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Photo essay: Radio Javan bash in San Francisco

by radiojavan
Radio Javan held its first Persian party event in San Francisco on Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at Sens Club and Lounge. Thanks to everyone who came out and made this a sold out event with music featuring DJ Delbar, DJ Taba, and DJ Blutex and hosted by Tehran! We hope everyone had an amazing time and we look forward to our next event in San Francisco. Thank you for your support! >>>

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Thanks for sharing

by imp2009 on

Thanks for sharing your nice post. Your post and the attached photos revel that you enjoyed a eventful party night. Such kind of party is always a fun. Waiting for more from you.
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This is really scary! what

by nuts on

This is really scary! what is with all that make-up?



by KouroshS on

It is Sooo not and should not even be a lesson!

what are you talking about aziz. Go to any iranian or even an american party without any "loud" forms of entertainment and that is what you see.

as far as those who are in their 40's and 50's and still live in the past, that is a sorry state of affairs. What can i say,


That's it!

by Kareem on

I am moving to SF.



by yolanda on

 #5, the wristbands, is my favorite! I also like #39, the couple is very beautiful! 

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


Those who think folks in these photos are not dressed properly

by Anonymouse on

This is how you dress when you go to a party or club with loud club music.  You don't go there to drink tea! So use this photo essay as a lesson on how to dress, if and when you decide to go to a similar gathering!  If you never go to these places then never mind!

There is a nice poem by our good friend Orang who wrote a poem about Iranians in 40s and 50s who still go to clubs, hold a beer and head-bob to the music! Dameshoon garm!


Everything is sacred.

Farah Rusta

Bimbos Galore

by Farah Rusta on

Why Iranians, women in particluar, no matter how long they live in US or Europe, retain their gaudy dress sense?



It's the story of...

by ghalam-doon on

We used to have parties when we were in our 20's too. But there wasn't so much makeup and so many body parts on display 

Anyway, we should all be proud of our youngsters and youngster-wanna-bes who can dress like this and put Paris Hilton, and those  "Girls Next Door" to shame

I think it's the story of

کلاغه اومد راه رفتن کبک رو یاد بگیره٬ راه رفتن خودش هم یادش رفت!!



by capt_ayhab on

So many nose jobs and so much botox..............

Beautiful people nonetheless.



UI, she can play in my team anytime. my observation was purely

by Zal on

informational and for research and social studies purposes. And sorry, don't know her.



by UnitedIran on

Love your reference....question is who is affiliation not important!!



by Yaasi on

I just don't understand why the majority of Iranian women love to wear so much makeup and reveal their bodies, I wonder if they look up to Hollywood??? to me it is more like the celebrities on the  Boulevard than the Studio's..... Sorry Charlie not impressed!!!!!!! Also I always thought the Radio is for Javanan, not so much for "Wanna be"s


UI, she is the one I referenced in my comment and pix #95

by Zal on

that would be interesting to watch a catfight for. She might only be interested in the opposing team.


I am in lovvvvvve

by UnitedIran on

Who is the girl in the far left wearing pink??? Impressive!


Absence of Poise and Grace...

by faryarm on

Absence of Poise ,Grace, and Mystery..

The once distinctive characteristics of  Persian "Beauty"




by Souri on

I recognized my cousin's daughter among the party girls!!

She is here to study Pharmacy, not to go to such a party, lol

Ageh be babash nafogtam :)

ex programmer craig


by ex programmer craig on

My comment went onto the photo page lol

So many pretty girls! So many mini-skirts :)

What's going on with number 108, though?

Holly, I agree with you. I used to go to clubs when I was 30 with my ex who is a couple years older than me. She always wanted to hang out with the 20ish kids on the dance floor, which was fine for her because 30 something Chinese women look like teenagers anyway but I felt really out of place even at 30. I still go to clubs once in a while but I hang out with people my own age, and its usually at a table and not in the middle of the crowd :)



Where is Hugh Hefner?

by pedro on


Aside from hummer, It is nice to see our hamvatan ha are having fun. Good for them.

Jaye ma ham khali.


I don't know about you guys...

by HollyUSA on

But the women wearing age appropriate attire mostly talk about the latest trends in outragously expensive keefo kafsh. Myself, I prefer to talk about Iranian men in their 40's and 50's wearing True Religion Jeans which by the way is a practice that I personally believe should be outlawed as the typical Iranian man (of that generation) didn't have the greatest 'ass'ets even at a young age lol. We won't even get into the belly hanging over the low waist of the True Religions.


If they wear age appropriate attire what'd we talk about then?!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


Anonymouse Jan joonam

by HollyUSA on

I didn't say they shouldn't GO. I just meant they should wear clothing and makeup appropriate for their age (and the often resulting body type) instead of trying to look like the 20 year olds azizam.


Holly jaan Iranian parties are for all (most) ages!

by Anonymouse on

Where should 40 and 50 year old Iranians go to party?  Remember our 40 and 50 year olds dance to the same cheezy pop music, both Persian and club (disco ;-)

Like Faramarz said not much has changed, that includes the dancing and music.  Although much was changed for my generation and my parents' generation of post WWII. 

It's not like there are thousands of clubs and parties for Iranians of various ages.  This is not a chat club organized by age groups! So come one, come all, come as you are! 

Everything is sacred.



by HollyUSA on

What's your issue with Photo #10?

I agree about the 'fakeness' but these are 1) people in their 20's 2) They grew up or even were born here. Some degree of superficiality is to be expected. Most will grow out of it (hopefully).

What I 'have an issue with' is the 40 some year olds dressing and acting the same as these young people.


I agree that RadioJavan people are paid IRI agents who drive MBs

by Anonymouse on

Just kidding too!  Radio Javan's parties are very good and I wish them more success. They are now becoming a franchise and are coast to coast. 

Faramarz jaan they're the same, we have changed! They don't look at us anymore or if they do we remind them of their dad or uncles! lol  Also, this is just a snap shot of 2nd generation, many of them don't go to Iranian concerts or parties such as these.  These are IRI agents!

Everything is sacred.


The Song Remains the Same

by Faramarz on

Great Pictures and a Great Party!

Hugh Hefner (Playboy) was married for about 10 years in the 90’s. When he finally got a divorce and got back into the action he said this, “in the past 10 years that I have been gone, not much has changed. There is a new crop of beautiful 20-year olds that come out every year. The only thing new now is Viagra!”

So, here is my take.

The club scene has not changed much. The girls still look great with those big beautiful eyes. They still wear black and move in packs. They project a wild image, but deep down most of them are timid! They are having fun though. The guys look non-committal as usual and very few of them are with dates. Dance floor is full of girls dancing with each other, as usual. There are more blonds now than before. And the girls look more camera savvy, as if planning on posting the pictures on their FaceBook. But looks like a great party, nevertheless.


radiojavan is funded by the regime to distract people..



lol @ the kid Tehran. this guy is EVERY WHERE! 


Old man's view

by hamfekr on

Way under my age; way out of my league.

I have, however, 2 issues here and I only hope, I really do, they will lead us  to some kind of discussion over cultural matters without any attempt to politicizing it.

1- I see a lot of superficiality, kind of super fake "Paris Hilton"ness among Iranian girls in these photos. The ones with relaxed and original facial and body language are in absolute minority.

2- I have an Issue with Photo# 10, both in format and, in substance.

I hope everybody enjoyed the party; nonetheless. 


Hmmmmm, lots of makeup, tude, self-restoration and

by Zal on

eye~~brow shaving. Yet the crowd in Iran looks a lot better. Must be the water.

And it would be cool if you get the 2 in 95 into a catfight.




by on

Wooow ... Cheghadr dokhtar-e khoshkel.  Now .. Do you prefer this or Ahmadinejads wife ?  LOL 

Seriously it looks like it was rockin .. So dressed up.. Glad the recession hasnt taken away the capacity of people to party.





hot hot hot

by SheilaE on

these ladies are hot hot hot. AWESOEM