Dirty Dancing at Durango's

Photo essay: Popular bar in Chihuahua, Mexico

by Jahanshah Javid
watch videos: Last Thursday night my Mexican friends Arturo and Lizet took me to one of their favorite bars in Chihuahua called Durango's. It's a working-class dive where people in all shapes sizes (and I mean ALL shapes and sizes) get "down and dirty" dancing the night away to live music. I loved it so much that I brought my sister Michelle there Saturday night on the eve of her birthday. It was a wonderful night with lots of memorable dances like this [watch videos]. Again I was amazed by the joyful, fun-loving spirit of the Mexican people. It's that attitude (and my sister's love and hospitality!) that has brought me back to this country several times in the past two and a half years. I'm hitting the road again towards the U.S. in the morning. But in the eternal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger: "I'll be back."

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Not great photos compared

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Not great photos compared to the wonderful videos.

Organic NUTritionist

what hospitality???

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khooneye khodete.

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love this picture :)