Confident yet curious

Photo essay: Winter-Spring 2008

by Nima NY
NIMANY's Winter-Spring season which is set to be released in 2 different phases is now online. The new collection is the epitome of metro men and women discovering an ancient treasure for the first time. This season's message focuses on a self-assured and confident but yet curious mood. For the women's line Nima succesfully created a paradox of fearlessness and fragility by the usage of carefully studied new faces. New looks are a step back from the old fantastical and neo-punk look into a truly transformative sensual new personality>>> FULL TEXT



by PS (not verified) on

I firmly agree with Anonymous121334, you negative commentor's are HATERS!

Each t-shirt albeit made by a manufacturer are infused with art. Nima's website well made, his bio extensive. The cost factor for those who do not shop is within reason by the way... His models are beautiful, and some are definitely Iranian can you truly not see that? The men and women posed in his campaigns are beautiful and represent fashion at it's best.

Nima is creative, and business savvy! As for you haters it is a shame you cannot appreciate his work. You seriously lack etiquette and taste which I unfortunately cannot help you on!



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It's a shame that when people look at this page they may come off with the impression that all Iranians do is put one another down b/c that's the impression I was getting until I read the person below my comment's comment.

anonymouschick: If for w/e reason you personally know Nima and think his work isn't all that great, is it really necessary for you to criticize him publicly? What are you accomplishing? And if you want to criticize someone, don't you think you could do it in a manner that is both respectful and polite while still getting your point across instead of putting the person down?

And this goes for the other people who commented before me as well.

Orientalist art? I took a history course on european imperialism that dealt heavily with Said's Orientalism and I am struggling with what you are saying. Are you trying to impress people with your literacy or are you trying to communicate something constructive? Why not tell us what you find problematic instead of stating something that is not-so-obvious without a solution.

Why are you arguing fashion designer vs print maker. Aren't these both forms of art? Do most people know the difference between the two? Is there a HUGE difference here? Did he ever say he isn't a print maker and he is a fashion designer? Is it offensive that Nima is proud of his work or advertises himself as a fashion designer? Please be more clear in what you say and don't abuse the ability that anyone can post whatever they want to vent your frustrations for everyone to see. Please take some responsibility in what you write even if you aren't being held accountable for it. It's called integrity.


lets support our countrymen

by Proud Iranian (not verified) on

I think that all Iranians should encourage other Iranians in their various endeavors. Some say Andy Warhol was not a good artist, but he is revered by others. That is the whole point of fashion and art. Also these clothes are not made for the masses because, lets be honest, the masses at this point want nothing to do with arabic or farsi written on their clothes. So Nima did what makes sense, tailor to the wealthy professional, so that he could actually run a successful fashion company. I say way to go Nima! We are proud of your achievements as a fashion designer, artist, and Iranian.


Anonymous343434444 - Can you

by Anonymouschick (not verified) on

Anonymous343434444 - Can you read?

I said he is a PRINT DESIGNER not a FASHION DESIGNER - when did I disqualify it as an ART? dork - they are different and excuse me for having better taste; Pegah Anvarian, Hushi, Behnaz Sarafpour, etc. are fashion designers with REAL COLLECTIONS -- not some junior-level photoshop-ist - plus I personally know him and TRUST me he thinks WAY too much of himself.


Nima I agree with Ali, take

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Nima I agree with Ali, take it easy with the prices. Sure, the rich hip hop artists love it but if you are putting your working here to market it for us, we should be able to afford it. A t shirt at 60 bucks is just plain nuts. That's why I only have 1.
Anonymouschick : What's your problem? Even print making is an art. Yes photo shop makes him a designer because he has an idea and works on it markets it and sells it. He spends time. Who cares if he uses a manufacturer. I bought it from him. When you buy a sponge from Walmart, do you know who the manufacturer is. khoshet nemiad, negah nakon.


NIMANY is NOT a fashion designer!!!

by Anonymouschick (not verified) on

NIMANY is NOT a fashion designer!!! He is a print artist; something my 12-year-old does... why does he take himself so seriously??? Using photoshop and ARABIC LETTERING instead of FARSI TEXT hardly makes one a FASHION DESIGNER.

ANONYMOUS3434444 - you should him which manufacturer he uses... he DOESN'T MAKE THE T-shirts HIMSELF...




by Ali (not verified) on

I dont get it, if this is an Iranian clothing line, why are there no Iranians as models? Are you ashamed of Iranians? Why are they all "foreigners," aka paid models. Also why are all the clothes so tight and the models gay looking. No joke? Last but not least, why are the prices so ridicolously expensive? I mean who can even afford this? How can the average person even afford this? This is clearly for elites and bourgeosis. In this case Im against all that it stands for. Seems like you are exploiting the beatiful persian language. You use the script, but not the people. You use the culture, but not the people once again. Please explain these questions to us!


you should use cuneinform,

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Your work is a good example

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Your work is a good example of Orientalist art. You objectify certain elements of the Iranian culture. You detach them from their context and land them harshly in a void and empty setting.


I have a t shirt from one of

by Anonymous3434444 (not verified) on

I have a t shirt from one of the older collections. I would like to say that the quality of the material exceeded my expectations. I wash that think 2 times a week and it still looks new.