And life goes on

Photo essay

by Mahi Teshneh


my favorite?

by The man for all seasons (not verified) on

I love and cherish the lips in photograph number 15.

It brought back the best memories of Iran that once I knew.

Thank you.

Mona 19

Photography ...

by Mona 19 on

... is a way of feeling, of touching, of's an art of observation...

And you,Dear Mahi,you're doing a great Job,Well done, and Thank You :)

My Favorites are #6 who is Soooo Cute ;) ,#11 Sweet and Pretty Angel ,#75,#85


P.S.Good take of Yourself and Your friend#20 ;)




I believe...

by Midwesty on

you know a third way of communicating with objects. I am still learning the first one. I have so much memory from Park-e-Gheytareye. I loved the human connections in your photos. My favorite is #79.


Great pictures

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The Iranians are stereo typed a lot and you are
doing a service by showing their humanity. The misinformation and painting a group of people has been used (among others by Hitler), you are fighting that disinformation by your talent. Thank you.

Niki Tehranchi

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

by Niki Tehranchi on

I normally avoid the photo essays (except when JJ publishes his own, and then it's mostly to follow the narrative). Something about the portrait displayed on the cover made me curious. I am so happy now that I clicked on it! The photos were absolutely beautiful. My favorite are your portraits. You feel like you know the person and their background story when you look at your subjects. Bravo!


All of your photos are superb!!

by Ari (not verified) on

Thank you for sharing these wonderful, beautiful photos with us. You gave me a glimpse of everything that I love about Iran, the young, the old, the very special things which are simply unique about Iran.

Through your wonderful eyes and the lense of your camera I ventured back to Iran and enjoyed every photo; I miss it so very much.

Thank you for all of your kindness and graciousness.


Wonderful Pictures!

by Feshangi on

You and your best friend do wonders! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us.  



Pic 74

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I liked the shallow depth of field...superb pictures in general.


You are so talented.

by Tahirih on

I believe taking artistic photos is a gift just like a good voice.

You defenetly are the one with the gift.

Thanks for sharing, I really liked,#10,I love khormalo.