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Painter Nozar Azadi’s debut exhibition in Los Angeles

by Nazy Kaviani
On Saturday, August 28, 2010, there was an opening reception for Nozar Azadi’s painting exhibition at Hollywood’s Seyhoun Gallery. The beloved Iranian artist’s many friends came to see his painting collection, “Rainbows,” and to see him. Our friend Majid, kindly accepted to go to the opening reception and snap some pictures for the rest of us to see. I also had a chance to talk to Nozar Azadi’s daughter, Sabrina Azadi, who served as her father’s liaison with the media during the Los Angeles debut of his paintings. Sabrina Azadi is herself an accomplished jewelry designer and fashion journalist. Take a look at the photos and see if you can spot some people you might know. A great big thank you to Majid.

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مجید جان



خیلی ممنون برای عکس های قشنگ!

منکه نتونستم حدس بزنم  شما کودومی ولی ماشاءالله همه آقایان ایرونی خوشتیپ و خوش لباس، اسفند دود کنین که چشممون نزنن! 



by Majid on


سوری خانوم: نگو.....نگو! شما بگی تقلّبه و حساب نیست! راز دار باش......(-:

انانیماوس: حالا که گرفتیم و شد!

ممنون از کامنت های همهء دوستان.


مجید جان از پشتت چرا عکس گرفتی‌؟ اینجوری که نمی‌شه!


Everything is sacred


You Are Here!!

by Souri on

Majid agha

Wonderful pictures, Thanks for the great job.

As for your picture among them:

I know where you are!

Begam? Begam?

(AN would say :))


اینم دو کلمه از «شخص بَندَه»!




من تو همون لحظات اوّل گشایش گالری رسیدم، فقط من بودم و نوذر خان و سابرینا و مریم خانوم سیحون، تا چشم بهم زدیم جای سوزن انداختن نبود، و این تازه لحظات اول از برنامه ای بود که قرار بود یکهفته طول بکشه!

از شهره پرسیدم  پس نصف دیگه ی دوقلو های هنری کو؟ شهرام؟ گفت تو راهه و داره میاد، مهندس بیلی رو حقیقتش رو بخواین اوّلش نشناختم چون سبیل هیتلری معروفش رو نداشت و خیلی جوون تر از انتظار بود!  مسعود خان اسداللّهی که بزنم به تخته تکون نخورده! کلّی دل دادیم و قلوه گرفتیم و شماره تلفن و ایمیل آدرس و ......، همینطور با اصغر آقای ترقّه و آق مراد برقی خانِ کاردان که مثل همیشه خاکی و متواضع بود.

فضای خود گالری زیاد بزرگ نبود و همیشه دو سوّم جماعت بیرون از گالری یا سیگار میکشیدند و یا گپ میزدند، عکس شمارء ٤٣ نوذر خان داره برای من کارتش رو امضاء میکنه، از بین تابلوهاش تابلوی پاکت پستی، شمارهء ١٧، ١٨ و ١٩ من رو خیلی تحت تأثیر قرار داد!

خلاصه کنم.........جای همه تون خالی که خیلی از چهره هائی رو که خاطرات روزهای جوونی مون رو برامون زنده نگه میدارن یکجا ببینید و برگردین به روزها و شبهائی که پای تلویزیون میخکوبمون میکردن!

خدا همشون رو حفظ کنه.

پا نوشت اوّل: اگه بعضی از عکسها یه خورده تار افتاده به گیتار بودن خودتون ببخشین، تقصیر این دوربین بند انگشتی دیجیتالی هست و لرزش دست ناشی از درد کهنگی شناسنامه! جهانشاه قول داده برای دفعات بعد یه دونه از اون دوربینهای حرفه ای که لنزش قدّ لوله بخاری هست واسم بخره که عکسهای آینده بهتر از اینا از آب در بیاد......(-:  

پانوشت دویُّم: عکس خودم هم قاطی این عکسها هست، پیدا کنید پرتقال فروش را!


ای آخ ...ای آخ...


شخص بنده شدیدا از این کارهای هنری آقای آزادی لذت بردم.


Nazy Kaviani

Two notes:

by Nazy Kaviani on

I would like to thank all of you for your kind comments. I am grateful to Majid for all his kindness for taking the photos.

I should have written in the introduction that if people are interested in purchasing any of Mr. Azadi's paintings, they should contact this email address: .

And I want to remind you that a very nostalgic conversation is taking place on photo 46 of this collection, here:


Thank you again.

Anahid Hojjati

Nazy jan, thanks for this blog and thanks Majid too

by Anahid Hojjati on

What a great effort by Nazy and Majid. It is fantastic to be able to see pictures of people we grew up with. I loved watching Khayatbashi, Parviz Kardan and Asghar Taraghe. It is good to know that they are all supportive of their friend, Nozar Azadi. Once again, Dear Nazy and Majid jan, thanks for visiting the exhibition and taking pictures.



by Doctor X on

Would you please Just stick to the topic at hand and save the Democracy-related preachings for later?

Seemed to me that at the end of your last comment you were itching to instigated a rather nasty situation.

Now please. take a breather.


  Mohandes Billy's

by vildemose on


Mohandes Billy's interview with Gharib Afshar:



Mohandes Billy interview on VOA (vai Nazy Kaviani)



censorship happened before

by Hamed on

It also happened with my other commnent few days ago on Mr. Pahlavi's video, "poof" it was gone after a few minutes. You got to get rid of this "poof" mentality glitch if you want to stay true to site's motto "nothing is sacred" and not copy what the regime does to its critiques. As I said we (Iranians) have a long way to go to reach democracy and it starts with each and everyone of us. Start praticing my friends...



by yolanda on

#25 is my favorite. I e-mailed it to myself:


Thank you!

Nazy Kaviani

Hi Hamed

by Nazy Kaviani on

I don't know what was wrong with your earlier comment! One minute I saw it and the next, poof! As I recall, you had asked about Parviz Sayyad. You are right, Iranian audiences first saw Mr. Ghatebeh in a satirical TV series, Octapus, directed by Parviz Sayyad, if I'm not mistaken. The two's TV careers were intertwined for as long as I can remember. I asked Sabrina Azadi about this and she said that her father and Parviz Sayyad have remained very close friends over the years. If you look at the last photograph in the album, you will see Parviz Sayyad and his family visiting Nozar Azadi in his studio.

Thanks for your interest.



by Hamed on

It is interesting that the web master decides to censor my comment, so much for the freedom of press and speech, do not get your hope up for a free Iran because it starts with you


So Wonderful...

by Monda on

Mr. Azadi was a significant part of growing up in Iran.  Thanks Nazy and Majid!


There should be an Iranian

by vildemose on

There should be an Iranian a formal ceremony of sort to pay tribute to  Iran's pre-revolution professionals in the film industry, including, actors, directors, producers, writers, musicians, singers, song writers, poets,  and other artists whose lifework has gone under-recognized  in  diaspora. 

Nozar Azadi, Masoud Kimiayi, Parviz kardan, etc. are national treasures because of their  lifetime contribution to Iranian culture. They should be officially honored as such.


Shhaaakss baaandaaaa

by Doctor X on

Ayyy okkkhhhhhhh... Nadereste Gheresshhhmaaal

All the while i was going through the pics i could not get that line outta my heat LOL:)

Great Stuff lady:)) joo are daa best.


So much talents

by Souri on

Oh my!!

So much talents, so much good things about him,,,,,,and we didn't know the man really!

You did a splendid job Nazy khanom! A big thanks to you and to Majid agha for this great work!




by Anonymouse on

I couldn't recognize Asghar Taragheh and Mohandes Billy! Wasn't Asghar Taragheh tass?! He has a full set of hair!

Did you guys get anything authopraphed?!  Good job and I will step aside and allow Bahram jaan to be his biggest fan!  I'll be his 2nd biggest fan!  BTW he travels to Iran?  No problem?   

Everything is sacred



by bahram9821 on

Nazy & Majid , thank you so much for such a great job, I wish I was there, I am his biggest fan.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Another lovely reportage,lovely pictures.Thank you Nazy jan,thank you Majid jan.