Buna Nameh

Impressions from spending three months in Iran after an absence of 25 years

by buna
I had not been to Iran for 25 years. My father said I should come visit. So I went and spent the summer there. This handwritten travelogue is dedicated to him, the Best Father in the World. I hope you pardon my bad Farsi and the mistakes in my writing... I never went to an Iranian school and I learned Persian on my own. -- Buna

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Hannibal's gift to Buna: The gene of creativity

by reader1 on

Outstanding work of art.

Sargord Pirouz

I miss my Iranian dad, too.

by Sargord Pirouz on

I miss my Iranian dad, too.


ktavet buna surah :)

by Yana on

I loved it. 


Merci infiniment

by Electron libre (not verified) on

Cher Buna,
J'ai quitté l'Iran il y a 25 ans et je n'y suis pas retourné depuis.
La lecture de ton journal était un beau rêve qui évoquait pour moi des moments réels déjà vécus.
Dommage que je sois arrivé à la fin du journal !
... et merci de l'avoir partagé.

Si les qualités indispensables d'un écrivain sont le talent et la sensibilité de l'âme tu peux affirmer que tu l'es déjà.

Electron libre


Dear Buna

by Anonymous2008 (not verified) on

I enjoyed reading your work. You have a talent and also very talented in learning new things. It is amazing how much in a span of 60 days, the quality of your handwriting and drawings improved. Were you trying to write in a childish style at the begining? was it intentional?.... In either case you should write more.


Dear Buna

by M --- (not verified) on

Dear Buna,

Whether this piece is based on reality or it is total fiction makes no difference, and I tend to agree with the majority of friends who have left wonderful comments for you here.

I am basing my comment on this piece being the reality.
Take very good care of your relationship with Behrang...
I'm sure you know you have to SHOW+++ you love him, and how things have changed. Emails and letters will not suffice.
I've been through what he has been through.
Best of luck to both of you,


Very Original

by Raha (not verified) on

This really is very original. It doesn't matter that he speaks and writes Farsi better than what is depicted. It's a matter of style, a part of his "voice." That's what makes it attractive, honest, original, and even authentic. You don't expect a fiction writer to have experienced every thing in his/her novel, do you?

Also, I have always wondered as to why there haven't been much contribution (be it artistic, literary, political, etc...) from our Assuri and Armani "ham-vatans." (OK, Vigen and Karo were exceptions) As if they never felt a sense of belonging. That makes this piece a more welcome surprise.

Thank you, enjoyed it very much. Make sure your son sees it.



Buna ... BUNA .. Buna

by manesh on

This is brilliant.  Skipped my brain and went straight to the heart.  Behrang should read the love and respect we have for you here.  

Good luck and PLEASE give us more. 


Thank you

by G (not verified) on

Great stuff. You have to publish it. a fan in Prague.



by Fontana on

Buna, like all people who commented here (and many who did not) I was also extremely fascinated by your truly amazing artistic diary, portraying Iran from your personal window. Deeply understood.

BTW, u r like the late Mohammad Reza Shah whom u are not much fond of: both belong to the future as I haven't seen a similar style before.


Brilliant...absolutely brilliant!

by alborz on

Buna, you have to publish this.

You have brought many smiles to us all.

Many Thanks,



JJ....I wish you do this.....

by Majid on

Would you "PLEASE" let me know why the comment I posted this afternoon was deleted ?

Please give me an explanation here or via my direct e-mail.

It's getting too confusing here as to how and when to sneeze and cough and when not to!

I wish who ever decides to delete a comment would return it to the sender with pointing out the sentense in question , and say...."that's why" !  

I'll write you an e-mail in this regard as well, in case  moderators "who should enforce your guidelines BUT  have mind of their own" decide to delete this one as well !


dear daddy-long-legs

by sheila.dadvar on

love, love, love the jean webster theme of the story. very simple, sweet, nostalgics, innocent and easy on eyes.

keep it up and keep in touch with the rest of the iranian.com community.



Thank you!

by Anonymous Everyday (not verified) on

Dear Buna, thank you so much for existing and for sharing your thoughts and experiences in such a beautiful work!



by Bamdad (not verified) on

I love this type of litratue. It has a sense of childhood and innocence.
Full of sad funny points that we Iranians laugh at them but they reflect negative aspects of our mentality.
I really enjoyed it.



JJ I was about to say exactly the same thing

by Souri on

dear Buna, you did an amazing job here which gain the respect of an unprecedented majority...! Just wow !!!

Thanks for this great creation.


Thanks for sharing

by Parvin (not verified) on

I loved it; I loved it so, so much. Thank you for sharing it with us. Such an interesting, honest writing, it deserves to be published, so everyone could have access to it. It is only in recent years that we see honest, sincere writings like yours, exposing in their memoirs and biographies both their dark side and bright side. This is exactly what makes it interesting and so lovable. After all, aren’t we all have good marks and bad in our live’s report card and that is what makes us human being. Finally, how can I have a copy of this “Buna Nameh”. If you are going to publish it, I’ll wait, but if not, can you send me a copy?

All the best,

همه دوست دارند فاضلانه و حکیمانه بنویسند. هیچکس نمیخواهد صمیمانه بنویسد. فروغ فرخزاد (در یک مصاحبه)

Jahanshah Javid

You're special

by Jahanshah Javid on

Buna! You may not have visited iranian.com very often. I just want to let you know that in the 13 years of the site's existence, no one I can remember has received this much love and praise from readers. You have touched a lot of hearts.

Azarin Sadegh

Sad and funny!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Charming and witty! Funny and sad at the same time...I really liked it, especially that it had this nostalgic factor of resembling our old “daftar mashgh”s!

But I don’t think it is comparable with Satrapi's work which is aimed at non-Iranian readers and its originality and greatness is at the universality of the emotions it provokes.

Your work is totally for homesick Iranians like us :-) ...Too bad it cannot be translated, considering the subtlety of its humor. But you should contact Iranian publishers to publish it. It is a great work of art!




by Kasra62 (not verified) on

Dear Buna,

I hadn't seen such a beautiful piece of art in Persian for a long time. In my opinion, what makes this an exceptional work is your honesty, modesty and originality. The fact that your hand-writing and language connect to your reader almost immediately, from the very first page shows what a fascinating person you are. Trust me, I've read most of the Persian literature both old and new. Your work deserves much recognition and appreciation. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Good luck >>>


Loved it!!!

by ronkt (not verified) on

Thank you for sharing
Such is the story of us Iranians as we tread through these
turbulent times & I can certainly relay to most of the story.
Knowing there are individuals like you & Ms. Satrapi who reach out & touch us in so many ways makes me proud & more hopeful as an Iranian.
Afarin sad afarin


I also find your Buna Nameh

by Faribors Maleknasri M.D. (not verified) on

I also find your Buna Nameh interessting. Some of the papers even very interessting. The Idea Visiting Iran is a very good one. But what will happen, when one goes back to diaspora? One will need an appriciable long time to get "reintegrated". This time can be bothering and frustrating. I wish you will not have any difficulties, after you are back "Home". Thank you for sharing. Greeting


The Zen of Returning to Iran

by Born to Read (not verified) on


Do please stay off the hard stuff. We want to have you around.


Very Interesting

by Abarmard on

Loved it. Lot of work, looks simple but to make it this interesting takes a lot of talent. (I guess you would just read after the "But", which is what I meant to say!)

Great job


Buna Nameh

by Judy (not verified) on

My loss, I don't read or speak Farsi. I visit this site from time to time and would love to read a translation. Thanks.


The best I have read in this site.

by Tahirih on

I have to say initially it looked strange to read it , but I could not stop reading it. It really is the most original, interesting piece ever in this site. You are so brilliant , and creative. My husband came home and said have you read.. , I stoped him and said I know ,it is great.

You must publish it. I can go on and on  about it, but every one has said it already, the only thing I wanted to tell you is that your honesty is the most attractive part of it.

Good luck with your relation with Behrang, and please stay away from those  mind altering things, if you know what I mean.

I wish you knew how smart you are.





by Quebeqi on

Since I am studying Persian for the last two years, I was pretty happy when I could read and understand without the help of my Persian-French dictionary some passages of your safarnameh. I particularly enjoyed your poem about football playing and your list of translated words. It looks exactly like the mashk-ha I am writing in my Persian class but your orthograph is better than mine. Don't worry about grammatical and orthographical mistakes. Persian is maybe difficult to learn but as my Persian teacher once said to me, in the end of all these efforts, the treasure will be more precious.

Dar ayandeh farsi-e ma behtar mi shavad! (sorry for the syntax and the destour :))




by PedramMoallemian on

Enjoyed every page and illustration. Very original.

Orang Gholikhani


by Orang Gholikhani on

It desserves to be published or made a movie as Persepolis

Great ART



What a Joy to read!

by Monda on

Thanks Buna for sharing your trip(s)! Until you self-publish, I will print and frame your Buna Nameh off of here. (Is that legal?)