Bashgah e Enghelab

Photo essay: Tehran sports club, formerly known as Shahanshahi

by Z. Sany
Enghelab Sports Complex is a private center located in North of Tehran where members can partake in a variety of sports and recreational activities.


where are the people?

by عموجان on

Muslims don't believe in sports and exercise? look like the only person exercises here is gardener.  


Wow the memories,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

what happened to the horse stables?

what a revolution, we got a bunch of ghedas in exchange for a noble king,

the deal could have been handled a little better, we got so badly raped.

Nader Vanaki

Correction: باشگاه شاهنشاهی

Nader Vanaki

نام این باشگاه قبل از انقلاب باشگاه شاهنشاهی بود.  باشگاه تاج زمین تنیس فقط داشت و پشت دانشگاه خواجه نصیر قرار داشت و هیچ ربطی به باشگاه شاهنشاهی نداشت.