Cremation and Resurrection

Photo essay: Journey to Varanasi

by Keyvan Tabari
For centuries, life in India has been shaped by two different religions, Hinduism and Islam. They were not any less divergent in their prescription for the afterlife. Burning in hell is the ultimate damnation in Islam, while the Hindus seek the liberation of their soul in the very fire of the funeral pyre. It was not so much theology as the rituals of India’s religions that, presently, attracted me to its sacred Varanasi >>> more

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I love India.

by comments on

I love India, and been there two times.  I also love shopping, and I know lots of cheap places to shop in India. 

Nazanin karvar

India is India

by Nazanin karvar on

مرسی برای تمامی عکس‌های زیباتون.

در هند دو اتفاق بیشتر برای گردشگران نیمفته یا شیدا وار عاشقش میشن و یا منزجر. از کشوری که سعی میکنه دوست‌داشتن بدون قید و بند رو به همگی یاد بده

متاسفام برای خودم که خیلی راحت فرصت دیدنش رو از کف دادم :(

 لازمه سفر به هند قضاوت نکردن و قبول هر چیز که میبینید هست که متاسفانه این هم خارج از توان و فکر هر فردی هست. 


Esfand Aashena

Nice pictures. Some seem like an oil painting.

by Esfand Aashena on

The pictures where people are selling or bathing or simply standing around seem like frozen time. 

Everything is sacred



by RostamZ on

It is the largest democracy in the world and that is thanks to the British who left them with it. Overall however the culture has gone awry and weird and it is getting weirder. The disparity in between poor and rich and the strong class society will eventually result in social unrest in the future. There is no way they can sustain their country on the path they are.


India, a fascinating country indeed, but

by Reality-Bites on

I came across this stats the other day. It said at the time of independence from the UK, India's population was around 340 million.

Now India's population is over 1.2 billion. If you add the populations of Pakistan and Bangladesh, which were part of India at the time of its independence from the UK, the total population of the Indian sub-continent rises to nearly 1.6 billion! 

That is a rise of nearly 500% in just over 6 decades! And about 23% of the entire world's population.

I don't know about everyone else, but that kind of scares me. No wonder Indians/Pakistanis are pouring into other countries e.g US, UK, Canada etc. in ever increasing numbers. They are starting to run out of room in their own countries, seeing as the concepts of family planning and birth rate control seem to have escaped them.

Nazy Kaviani


by Nazy Kaviani on

An incredibly fascinating place, great photographs, and extremely helpful and interesting photo descriptions. Thank you for taking us to another part of the world again!

You are truly an amazingly generous human being. Thank you.

P.S. I happen to know just what kind of time photo essays take. This is a remarkable effort on the part of Mr. Tabari and Jahanshah Javid. Thank you both.

Jahanshah Javid

this sorry place

by Jahanshah Javid on

... is the largest democracy in the world, the most diverse and tolerant society in the world, the birthplace of the most amazing and colorful civilizations...

i have more love and respect for india, thanks to you keyvan.


I wonder,

by RostamZ on

Why would anyone wants to visit such a sorry place?

Mohammad Ala

Thank you.

by Mohammad Ala on

Thank you for sharing.