The calling

Photo essay: Signs carried by demonstrators in Iran

by LG
I have received a collection of pictures from Iran, including those in They contain signs carried by demonstrators since the latest uprising and are a sincere depiction of our calling.


Well said kashanist

by Majid on

A Chinese proverb says "the longet journey starts with a single step"

There's a silver lining in this dark cloud, I hope I'll be around to celebrate it.

Eric Alai

"Open Your Eyes" by Eric Alai

by Eric Alai on



I wonder if pres. Monkey imagined that
his daughter might lie there
in the street where I saw the
faces of my sisters
in Neda’s face after she fell
with her eyes looking at me and
her father telling her,
“Open your eyes, open your eyes!”

My heart bursts for those who suffer,
even the Sharpshooter,
who put Neda in his sight, burst the
heart of Neda for theological “right.”
Sharpshooter—what do you think of while you lie
in bed at night after you’ve taken off your
bullet belts, holsters, and helmet?
Sharpshooter—did they order you to shoot one,
an order from Bearded Turban Man and Monkey?
Afterward, did you joke with your comrades,
saying “What a shot!”
Or did you cry in the darkness of your room while your
bullet belts, holsters, and helmet lay on your dresser?

Biker Baboons and their vroom, vroom, vrooms down
streets with iron mallets, playing polo, and the
young and old stumble, bloody, broken bones,
toward the eyes of the cell phones.

pres. Monkey, Bearded Turban Man,
Sharpshooter, and Biker Baboon
claim spirituality, yet they kill
spirit, silence voices—
how can that be,
that in this they rejoice?
They silence spirit,
silencing freedom.

Their crime not only a crime against one,
but billions—us.
Neda is all of humanity.

One morning soon as they
begin to put on their garb, they
will decide not to, they
will decide, finally, to open their eyes.


To Kashanist

by Agreed (not verified) on

You are spot on!

We will prevail and hopefully sooner rather than later ...



by Reza86 on

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.-Ralph Waldo Emerson


"Kachal Engelab"

by Anonymous22 (not verified) on

The Blood of Messiah on Soil

Spends much of his time
To build for himself
Better and greater shelter
All the way until his shelter
Metamorphoses into a glittering mansion
But the irony is
His permanent residence at the end
Ends up being outside of his own beloved residence
--The graveyard--

Bolhassan Danesh
Copyright ©2009 Bolhassan Danesh


This is the calm before the storm

by farrad02 on

They just think they have put this movement down. But they haven't seen anything yet.

This is the calm before the real storm!

And when it comes, no one can control it any more! I wish Seyd Ali would wake up and see where he is heading. I say "I wish" because I don't want our youth to be killed unnecessarily; not because I'm afraid for Seyed Ali's fate! But if it comes to that, so be it!

Let them face the consequences of their 30-year travesty!


Thank You!

by Monda on

LG for posting these most powerful images. 

Kashanist you're right on!



by Kashanist (not verified) on

The way I see it this was the best election process that has ever happened in Iran. You may ask why?
Ok ,Let's see what has happened.

1- Heated debates between four candidates that showed the people of Iran what was going on.

2- The amazing participation of youth and people from all walks of life in Iran in this process.

3- The discovery of "WE" in our society.

4- The birth of "Nonviolence movement" in Iran.

5- Recognition of Iranians plight for democracy by the whole world and their total support for Iranian people that followed.

6- Major blow to the legitimacy of this system and its government which was witnessed all over the world.

7- Iranians now realize that like a chess game they need to make smart moves and although they have won the first battle but they should keep up the pressure until there is a complete check/mate of IRI.

Now do you agree that this was the best thing that has happened to us?