Ah what if we were like them?

Photo essay: Snapshots from my trip to Japan

by Orang Gholikhani
I’ve always admired the Japanese for their achievement. These people are living on small islands in Asia with few natural resources and they are one of the most powerful industrial nations in the world. They are on the edge of high-tech while living with their traditions very respectfully. They copy everything, the Eiffel tower; Statue of Liberty and famous bridges. But they put on their traditional suits as soon as they can. In Iran if somebody asks you to take off your shoes before entering, people would consider him a “has been”. In Japan it is normal, as they consider it cleaner than entering with your shoes. Ah what if we were like them? Most of these photos are from Tokyo. Saturday I visited Shiba Park where many weddings were celebrated and on Sunday I visited Nikko (info) and Lake Chuzenji (info) during a snowing day. It was great and I want share some photos with you.

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Your are wrong!

by Izzy (not verified) on

Mr. Wonder,

IRAN is much better than Arab states in culture. The problem is the Iranian people Not the regime. If Iranians learn to change their ways, Iran will turn around and improve step by step.

Merry Christmas


To Izzy

by I wonder (not verified) on

What on earth are you saying? you don't make any sense .... are you smoking something?

Iran uner mullahs will be a second Japan?!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahaha

Orang Gholikhani

Japanese secrets

by Orang Gholikhani on

I think have found Japanese secrets :

- They Work hard

- They respect each other

- They are honest

- They pay more attention to common intrest than their own

- They are very proud of their culture.

Comparing with Iranians, we have only the last one. We should do the reste !

About day to day life, they are very clean and silent. They don't feel confortable to say NO. If a Japanese don't say Yes, it means NO.

In the other hand, they smoke a lot and every where! There is a first place I saw, when you ask a coffee, they ask you if you want it cold or hot! they eat and drink many cold stuff

No I didn't visit traditional bath ! but in Hotel's bath I could observe they don't have the same apraoch to nudity as other countries.



Orang ,did you visit their bath houses too?

by Anonymous irani (not verified) on

I admired Japanese for their achievements and their forgiveness.They have achieved so much after WWII and they have a sense of forgiveness that us Iranians do not have.No matter what USA have done to us in the past we need to forget and continue with our lives just like Japanese did after close to 200.000 of them perished.Now on the lighter side,did you visit they bath houses?I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in Japan,he said they have mixed sex bath houses and men and women have to take their clothes off before entering the bath house,but the bath houses is separated by a short wall,so you could see the naked women taking baths.They have a man who stays guard and if a man tries to look our the wall the man who has a stick and he hits them with the stick,but I suppose not hard.


Iran will be like JAPAN

by Izzy (not verified) on

Orange Jaan,

IRAN will be the most advanced nation in the region. SHAH and religion are the past antiques. We have to move forward. Most Iranian/Americans still think about their dear Prince Reza Pahlavi to return home. The British stopped him lastweek in D.C. We have to change our way of thinking. Religion is no longer an important issue. It is a private practice. The Japanese were helped by the U.S. but they pushed themselves for a better nation. CHINA is evern better now. VIETNAM has build tall skycrapers in Saigan and Ho Chi Minh. We have to learn that these countries were under war for a long time but put their past aside and moved on. U.S. might help IRAN but Persians have to make the decision for it.


old sentiment

by Aziz (not verified) on

Japan's achievements have long been viewed as a model for backward Asiatic countries. Iran included. Both during the previous republic of Shahanshahi and the current regime of Akhoundshahi our clueless press have always promised "We will soon catch up with Japan". "Banzai"...It takes a bit more work and a lot less talk than we are used to.


Orang jan,. you said it

by Souri on

Now I got your point. Very well said my dear. You are absolutely right on this. Sorry I didn't get it first. Loved your point. Thank you.

Orang Gholikhani

Il n'y a pas d'ange ou diable

by Orang Gholikhani on

Souri Jan,

There is a misundrestanding. I don't say Japanese are perfect and don't want to live there. I undrestand that Canadian or French dont want to be like them!

I wrote these line not as a French but as an Iranian. In Asia the only country which is competing with Westerners and over achieved them  is Japan and they aren't "Gharbzadeh" ! Some Iranians seem ashamed by their heritage and traditions, thinking it will give them same knowledge as westerners. Japanses are not like that.

Some people think Asians culture doesn't allow Technologic achievement, Japense shows reverse.



Avocat du Dibale ....!!

by Souri on

Orang jan,

What a beautiful trip, what a wonderful experience ! The pictures are amazing. I really got jealous, it is one of my old dream travelling to Japan.

On the other note, I don't want to become like them as I haven't heard good thing about the society. Their school and education, is one of the most restrict, hard and difficult to bear. As you may already know, many children commit suicide because of the brutal rules in their schools.

Another point is the prostitution. I'd seen a Canadian TV documentary, which ranked Japan as the third country of the world, in the prostitution business, after Thailand and Israel. What is happening in their night club and closed door private house, is really horrifying.

Of course as a tourist, we see only the surface, but deep inside the country, there are horrible dormant truth....This is what I have heard and gathered from the media, not a personal experience.


Dear Mr. Gholikhani,

by Killjoy (not verified) on

Japan looks wonderful in these photos. I enjoyed almost all of them. Thanks for sharing.

And happy birthday!



by ThePope on

Thanks for sharing...
Great pictures,,,, all of them were nice, but my favorite was #47!!!


ps   J'suis totalement d'accord avec vous; si seulement on etait comme eux. Juste un peu. Ou meme juste un tout p'tit peu...! 


Nice Photos

by AnonymousMM (not verified) on

But believe me. Nobody wants to be like Japanese. Cause then we would all look alike. And imagine all the confusion... We are used to recognising one another from a mile away.