From Cartagena with a kiss

Photo essay: Colombia's Caribbean jewel

by Jahanshah Javid
After nearly a week I'll be leaving Cartagena tomorrow. I could have stayed so much longer. It has so much charm and character compared to the capital Bogota. I stayed in the colonial center which has been beautifully preserved, where every night groups of dancers perform in the squares. Video clips: Mud Volcano - Dancing 1 - Dancing 2 - Shrimp Cocktai: Viva Espania! -- Shaved ice + cream

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When a Kiss isn't Just a Kiss!

by Faramarz on



Hafez would have been proud of you JJ!

And from the looks of it, it seems that there were more than one kiss involved!

Thanks for the pictures.


Eating It?

by Piyalechi on


Graet photos, first of all, Noush...

Were some people actually eating that volcano mud?

Thanks again for taking us on the trip with you!



by Truthseeker9 on

We cannot chose who we fall in love with.  

Woman Leaves Berlin Wall For Garden Fence 

Great photos JJ, glad you're still enjoying your travels . Hope you see the funny side of the article.

Anonymous Observer

JJ - while you're in Colombia...

by Anonymous Observer on

I need you to pick up a "package" for me in Bogota.  It's from a guy named Raoul.  That's all you need to know.  Just pick up the package, don't ask any questions and give me a call when you get stateside.  There are 10 G's in it for you.  

Jahanshah Javid

squirm baby squirm

by Jahanshah Javid on

I love it. I'll make sure to do the same on every trip and post them especially for people like you :)


Hafez for Beginners

As a woman

by Hafez for Beginners on

As a woman I have to say that we should all be free to do what we want. But the same men who kiss a woman's naked breast on a statue - would often squirm if a woman was photographed licking a man's penis on a similar statue.

It's only if we start seeing as much of the male genitalia flaunted in our face, that the ridiculousness of this stuff would become tangible. 

This picture made me squirm. Enough already with objectifying either men or women. Love the person - it's much harder.


The Question Is:

by Ahu-ye-Zamendar on

Was JJ "Secretly Serviced" while visiting Cartagena? Do we have to wait for the juicy congressional hearings or what?

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

گوشهٔ تاریخی آمریکای جنوبی که امروزه تنها نامی‌ بلند از آن زمانِ دلگیر را به یَدک می‌‌کشَد،از قتلِ عامِ چند صد سرخپوستِ قبیله کالاماریْ به دست صَلیبیونی که تنها به خاطرِ حفظ منافع به روی استخوانهای اینان کلیسا بَنا کردند و چند صد سالِ بعد در یک شبِ نیمه طوفانی چه گوارا درین شهر به حالتِ خواب و بیداری آینده را دید و برایَش مسجّل شد که باید برای این قارهٔ درد کشیده تکانی خورَد و به خاطرِ مردمانِ این سرزمینِ پهناور تیغ به روی استعمارگران کَشَد...تک به تک و کوچه به کوچه این شهر یادگارِ زمانی‌ است که مردم هیچگاه روی خوشی را ندیدند و نتوانستند از نعمتهایی که خداوند در اختیارشان قرار داده بود بهره بَرند...

شهرِ قدیمی‌ کارتاخِنا ...