Christian becomes Muslim

Photo essay: Billiards coach converts to Islam

by Hamed Malekpour
The coach of the Iranian billiards team is an Englishman named David Johndrow. Fars News reports that he has converted to Islam in a special ceremony in Tehran.

Qizilbash Catholic


by Qizilbash Catholic on

It is ironic that when a Christian converts to Islam in the Middle East, it is a celebration, but you can be imprisoned or even killed if the reverse occurs. Also, this man is apparently not even of a Middle Eastern background. He needs to stay in the faith of his fathers (Christianity), not stray to another. Nowadays,  the native population of Europe has become so secular while simultaneously becoming neighbors with hoards of Muslim immigrants(not that they are necessarily bad people, though). Europe, as we have known it, is culturally and spiritually dying, and countries like the U.S. are not that far behind. As much as I am against the Islamic Republic in principle (I am a Christian who loves monarchy), I would rather that Iran be under such a regime than be a secular republic like those in the West.

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Khariyat na tanha aalaf khordan ast.     Maziar


And if the game becomes

by TheMrs on

And if the game becomes Haram? What's he going to do? I hope he's got a plan B. And the khatneh question is interesting, he must already be khatneh.


This guy is as muslim as Pope Benedict XVI

by kazem0574 on

His facial expressions give it away big time, the man's a crook and a con artist. It would be very funny if they do ask him to step into a room where a sterile blade and a smiling Akhhoond awaits him. Would love to see his face then.


Does this mean the Guy was circumcised????

by mrramin on

In picture No. 5, it looks like the 2 guys on the right are talking about his upcoming circumcising event and the British guy looks quite worried !!!!  


HHH: "the beauties of Islam"!!!

by Datis on

What are these beauties?!



by calais on

en che K*$kholi bode.. :)


Don't Be Haters

by HHH on

You're acting like IRI only in reverse!

So what if he converts to Islam? For those of you who think IRI, Saudi Arabia and Taliban are representatives of true Islam, you must think again.

Islam, Christianity, Judaism, all came as law-books to guide the ancient societies when there was no other law of the land. After 1400 to 3500 years passed some adapted their religion to the time, some didn't and just like the movie "Back to the future" travelled back to 600AD or 1500BC(in the case of zionists jews).

Today one can milk only the beauties of Islam & practice it or they can add, subtract some and combine their own translations and Hadith and put their malicious plans to action.

Don't ever equate IRI with Islam because they're no freaking muslims, they're just bunch of bitter thugs who are hiding behind Islam to fool the illiterate & ignorant section of Iranians.


you can see it in their eyes

by asadabad on

those mullahs want to kiss his behind because of their oghdeh...


what an idiot

by iroooni on

at least become a sunni. they are the majority.


oh by the way

by azadi5 on

hala maraseme khatne sonoonesh kay hast?


I'd have no problem with this Gentleman's religious conversion

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 If it was not for his current employers, and the hands he had to kiss as part of the process....

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."



by Demo on

He is the double spy agent “Shahram Amiri” after going through extensive plastic surgery & losing weight. He has a new job, a new identity, and a new religion. Have not you noticed nobody is asking about him no more???


We were born in to it what is his excuse?

by Khar on

I guess he is a wana be wife beater, daughter killer, stone thrower,........



by Fesenjoon on

Now u can beat your wife and lie about it! It's halal! And if youre not happy with your orgy, get as many wives as your halal lust desires!



by comrade on

It's a booming market...

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by Raoul1955 on

Thank you for the subs. I am laughing hard now.  Those dudes look so dirty.  I wonder if they ever take a shower and shave.  :-) 
I really like your 'crazy kitty' avatar.



by divaneh on

No 3- Old Akhond to David: Do you like it?

5-    David: I bet Alibaba is talking about me.

8-     Would it not count as facial hair?

11-  Old Akhond to David: Now we both have lice.

12-   David: I am sure one of those Arabic restaurants in London pay a few quids for this.

13-  Alibaba to Old Akhond: Naughty, naughty. You are going for my shlong again.

کلاه مخملی

بی کارَن واقعا ... :) !

کلاه مخملی





Yup it must be the sigheh thing

by azadi5 on

I was telling a friend about sighe in islam, and he said he likes to convert too :). Not only that, think about the 70 virgin girls waiting for him in heaven, if he kills others in name of islam. You guys have missed the beauty of Islam.(sarcasm)

Worcester Mo

If I convert to something, I join a winning team,

by Worcester Mo on

I become Jewish!  What a loser.  But British are behind all the stuff anyway...



by masoudA on

and/or infiltering agent - take your pick.

I don't know why but looking at the pictures reminded me of the famous Sadegh Hedayat story "Lashkarian Eslam".   Read it if you have not already. 


Good for him!

by ghalam-doon on

Khoda hameyeh maaraaa be raahe raast hedaayat koneh!

But serviously, is billiard allowned in Islam?


Question : een digeh che kos kholiess????

by jasonrobardas on

Answer ; Kos kholi farangiess .


مربی تیم بیلیارد جیبی!



بسیار خبر مهمی بود!

این مطلب رو هم بایگانی کنید پهلوی خبر  ایرانیانی که مسیحی شدند و شفا یافتند!


He could be YMCA !!!

by kazem0574 on

With 4 husbands within the IR iner-circle. He is after all an expert when it comes to balls right.

Bahram Gohari

People will do anything for

by Bahram Gohari on

People will do anything for mighty Dollar, he will probably say f..k Islam once his contrack is over, remanis to be seen.



by Raoul1955 on

He couldn't 'get it' when he was normal, but by becoming islamic I suppose that they will present him with four Iranian that he can practice getting his balls in...  :-)


For a few dollars more!

by PArviz on

Not that it matters whether he is a Muslim or a Christian but the things some people do for a few dollars more just amazes me. 

The nasty (and of course dirty) looking guys around him in the photos think they have booked their tickets to "paradise" for this great deed. Well let's hope they get there as soon as possible and while at it they can take "Vali Vaghih" with them.


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!