Arbaeen in DC

Photo essay: Marching for Imam Hossein in Washington

by M
Arbaeen was celebrated in front of Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC on Sunday (March 2, 2008). One of the participants in this ritual told the photographer that permission to hold the ceremony could only be issued for the weekend. "Azaadaaraan e Hosseini" were mostly from Pakistan, Afghanistan and there a few Iranians. They smiled at the observers and as you see in Picture No.4 they tried to convince people that Muslims are nice and friendly. These pictures were taken in Connecticut ave north west, Washington, DC.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

This has nothing to do with hating any religion, be it Islam or anything else. As far as I am concerned, you can worship a goat and bark at the moon if that's what it takes for you achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Part of the issue here stems from the fact that many of these people photographed here are the very hypocrites you are referring to.

They are extremely critical of the U.S., its policies, its social norms and so-called culture, but when they flew into JFK after an 11-12 hour flight, they were most likely crying like a bunch of pansies to the Customs inspector saying, "tenk you tenk you vee love Amerika"!

Also, religion is a very personal matter. There would be a lot less conflict in the world if everyone kept their religious beliefs where they truly belong; in the church. mosque, synagogue or temple. Religion and faith is a matter between the mere mortal and alimighty God, and really has no business in the middle of Connecticut Avenue.


if you "hate" freedom of religion be it islamic or other...

by Shabnam (not verified) on

...move to another country you fool! i don't get why you "haters" moved to the States cause after all freedom of religion is a constitutional right here...duh! it's funny how some of you guys complain about iran/islam/mullahs being oppressive and as soon as you get a chance you want to oppress others too! lol ironic if you ask me. non of you hypocrites are any better than the mullahs you claim to hate so much. given the chance you oppress/censor others beliefs as well. in my opinion the apple does not fall far from the tree and you guys are the pot calling the kettle black! DEMOCRACY in it's truest form is being demonstrated here...if you don't like it get out of the USA!


deport them

by mrclass on

these vermins should have been arrested on the spot and deported.


Who was the photographer?

by RT (not verified) on

Who was the photographer? How did the photographer find out about the event?


God bless these Shia Muslims in DC and God bless the USA

by Dave Banner (Davood Banayan) (not verified) on

God bless them for freely practicing their religion.

And God bless the USA.


Misery, misery, misery.

by Anonymous-<>_ (not verified) on

How thoroughly depressing. Perhaps mass harikiri would be fitting for the participants of this march once it's over.


My 2 cents

by farz (not verified) on

1--Traditionally Muslims don't use a coffin to bury their dead.
2-- They probably had (as kaveh said) ribs(pork) and beer for dinner.
3--People who believe in other religions than Islam can not even live their lives in peace in Iran forget about talking about it..etc.
4-- These people are PAID by the IRI and live in US to actually do this kind of stuff.


Shame shame shame

by Babak khoramdin (not verified) on

Jenabe M,

This is no celebration. This is mourning for enemies of Iran. When Arabs invaded ancient Iran 1400 years ago, they massacred over 70 millions iranians, men, women, children and forced peace loving Iranians to change their beliefs and way of life. This mourning represents Islamic teaching and beliefs of killing, beheading, cutting off hands, feet, removing eyes, wife beating, torture, all in the name of Allah. Shame, shame, shame!



by Majid on

Funny but very true.

Kaveh Nouraee

Pitiful and Pathetic

by Kaveh Nouraee on

How much do you want to bet that many of these people got together afterwards and had a few beers?


Re: give freedom to these jerks?

by jamshid on

Iva said it right. These fanatics want to have "respect" and "freedom of expression" while they are not willing to give the same to others.

Muslim fanatics, as Nazis and all other fanatics, not only do not have the "right" to be respected or to have freedom of expression, but these rigths should be even taken away from them, UNTIL they learn to respect others and give freedom of expression to others.

Only then they would deserve any respect.


Freedom of religion

by Iva (not verified) on

Sure they can enjoy the freedom of religion in USA and practice their cult rituals as Bahai followers are allowed to practice their faith in Iran ... NOT.

Islam is cult of hypocracy.


I am now a registered user

by yetanotherexmuslim on

There I feel better!


It is their right

by yet another ex Muslim (not verified) on

They have the right to practice their faith as long as it does not break any laws.

If they want to be historically inaccurate, and pass that to their children it is their business!

If you are on the vurge of taking your chain to the nearest park for some self lamenting then at least be aware of your history:-


Then this just becomes another tradition you find endearing as part of your faith rather than something which can overtake your life.
Don't let the Mullas turn you to sheep.
I'm probably wasting my breath!
Oh well here comes the IRI agents' remarks, get ready for it!


Thank you Jamsheed You said it prefectly!

by Anonymous! (not verified) on

These nutcases should go home where they belong with the rest of the mullah Arab worshippers. They screwed up Iran, now they want to do the same here!


photo # 16 is a Emam Hossein pic

by hajiagha on


If every one reject and do not believe such this sucks , mullahs never get in power to brainwashed us,


sucks hossein where my oil go?

by sucks hossein (not verified) on

یکی صد دلار دادن به این اعراب در امریکا و مابقی هم وابستگان اخوند ها هستند که با پول ها جلوتر فرار کردن


ha ha so funny

by Anonymous44 (not verified) on

امام حسین هزار سال پیش مرد چرا این ها امروز تو سر شون می زنند تازه امام حسین مظلوم مرد پس چرا اخوندها از سرنگونی مردن ترس دارند خوب مظلم می میرند و ملت ایران هم از شر شون راحت می شوند


So, was Imam Hussein a terrorist? or was he fighting terrorism?!

by farrad02 on

I find one of their signs so interesting! The one that says "the war against terrorism started 1400 years ago by Imam Hussein in Karbala"!

Nowadays, "terrorist" is typically used to describe a person or movement that picks up arms against an established government!

So, every government considers the armed opposition groups "terrorists". You know the examples. Turkey considers PKK a terrorist group. Iran considers Mujahedin (MEK) a terrorist group. US and Iraqi government cosider the anti-occupation insurgents the terrorists, etc.

By this definition, Imam Hussein would be considered a first rate terrorist, since he picked up arms against the government of the Bani Omayeh dynasty at the time!

It just shows you how relative things are. One person's terrorist is another person's warrior hero!




by jamshid on

To mourn for Hossein, an Arab "laat" of 1400 years ago who had shed Iranians' blood and believed that Iranians are "only good to be Arab subordinates and servers", is the most disgusting thing to do for an Iranian.

Today, someone like Hossein should be tried and then hanged for committing war crimes against Iranians, just as Saddam was.


They have freedom of religion

by James Smith (not verified) on

they should be able to practice their religion.
This is America.


1st Amendment

by Yaghub Kohan (not verified) on

The 1st Amendment to the US Constitution gives people in the US freedom of religion.

Shia Muslim Iranian immigrants have a right to practice their faith.

Ar'ba'een is a Shia Muslim holdiay.

If one is opposed to this idea they can express their view but they can not stop the practice of faith.

That is what makes America great.


Iranian Shia Muslim immigrants to the USA have a Right too

by Yaghub Kohan (not verified) on

Iranian Shia Muslim immigrants to the United States of America have freedom of religion. As Americans we should offer them the right to practice their faith.

Ar'ba'een is a Shia holiday. I was not born into the Shia Muslim faith but, I believe they have a right to their faith and practice. The US Constitution permits them to practice their faith freely.

Anyone who is opposed to such freedoms should go back to Iran. We don't need you here in the United States.

As for the Iranians who left Iran in 1979 or during the Iran-Iraq War I must conclude they volunteered to leave. No one forced them to leave. They could have remained in Iran and accepted the theocracy like 70 million other Iranians.


Shame on these people

by Kurdish Warrior (not verified) on

I'm all for freedom of expression but this is just too much. They don't deserve to be in USA, while some Iranians are running away IRI from prosecution. These people have no shame or dignity. Death to tazahor....


where is my Video JJ I can not see here

by hajiagha on


اقا جان برو و ویدئو حاجی در جواب این لاشخورهای غارت گر بیت المال بگذار روی ایرانیان از چی می ترسی اینها یک مشت زنا کار اسلامی هستند که پول خون شهدای ما رو اوردن دارند با هاش حال می کنند و از تعصب ملت گوسفند به مذهب نان می خورند وقت ان رسیده جدی با این لاشخور ها بر خورد کنیم



by iLovetheAmericanWay (not verified) on

Stop the Fucking Press!

Ok, ok, ok!...this is why my parents left Iran in the first place...

To escape the ideology of Imam Hussein, not to watch his legacy become resurrected!

I tolerate the whole religious bonanza and everything, but to march in the middle of the street to praise a so-called "Imam" who's been dead for over 1400 years that has brainwashed our people is a whole different thing...

Just think about it for one second...then breathe...then think again...

Imam Hussein is fine where his "glorious" legacy was established in the first place...back in Iran...ancient Persia..whatever.
I am proud of my culture and heritage, but I also cannot shake off his controversial legacy that continues to haunt my family today.

In other words, that parade was bullshit!

Now If you'll excuse me, my mother's making khoresht aloo for dinner. I'm going to eat.


I am just wondering

by AnonymousPb (not verified) on

If American or Christian can prade like this in Tehran's street or other Muslim country. I hate Islam and religion period but That shows this country (USA) is greatest country in the world with high tolearnce in any other part of the world. God Bless America and our freedom.


dar karbe bala....

by maziar58 (not verified) on

ab nabood pepsi kola bood
shishsash sefido khodesh siya bood....
any way khariyat na tanha aalaf khordan ast....


Looking at it all from high up

by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

...Recruit them for higher cause...

Recruitment! The Invisible Camera!



Looking at it all from Above....

by Abol Danesh (not verified) on

... grow in your brain...tolerance... instead of screaming...let your skull crackin brak up for expansion and openning...bigger brain... 21 century that is ... first century stone mind set is dooomed...Crack and expand in pain to time ... IRS...stay a young vibrant growing open minded democrat or else wyou will be perished...Diversity... embrace it... or you shall be doomed...divorce your walnaut brain for a bigger one today!

Stay young and remain open with open arm for diversity...

Looking from high up at the world of intolerance of walnut head...