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Photo essay: People & places

by Shahram Sharif



by Fatollah on

and lovely pictures, thanks for sharing.



by پندارنیک on

..............on those who advocate hardship and a military attack on our beloved homeland and our beautiful people.................

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Could spend hours with these photos. Finds the right way to frame a real-life scene and sudenly every element of the image cooperates in making the point. This artist is a shepherd of the eye and mind.


It Took a Lifetime...

by Piyalechi on

If I were to say that it took a lifetime to produce this essay, I’m sure the good photographer would not disagree…

I now feel like I just finished watching a great movie!

IC is blessed to have contributions of many most excellent photographers. Maybe that’s because JJ himself is one too and by starting this endeavor way back in the day, he started a unique trend/tradition here in IC…

Seriously “Noush!...”

shahireh sharif

عالی بود

shahireh sharif

ممنون از تصاویر پر از حس زندگی. مخصوصا 58 برام خیلی معنا داشت. ولی کاش بهتر تقسیم بندی میکردید.

مجموعه سیاه و سفید را دوست داشتم جدا از بقیه ببینم. البته این فقط سلیقه شخصی ست و از ارزش عکسها کم نمیکنه.

همه عکسها دیدنی بود


Orang Gholikhani

very nice and well done

by Orang Gholikhani on



Esfand Aashena

Nice! Very nice! 200 sharp!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred