Bacheye khoobe jonoob

Photo essay: Going back to Abadan and Khorramshahr

by Azam Nemati
The year 2009 had begun with so much hope for me because I was glad Obama was elected (I had prayed for 4 years that he runs and get elected). However; the bad economy cut in pay, and the overall situation in the world since 2008,affected me as well, so the possibility of going to Iran seemed unlikely. Well, the bacheye khoobe jonoob (the good kid from the south) in me had to find a way to go to Iran. I had cried hard while glued to TV during post election in Iran. I tightened my bell anyway I could, and even began to ride the train. I was so anxious I screwed up and bought my ticket not realizing the time I was allowed to go was beginning of Ramadan so I had to pay $300 fine because switching flights and days is the same as canceling! Anyway, I could not go to sleep on Friday September 11. Saturday, I got up early and made a few phone calls. My son loaded my car with luggage to take me to the airport. I had not listened to Iranian songs since my return from Iran in April 2008, because they affected me so badly I would burst into tears. I had only listened to Bandari music to keep my emotions balanced >>> Full text

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Azam jan...

by ahvazi on


Thank you so much for the photos and the discription of your trip. I love the pictures.

Khaahar Damet Joosh.


maziar 58

cover it..........

by maziar 58 on

mrs. nemati   a couples pictures of never been touched YET war memorials, where I had lost  2 close family member to the lbs 1000 bombs would complete your albums.

may god help you with 100 more visit to that torned hometown. Maziar


Nice pictures. All very good and worthwhile.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.


some what boring

by MRX1 on

pictures of bazzars amd/or stores that can litteraly be any where in iran or for that matter any where in mideast....Actualy you coud have taken these pictures twenty years a go and it will probably still look the same. good to know all that oil revenue does not get to people much.

pictures of people that no one with an exception the person who took the pictures know. 

I say If you take pictures and put it on the web sites for starngers to see, take pictures of some things unique ( nature, historical buildings,musuemes, war, etc..)


Setareh Cheshmakzan

Thank you

by Setareh Cheshmakzan on

It was just like being there! I also liked the Che Guara and Bob Marley pictures displayed with the big Golden 'Ali', but the ice cream and anaar really did it for me.   :-)

Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures.


I am glad you are back

by onlyinamrica on

Where were you Azam? I was wory about you abji. Thanks for the pictures.


You got me all emotional Wolek!

by Khar on

Especially seeing that beautiful Ghalih Maahi in pic. #8 :-(


Thanks :o)


Welcome Back

by kat on

Been awhile since I have been on as well. Thank you again for sharing your trip back home. It was like I went with you. I hope to go back soon as well. I am so sorry tha it left you sad, but I am glad you did have some enjoyment while there. .


Mola Nasredeen

#4 Hazrate Ali, Che Guevara and Bob Marly

by Mola Nasredeen on

are all displayed together on the shop's window. Interesting shot.


I looked thru your images.

by kombizz on

I looked thru your images. Unfortunately you did NOT concentrate in the composition of your images. Most of them badly framed or out of focus, or blurred. Would be nice to concentrate for each image. Each image could say a story. so please do NOT click! - Good luck


Welcome back!

by farshadjon on

Very nice pictures, Azam khanom!

Really enjoyed it!


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Intresting ... Thank you .


Thank you

by ramintork on

I guess things haven't changed that much from the way I remembered it when I was a small kid:-