Press TV network, has been killed by a sniper while reporting on air in Damascus, according to the network. Hossein Mortada, who serves as Damascus bureau chief for both the English-language Press TV and Arabic-language Alam TV, was wounded in the same attack, the network said on Wednesday. A statement posted on Nasser's Arabic-language Facebook page said he had been shot through the neck while he and Mortada covered the aftermath of large explosions at the army's general staff headquarters at Umayyad Square >>>


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One Gets

by fullback on

RIP, to this reporter. The Fact is the individuals who work for Seda va Sima or Press TV are all ex pasdar or Basij, otherwise they will not get forign assignment. These Pasdar and basijis who serve as reporters in Syria or even in NY or London for Press TV are there to collect information for the Revelutionary Guard. thefore they are Informants for the Enemy. the Enemy is the Islamist Ocuupiers of Iran. After Bashar is Khomaini


Working for Mafia

by divaneh on

Serving the violent regimes will only spread the violence for all. He had the taste of the medicine that his masters administered to others.


Of occupational Hazards...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

...of dealing with an "opposition" which shoots back: 

If one goes to syria as an employee of a regime which openly declares sending it's armed mercenary sepah and basij thugs to shoot at and kill the defenceless, unarmed syrian women and children "Neda Style", one should certainly consider  the cosequences...  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by nojanthegreat on

So our beloved freedom fighter of Syrian nationality or most likely Saudi or Jordanians or well you see where I am going with this, are snipping news crews ? What is shocking me today is the fact that all media in us blame Assad for the killing and now ones talk about this so called FSA crimes against humanity. There are numerous report of the war crimes done by FSA in urban areas. Well its is know to people who shall care . And those who wants to bash Iran and act retarded , the may as well support MEK or OBL groups .


Good riddance

by asadabad on

This dog was nothing but a spokesman for the terrorist regime occupying Iran.  Le it be lesson for those who play with fire.


friendly fire

by Fred on

Give the documented fact, and corroborated by the public pronouncements of high ranking military officials of the Messianic Islamist Rapists, that IRR is helping the Battist murderers in Syria, this tragic assassination could very well be a case of friendly fire.