Obama 'unable to meet' Netanyahu -- Split Over Iran

Washington wants more time for diplomacy and sanctions to take effect

BBC: The White House has denied that President Barack Obama refused to meet Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu this month, amid tensions over Iran. Mr Netanyahu's team had asked for talks during the UN General Assembly in New York, but US officials said Mr Obama's schedule would not allow it. Mr Netanyahu has met Mr Obama on all but one of his US trips since 2009. Earlier, Mr Netanyahu criticised the US for not being tough enough on Iran over its nuclear programme >>>

Fox News

Al Jazeera


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iraj khan

The truth is out

by iraj khan on

the filthy Zio-Nazi elements are responsible for Islomophobia in the United States and on this site.

That's why our embassies get attacked because of the filthy followers and supporters of Israel who push hatred towards Muslims to cover their racist criminal occupation of Muslim land in the Middle East.

The Zio-Nazists who writes two blogs a day pushing Natenyahu's agenda on this Iranian website are responsible for creating hatred towards the followers Islam.

This is the truth of the matter and the filthy Zio-Nazists are not going to pull us into another war in Middle East.

That's President Obama's position.


Israel is useless to America, and you hear Americans say that

by MaryamJoon on

The Israelis have tried to offload so much harm to the American people that I am surprised Americans haven't formed private-police forces to combat them - the US government might even take that step officially.  It's clear that even US government officials realize that Israel is a problem for the entire world.   


Artificial Intelligence

by Mashala on

WEST and ISRAEL haven't done any of them, have they?

This is when I must say: Rooto beram? Ya, Roo to beram?

Artificial Intelligence

Calm Down Dear Shotor

by Artificial Intelligence on

Filthy Islamists have been killing each other for 1400 years now. Stop blaming your failures on Israelis and Jews. 

Stop blaming savage Islamist behavior on Israel. The reason why Islamist, such as yourself, are attacking US embassies is because of Islamist cannibalistic behavior towards Coptic Christians in Egypt. A Coptic Christian made the movie you liar. Not an Israeli. That is right Iraj Khan. Stop All the Chakhan Iraj Kahn!

Islamic Republic of Iran is a failure and kills & tortures Muslims on a daily basis. Islamic Rapist Republic is instrumental in Syria's Assad's murder of 25,000 Muslims in the past year yet you are silent! Why?

Why is it OK for Muslims to Kill Muslims and threaten to destroy other non-muslim  nations  and you say nothing about it but when other nations are afraid of Islamist behavior you scream AIPAC you hypocrite?

Iraq is A failure run by muslims killing muslims

Syria is a failure run by muslims killing muslims

Afghanistan is a failure run by muslims killing muslims

Pakistan is a failure  run by muslims killing muslims

Egypt is a failure run by muslims

Yemen is a failure run by Muslims

Lebanon is a failure because of the IRI muslims

Sudan Is a failure run by Muslims

Libya is a failure run by Muslims

Gaza, your true homeland where you belong, is a failure run by Muslims

Islamist such as yourself are hasood. Very Hasood.

You are Savages killing each other left and right like there is no tomorrow.   Shame on you!

I'm just saying. 



iraj khan

The majority

by iraj khan on

of Israelies that includes the criminal members of their regime, think of attacking Iran as a great idea if it's done by the United States.

One can read the polls taken in Israel and see their support for a war with Iran if it involves Americans.

Israel is one of the reason why the U.S. emabassies are being attacked all over the Islamic world. It's Israel and its lackies who are fanning the flame of Islomphobia here in the United States and all over the world.

One can read the Islomophobic articles written by Israel Lobby here on this website on a daily basis. One can see the movies they produce or the agenda they push in U.S. media and the U.S. congress.

It's Israel who by occupying other peoples' land that includes the third holiest city to Muslims, Al Quds (Jerusalem), makes U.S. to pay for it politically and with the lives of American people as we saw in Libya a few days ago.

Israelies are not idiots, they are a greedy freeloader nation whose greed knows no end and it's costing U.S. lives and treasures.

It's Israel that is giving President Obama a 6 months deadline to attack Iran or they would unleash their mafia like organizations on president Obama.

That's what this thread and this piece of news is all about and lets not digress from it.  


Israeli regime maybe arrogant, but....

by Reality-Bites on

it previously had no issues with Iran.

Why is the fact the the Islamic Republic has been intent on creating conflict with Israel ever since it came to power being ignored here? How do you expect Israel to react when IR constantly calls for its destruction?

The reality is, the IR WANTS to have a conflict with Israel. Why? Because not only will any aerial attack of Iran's nukes sites only delay - not stop - IR's nukes program, but it will lead to exactly what the Islamic Republic wants: badly needed International sympathy/support, which will persuade many countries to break the economic sanctions agaisnt the IR and a diversion from internal problems at home.

It will give the IR the perfect excuse to say to the International Community: "look, we have been attacked by the war mongering Zionists and we are now totally justified in developing nukes weapons because we have the right to defend ourselves".

Additionally should civilian Iranian blood be shed, it is likely many Iranians, previously unhappy with IR, will rally behind the regime and prolong its rule.

Even the US and many in Israel's own intelligence services and military are saying an attack on Iran is a bad idea. And yet Natenyahu and his equally dense defence minister, Ehud Barak, keep banging the drums of war, which is exactly what the Islamic Republic wants.

Why does anyone suppose "president" AN and Rahbar continually goad Israel by calling for its destruction, just when they should be looking to reduce tensions? Because they WANT a conflict and the Israeli leadership might just be stupid enough to give it to them.

iraj khan

It's not about

by iraj khan on

Iran "playing with Israeli fire"

but about an arrogant racist regime, Israel's regime, pushing a super power to fight on her behalf, giving United States 6 months deadline to go to war with Iran, or else.

it's about a bankrupt racist ideology that is pushing the United States to go to war with Iran resulting the death of hundreds if not thousand young American soldiers.

As for Israeli 'fire' it must be said:

Israeli 'fire' is reserved for helpless defenseless Palstinian men and women and not for a great nation such as Iran, Israel would never dare to attack Iran on her own. They don't have the guts, they are not idiots.

Why should President Obama meet with the head of the last racist government in the world? The United Nation has declared Zionism is a racist ideology and Israel is a racist country.

Who the hell is he anyway?

We are the ones who are giving them billions of dollars a year, we are the ones who give them political cover to contiue their criminal policy of land confiscations and settlement building, but he wants even more. 

Talking about greed, free money, free land, free military hardware, free political cover. Is there any end to their greedy ways. 


Netanyahu = war mongering idiot

by Reality-Bites on

And his plans should be opposed.

But let's also remember it is the Islamic Republic that for 33 years has been shouting "marg bar Israel", burning the Israeli flag, arming and funding Hezbollah and Hamas to fight a proxy war against Israel.

It's also the IR president who keeps calling for Israel to disappear and be wiped out and claiming the Holocaust is a lie etc.

When you play with fire, don't complain when you get burned.


No Whining

by jirandoust on

Why this guy keeps bitching about Obama and the US? Hell, half the Israeilis don't want him to bomb Iran...and 90% of Americans don't want US to go to war with Iran!


Has Fred Passed away?

by Mashala on

Has Fred Passed away?

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Moshala, soon it is actually going to be

by Soosan Khanoom on

The United States of Israel .... 

Soosan Khanoom

Exactly Iraj khan and very well said.

by Soosan Khanoom on

Thank you

iraj khan

Watched and read

by iraj khan on

whatever I could find about Yaboo's disagreement with President Obama yesterday.

This Zio-Nazi was asking for a deadline in 6 months so U.S. would attack Iran if that deadline passed and U.S. said no.

He wants to force a deadline on U.S.A to attack Iran! Can anyone believe his arrogance and audacity?

Billions of dollars that they steal from us through their lackies AIPAC and Congress is not enough for these leaches.

They are demanding young American soldiers' blood to keep their Apartheid Racist regime. 

PS: and 'Khak Bar Sar U.S. corporate news establishment for parading all those Israel lackies on their screen people like CNN's Wolfe Blitzer, etc.


Did you hear that? Nayton

by Mashala on

Did you hear that? Nayton Yaboo had harsh words for Barack Obama.  Then the senators took sides with yaboo and attacked Obama. What the hell was that? 

Let us just resolve this capitol issue by announcing Washington as Israel's capital and Jerusalem as Palestine's capitol. 

Then Yaboo said, Those who don't put red lines on Iran don't have the right to put red line on Israel.  When it should really be the opposite, since it is Israel who has illegally acquired Nukes and even used them.

Yaboo has been given the false impression that either he is very smart or people are stupid.

God Bless USA 



If that is not [and rightfully] a bilakh...

by Bavafa on

Not sure what it is.

Americans have had enough of this warmonger to play dirty politics with America and try to get them yet into another war solely at the cost of American lives and only to the benefit of the right wing Israelis.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

IRI logic: stanley نه شرقی نه غربی جمهوری اسلامی :)مرگ بر آمریکا و اروپا و روسیه و کانادا. مرگ بر ترکیه و مصر و آذربایجان و عربستان و قطر و امارات. مرگ بر کره زمین غیر از خودمون و بشار اسد