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Southern California's annual Persian festival

by Bita
The 15th Annual Persian Festival of Autumn (Mehregan 2011) was held Saturday and Sunday, October 1 - 2, 2011 at the Lakeside Lagoon Park in Irvine, California. Since 1994, volunteers from several organizations in Southern California have gathered annually to create an extraordinary outdoor family event that includes an array of activities such as arts & crafts, music, poetry, live performances, dance, children’s activities and ethnic food. The number of participants has grown steadily over the years to more than 20,000 attendees >>>... Artists in this photo essay: 1-7 Black Cats, 8-11 Golsanam, 12-15 Farshid Amin, 16-17 Golsanam, 18, 19 Tina Haj Manouchehri, 21-25 Mamak Khadem, 25-27 Black Cats, 28-29 Maz Jobrani, 30-33 Ahmadreza Nabizadeh, 34 Golsanam, 35-40 Kamyar, 41-45 Sattar.

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by bambi on

I love these timeless, seasonal celebrations, i.e.  Nowruz, Mehregan, Yalda,etc.

Hoping for a day when we can get rid of 'jashne-taklif", or other religious stuff.